Saturday, July 23, 2011

SDCC First Look: Marvel Universe!

The biggest toy convention on Earth is barely underway and already we have pictures of Marvel Universe figures from the near future!

Courtesy of Ron via, it looks like we're all in for an even better year than the one we just had.  How is that possible? I dunno but the guys at the Marvel 3.75" division in Hasbro have outdone themselves once again!

So here's the plan--going just by the pictures (duh), I'll rate the figures in four categories according to degrees of anticipation for the figure:

1) Chompin' at the bit!!!
2) Ooh, interesting!
3) Defnitely maybe...
4) And Hmm...

And of course I'll say a thing or two about them because I just can't shut up! ;P

Once again, thanks to for the pictures--head on over there for lots more photos from the Marvel booth and more at SDCC 2011!

Let's start with the figure I'm most partial to:

Hulk: Chompin' at the bit!!!

I'm a sucker for a good Hulk and this one looks great!  It looks like it'll be made with the World War Hulk base body which has excellent texture.  Featuring a re-tooled head, new fists, and new lower body in general, it's the "standard" Hulk that lots have been calling for since the very first release, which had poorer articulation, especially in the legs.

The things I'm most excited about?  The excellent head and the torn pants at knees!  Everyone who grew up in the 80s and tore their jeans on purpose knows what I'm talking about.  I think. ;)

Daredevil and Bullseye: Ooh, interesting!

...For those of us who aren't fans.  But I can imagine the likes of the Rangerlord being all over this like a rash. What am I talking about?  Why, the classic characters with slimmer, more athletic bodies!  Begone, beer bellies!

And what's that we see?  A new sheathe for DD's billy clubs and a ammo pouch for Bulleye!  Woohoo!

Still can't get into this pair?  How about...

Black Daredevil: Defnitely maybe...

I really dig those colors!  And I have a real thing for variant colors.  Don't know when DD wore this costume but yeah, I may have to get him.  Problem is, he doesn't come with the new the billy club sheathe as the new Classic Daredevil!

Beta Ray Bill: Chompin' at the bit!!!

I don't much about the guy but the sculpt for BRB looks fantastic!  Besides, Thor doesn't have many friends to stand side by side with so he'll do nicely!

Beast: Chompin' at the bit!!!

Just like Beta Ray Bill, Beast has a beast of a sculpt! The paint also looks great but apparently these are hand painted for SDCC.  Hopefully the quality doesn't slip too much from there.

Point of great interest: it looks like the front of his foot is articulated.  I count 4 toes, so perhaps he's got one more at the back of the foot that's also got articulation?

Magneto: Chompin' at the bit!!!

Up till now we've only had the Secret Wars old school version so finally, the long awaited update for the character is on the horizon.  That color scheme looks simply magnificent!  But here's an example of how Hasbro re-uses parts so well.

Head: Looks like a Secret Wars repaint.  The cape as well.  The rest of his body?  That looks like an AIM soldier repaint down to the belt.  But yet somehow the parts look like they were made of ol' Eric!

Fantastic Four 4-pack: Definitely Maybe...

We didn't need a 4-pack, though I see how it could be hard to resist selling the Fan 4 as a 4-pack.  The only figure most would want would be Invisible Woman.  But I think I'll probably pass because I went for a dark blue Fan 4 instead of the light blue.  Give us our dark blue Sue! ;P  Oh yeah, and H.E.R.B.I.E: either he's cute or you wanna kill him.   As for the Human Torch, he wasn't included in this 4-packs because he went away to become Captain America. (*Baddumching*!  Oh, I kill me)

Guardian of the Galaxy: Definitely Maybe...

Who are these guys?  I don't know.  But a bipedal raccoon and a bonsai plant-man accessory?  Too cute to ignore!  I like the matching uniforms too.  Oh yeah , and there's also a green dude.

But what say you, GoG fans?  excited?

Iceman: Definitely Maybe...

Very nicely translucent like ice, the other interesting thing about him is his silver "X" and gloves.  That's initially very interesting.  But the guy's got an old body and won;t go with Spidey and Firestorm.  Must have for X-Man fans, though!

White Iron Fist: Hmm...

