Tuesday, July 28, 2009

New Swag

Well for the most part anyway. Either they are new on card but released some time ago, or they're loose/used. :)


Got this guy at the local China Square Central flea market last week for only S$16. The only other thing I got on the day was DCUC Classics BAF Kalibak's right leg. That only cost me 3 bucks. Nice. Now for the final piece of Drkseid's adopted sun--the torso! (that comes with Killer Moth.) Wherever am I gonna find that in Singapore? Heh.

Here's what I got today:

A loose Brianiac! from the DCUC predecessor DC Super Heroes line. For only S$10.

And a DCUC Cyborg for only $15 without the BAF Despero part.

Both of hockwyi from Ebay Singapore. Thanks for the good deal. ;)

I have a ton of stuff I wanna talk about, the first of which is a monster of a toy--ROTF Optimus Prime. Then I still have Marvel Universe 3.75 inch Red Hulk and DC Universe Classics Unmasked Batman Beyond. And I haven't even gotten to the stuff above.

Haha. Well, stay tuned. ;)

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