I'm fascinated with his alternate colors but in the end I might not wanna spring for him unless I see him on clearance or something.  This Iron Fist looks like complete repaint so pass for now...

Retro Luke Cage: Hmm...

Marvel Universe figures with 'Fros don't do too well--just ask Thunderball.  The old "tall guy" buck also doesn't help.  Haha.  But Luke is also long overdue because we've seen Iron Fist out in the market for quite a long time now.  This Luke completes the retrolicious duo fer all you disco deprived diehards. ;)

Helmetless Juggernaut: Hmm...

It looks like Juggy gets a darker repaint and a new head.  And while Juggernaut is an awesome figure, I don't know if it's worth getting him again just for his new mug.  And if the sale of Marvel Select Juggy is anything to go by, fans already know it isn't--the fully helmeted Select version sells out fast whereas the maskless one tends to sit on the shelf.

Steve Rogers: Chompin' at the bit!!!

Here's a guy I would get simply because of the head sculpt.  He makes any Captain America I have a maskless version with a simple head switch.  But the body itself is a newer one.  It's got thigh cuts and a waist swivel.  Something about the proportions of this figure strikes me as being just right.  Gotta love the harness and the weapons as well. But it's all about he face, oh, the face! :P

Patriot: Ooh, interesting!

I really like the mask on this guy.  The rest of him looks like a Bucky repaint and he comes with the appropriate kite shield (at his feet).  It's kinda ironic because he'd probably make the best Captain America sidekick since Bucky has outgrown the role.

Ultron: Definitely Maybe... 

Again, a much needed update for a Secret Wars-only-so-far character.  I really like the head sculpt and the smooth surfaces of his armor.  The green eyes and grooves make the figure pop quite a bit!

Maskless Iron Man: Hmm...

Another Iron Man?  And not with the "Modular Armor" sculpt?  Sure, he comes with the helmet-less head on top of the helmet but like Juggernaut, I'm not sure it's worth paying for a whole 'nother figure just to get an alternate head.

Kraven the Hunter: Definitely Maybe...

Wow.  If he weren't such a crappy Spidey villain and had thigh cuts, I'd definitely get him.  Just check out the tooling for his "mane", the eyes on the vest, the skulls on the knees, the belt and loincloth combo, and that face.  And he comes with a spear as well!  I think I might have just convinced myself to buy this guy....

Absorbing Man: Hmm.../Ooh, interesting!

Why two rating?  Well, because it looks like there will be a steel-skinned variant!  The regular prison duds version looks like a straight repaint from the Secret Wars release.  But the "absorbed" version...Well ok, that's a complete repaint as well.  But check out the steel skin paint and the shiny silver and black pants! Yes, the latter is the interesting one...

Mr. Sinister: Ooh, interesting!

A new head, a new cape and collar, and a some thigh cuts will make anyone take a second look.  Sadly I think he's one of those figures that only X-Men fans might go for without a second thought, important villain that he is.

Gambit: Hmm...

All that's different from the Wolverine Origins release is the head with longer hair and perhaps shinier paint for his costume.  But it may not be that bad for those X-fans who missed out on the hard-to-find initial release.

Wonder Man: Defnitely Maybe...

It looks like the old "big guy buck" reuse for Simon Williams.  The head sculpt seems nice but it would be cool if he came with shades.

Quicksilver: Defnitely Maybe... 

Although he's in that running pose, I'm not fooled by the reuse of the old slim body buck and its lack of poseability.  Quicksilver is a runner, so he's gotta have legs that can twist, turn, and kick high front and back among other things.  The costume also looks old school, so I guess he's set for a new version sometime after?  The god thing is he'll go well with Secret Wars Magneto.  Now all we need is  Scarlet Witch!

Adam Warlock & Thanos: Ooh, Interesting!

I'd be all over this 2-pack if I didn't manage to get my hands on the single carded Thanos.  Even then, this pack comes with a very coolly and darkly painted Adam Warlock and his staff.  He's also supposed to come with an Infinity Gauntlet that fits him!  I was previously going to pass on this set but after seeing this shot of Warlock, I'm very intrigued!

Ant Man and Moon Knight: Definitely Maybe... 

I've never liked Ant Man but i might get this pack for 2 reasons: The awesome looking helmet of Ant Man (and also his thigh cuts) and the fact that I never picked up Moon Knight previously.  This version of Moon Knight seems a little different though.  It looks like he's less white--he's got a gray mask, gray bracers, and a gray utility belt. Me likey.  Hopefully he come with at least his staff and Ant-Man has some sort of accessory as well, like not a giant ant.

Psylocke: Ooh, interesting! 

I'm still sad to see that they've not come up with a new female body sculpt.  In what looks like just a Ms. Marvel repaint/retool with a Jean Grey face and different hair, the 'Bro seem like they understand and have given Psylocke her Psy sword and Psy blast/fire.  If she comes with even more Psy stuff I'll b chompin' at the bit!

X-23: Definitely Maybe... 

From one female superhero to another, X-23 is finally immortalized in plastic for all you fans of hers.  And guess what?  She's sporting the new female body we've all been clamoring for.  She's got beefier arms and thighs along with thigh cuts!  X-23's legs look kinda long in this pic and I can't wait till they start rolling out more female characters with these new parts!

Darkhawk: Hmm...

For all his new parts, including his head and the wings, the shoulder guards and the collar, Darkhawk suffers from old school buck syndrome.  What does this mean?  He's an old figure with some mildly disguised parts and wings. :P

Astonishing Wolverine: Definitely Maybe...  

This is one character we really don't need another of. But he turns out pretty well.  The yellow is deep and the blue is also very dark.  Wolverine's got a sleek looking head, thigh cuts, and some beefy Wolverine arms, which I have to say is pretty darn close to my mind's eye of what his arms should look like.

Movie Avengers: Ooh, interesting! 

A new 3.75" movie Iron Man, Thor, and Captain America?  Well this looks like it's happening to facilitate the eventual move from the movie brands into the Marvel Universe brand.  Thor looks appropriately large, Cap's got a nice blue belt and some fancy boots, while Iron Man looks to finally be movie accurate.

So what do you think?  Are you looking forward to some of these figures as much as I am?  Or do you think that some of these are more highly anticipated than I think?  Comment away! 

**Once again, thanks to for the pics.  Check out their site for the latest stuff ongoing at SDCC.  There's way more stuf over there where they take some of the best photos!**


  1. TOTALLY with you on that Hulk. Hulk very sexy. Hulk displace movie version.

    But interestingly enough, the figures I'm most interested in are characters I know very little about... and the ones I'm least interested in are ones that SHOULD be among my most wanted figures. Can you guess why? I bet you can!


    Daredevil/Bullseye -- DO WANT, but huh? All I know about them I know from the live-action movie and Spider-Man cartoon cameos! But they're on the Cyclops body, which means thigh cuts AND the sweet new ankles. Do want.

    Magneto -- SHOULD want, but do not. If I want a Magneto that's clearly a repainted AIM Soldier, I'll snag an AIM Soldier and repaint that sucker myself. And if I do, I will paint it RED and PURPLE, darnit. (Actually, I've been thinking I might use a Joe for a custom Magneto, even though it wouldn't have the thigh swivels. Could be interesting...)

    Same with X-23 (DO WANT, despite not knowing much about her) and Psylocke (love ya, Bets... but your body should wow me and it does not). And I know nothing about Adam Warlock and Thanos (aside from him being a Darkseid ripoff), but home with me they will come.

    Oh, and I count five toes on Beast. Want him, too, though a pre-catface version would have been preferable. :)

  2. The only two that are 'must buys' (aka buy on sight, not thinking) are Steve Rogers and Psylocke. I always loved Psylocke, and I am apparently amassing every phase of Cap's career.

  3. I was just about ready to close the book on the Marvel Universe line...then I recently found Scarlet Spider and my love for the line has been renewed.

    I'm super excited about the Hulk as well. I absolutely HATE the head sculpt on the first Hulk.

    Beta Ray Bill is a must have. I've been loving the Annihilators mini-series and most of the cosmic Marvel stories in general.

    Steve Rogers is also another must have. Great looking figure.

    Guardians of the Galaxy 3 pack?! Yes! Yes! Yes! More please! I want the other members. Where's my freakin' Gamora?! The green dude is Drax...look 'em up...then you may not feel bad about getting another Thanos in the 2 pack w/ Adam Warlock.

    Speaking of Adam Warlock and can take a Dremel or heck even a drill, put a big gapping hole in Thanos' chest and have Drax standing over him!!

    Darkhawk is another figure I was looking forward to so I'm disappointed to see he uses a lot of the older body parts. I'm still buying him though. With Scarlet Spider I'll then have 2 reserve members of the New Warriors!!

    ...ahem, Hasbro/Marvel...can I please have a fig of Night Thrasher?

  4. here's my two cents...

    Hulk: yes! an awesome looking hulk! better than the previous ones..

    daredevil and bullseye: i like how they both got "upgraded"...and DD's sheathe is a nice touch..

    black DD: shadowland DD....but no sheath and not even the "arm blades"?! :/

    beta ray: yay for another hammer user! add Thunderstrike and yay for Thor Corps!

    cat beast: looks very cool, hopefully when they mass produce him quality wont lack..

    magneto: i think this is the Ultimates version of him..looks pretty good...

    FF: if i knew how to customize, i'd repaint them in their current Future Foundation Colors..

    guardians of the galaxy: i'll prolly just get Star Lord..

    ice man: please let him have an ice slide...

    white iron fist: i'd prolly get him as this is his current look after that "Eye of Agamotto" mishap..white just looks so clean and crisp..

    retro luke: needs a bigger afro :D

    juggy: dont let him be helmetless..just make it that he can take the helmet off and on..

    steve rogers: america..f*** yeah!

    patriot: my 1st and only ML was Patriot and i love this MU incarnation!

    ultron: he looks nice but red outlines is better than green..yes? no?

    maskless IM: i thought he'll be in a suit :/ and why does it have to be the Extremis Armor?

    kraven: YES spidey villain fans rejoice!

    absorbing man: and his variant? f*** yeah!

    mr. sinster: it looks like they used a colossus body on him? meh :/

    gambit: an ok upgrade..but where's his cards?

    wonderman and quicksilver: classic!

    adam warlock and thanos: awesome repaint for thanos..and adam! wow..

    moon knight and ant-man: moon knight is fine but why does ant-man feel a bit off? big head..thin body..removable helmet? [prolly not]

    psylocke: im ok with re-hashed body parts but pleeeeeeeeaaaasssseeeee create a new head mold for her...

    x-23: the legs does look a bit long but its also a definite buy for me..

    darkhawk: looks great but his wings seem like theyre just attached to his arms..

    astonishing wolvie: lean, mean and a fighting machine!

    .......anyhoo, i liked most of the figures but pleeeeeeeeeaaaaaseeeeee make them have adequate or at least ONE accessory!

  5. Haha, glad to see everyone's as excited as I am about these suckers! I've had to clean my keyboard several times due to uncontrollable drooling.

    @Wes - Finally! A Hulk that is sexy enough to seduce you away from that movie monstrosity! ;P And I'd love to see that Joe to Mags custom. No thigh cuts but way more solid leg balls. :)

    @Counterfett - Everyone seems to like Psylocke, even Wes. But they need to move on and give her a new body! A new face like Alansong says would also definitely be a plus. Aw heck there's just no satisfying everyone! Heh. :P

    @Colbey - Close the book on MU wha???...And saved by Scarlet Spider huh???...Lol just kidding. SS is a superb figure.

    And oh wow, I didn't realize that was Drax! I only recognize his old costume. And I hadn;t en following Annhilation Conquest--seems like the new GoG is sort of a revamped Infinity Watch? Dig it! But can you imagine the Thanos lovers that will become Chase Variant haters once I drill the crap out of a Thanos figure? Hahaha. Oh the hate (mail)...

    @The Alansong - Thanks for the info on black Daredevil. Yeah, armblades and a sheathe would make him a "buy" even if he doesn't have the new points of articulation. An ice slide for Iceman would be so, so sweet. And I agree with you on Juggy and other helmetless variants--just make the helmets removable!

    As for Iron Man--its because they have a but-ton of him they can't get rid of! Lol. And yeah, that Ant Man does look a little "off". If it' a removable helmet then I'm so getting the pack!


    new from :D

    the FF shall be eventually available in their Future Foundation costumes as stated by a representative! yay!

  7. Yes, I saw that just after posting my response to you. Looks like it'll be awesome! But that means those who are fans of the light blue duds better get it quick! And alas for me, no deep blue Sue...

  8. Ok let me first say i decided a little while ago that i would limited my Marvel Universe action figure buys to ones i truly want. But with this said am passing on most of these but there a few that gave me pause and i might pick up.....

    Movie Avengers: These are a big maybe for me i will see how i feel when the movie is out.

    Wonder Man: Again this is a big maybe for me as i was hoping for a "red jacket" version of this figure along with a classic style "Avergers" Beast.

    Adam Warlock/Thanos: Am having a hard time on this one because i like both of these characters but not for sure if i want these just yet.

    Retro Luke Cage: Yes! its Power Man and if i can get him and a classic Iron Fist i can have the Heroes For Hire.

    Kraven The Hunter: Another big maybe as he does look pretty awesome.

    Steve Rogers: Like Kraven yet another big maybe because he looks awesome as well.

    Fantastic Four 4-Pack: Yes on this one only because my need of a Thing action figure and because it comes with HERBIE the Robot.

    Guardian of the Galaxy: Two at of three isn't bad with this set so i will get it for Rocket Racoon and Star Lord.

  9. hey bro u missed out on these few :PP

    Kang the Conqueror:

    Future Foundation Spider Man:

    Scarlet Witch:


    She-Hulk !!!

    Nova !!!


    omg marvel universe is getting much much much better ! since most of them have thigh cuts, i guess you're gonna go broke buying most of them LOL

  10. @jboypacman - A Power Man and Wonder Man fan! Haha, you're a perfect example of how Marvel/Hasbro knows exactly how to appeal to us all--there's something for everyone! And HERBIE the robot? Dude, you're a much braver man than most to admit you're a fan. :P

    @Jun Yi - Yes, I did! Thanks for the links, bro. You made this post that much richer! (And yes, I might very well go broke...)

    Kang - Never been a fan of the design but check out those thigh cuts, calf swivels, and new ankles!

    Future Foundation Spidey - Oh wow. All the new leg articulation, s swivel waist and a spiffey costume. I haven't read any new FF stuff but I want this!

    Scarlet Witch! - Classic! New head sculpt, new female body, thigh and calf cuts, new ankles and hexing hands!. Me wanty.

    Punisher - Great Head sculpt. Very nicely matted black. Also, ankle sheathe for his dagger! Time for me to finally get a version of Frank...

    She-Hulk! - Finally! Love the new female bodies! I do wish they'd give her some sort of expression though. She looks rather blank. Pity. Still gonna get her though. Lol.

    Nova - Just a slide of his unpainted sculpt but it does look good! The use of the old body, esp in the legs, might stay my hand though, as I suspect it would many others..

    Angel - Nice wings! But the rest of him will have to depend on paint though. Still the old body but I suspect he'll be snapped up like Archangel was...

  11. Wow Jun Yi, thanks for sharing!

    FF Spidey - is awesome! withe Future Foundation costumes for Sue, Reed and Ben coming..this'll complete the set..aside from the rest like Franklin and that teen from Power pack..also, he looks a bit buff don't he?

    Kang - did they use a hulk faceor something? they couldve used another..

    Scarlet Witch and She- Hulk - hellooooo ladiieeesss~ nice to see Hasbro bringing in women in the line-up..awesome head sculpts..

    Punisher - FINALLY! they got him right!

    Nova - hopefully he comes with a removable helmet, so we can put worldmind on steve rogers like in Secret Avengers #4 []

    Angel - love those wings..wonder which color version he'll come in?

    after browsing the site, i saw more prot-pics of upcoming figs!

    Herc, Puck, Fin Fang Foom, Madam Masque, Bucky Cap, Jubilee! wow!

    ..and please let them have enough accessories and fig stands x3

  12. @ The Alansong
    Actually, Bucky Cap and Madame Masque are from the new Marvel Legends series. But I'm still so exited! We're getting some of the most requested figures ever! And, Puck? Wow. Even I, with my great comic book knowledge barely know the character! I don't like how they made Fin Fang Foom orange, but it's probably the only way I'll ever get a figure of him. And what's worse, they'll probably pack FFF with another Iron Man! But I am super exited for Jubilee! Just give me figures of Jim Lee Beast and Storm and I'll have the entire 90's X-Men team!

  13. @Soundwave - They probably made FFF orange because he's a re-release of the Marvel Legends BAF version--with a new head and hands! To make him green would be a little too similar to the old one, I guess. hn I wouldn't want to buy it as much as I do now, despite having the old BAF version myself! ;)

    Orange FFF:

    Marvel Legends BAF FFF:

    @Alansong - And where are these mysterious pics of Puck and Jubilee? I can;t seem to find them! ;)

    And check out this interesting Avengers set that forms a nice circle base once you've bought all 8 of 'em:

  14. I love my older style Marvel characters so give me that retro Power-Man and Iron Fist figures as well Wonderman any day like that. And HERBIE is awesome! lol : D

  15. If Darkhawk was the size of a MacFarlane HALO REACH Spartan HazOp or Mark V with the wings and all that, I'd most likely get him. In his present form, he looks scrawny. Admittedly, though, the SILVERHAWKS fan in me did sit up and take notice of him right away.

    How odd: the Fantastic Four set with HERBIE is only being sold in the U.S. now when it's been available in Metro Manila for about a month already?

  16. @ Soundwave129: whoops! got so excited, i didnt see that they were from the ML line hahaha~

    @ SirDragonBane:
    here's puck=

    Jubilee, though i dunno if its for ML or MU:

    and a NightHawk!:

  17. Additional thoughts about this new Marvel Universe wave:

    1) Beast and Magneto just gave me an X-MEN: FIRST CLASS flashback.

    2) If that's the Eli Bradley Patriot from the comics, he'd make a great lieutenant for Commander Steve Rogers since that Patriot's grandfather was once Captain America.

    3) Helmetless Juggernaut...Iceman...New Guardians Of The Galaxy...hey, Hasbro--how about making figures of the original Guardians?

    4) Kraven vs. Shadow Tracker. Somebody make it happen. Heh-heh.

    5) Moon Knight and Ant-Man sum up what always throws me off the MU toyline: Moon Knight's upper body looks too wide while Ant-Man looks as scrawny as Darkhawk.

  18. @jboypacman - Lol, great to see you love 'em! ;)

    @The Alansong - Great finds! Btw, have you received Titanium Man? I sent him out last Wednesday. If you haven't, I'll email you the tracking no. ;)

    @Wayward Knave - That's because they tease both sides of the world to create some artificial form of rarity. they;re playing with our feelings!!! ;P

    Great thoughts. You're absolutely right about #4. As for #5, let's hope Ant Man turns up less scrawny...

  19. That Beast figure is just jaw-dropping. Can't wait!

  20. After drooling and... Ooops! did I just typed drool? LOL! After seeing these new figures from countless sites, I've made my "what I want" List and here they are:

    Thanos - Accurate color scheme, good thing I didn't got the single card. Hoping I will get this pack.

    Warlock, Daredevil, Bullseye, Punisher - PERFECT! Let's thanks Cyclops for that body mold.

    Hulk - finally! nice head, two-fisted and torn pants on the knees. Just like you said. haha

    Beast - very unique sculpt, just like the modern Thor.

    I'm not yet sold on Scarlet Witch, not till I get some reviews on her. I think the new female bodies got long legs which is fine with me if they were real. And I'm reserving my judgment on Nova and Hercules.

  21. CLASSIC HULK...gotta have it !!!!!!!

  22. @AFLI - Yeah, I know, right? :D

    @Killing Time - What about the single carded Thanos did you not like? I think the female bodies on Shulkie and Scarlet Witch look great. X-23's legs looks longish because they might have used a smaller torso for her.

    @Mike - Chalk one more up for the Hulk gang! So let's see...Yup, EVREYONE loves it! ;P

  23. "@Wayward Knave - That's because they tease both sides of the world to create some artificial form of rarity. they;re playing with our feelings!!! ;P"

    Playing with our feelings? That means Hasbro are Sith! NOOO!!!

    Future Foundation Spider-Man looks like excellent repaint material for a Spider-Man Unlimited ( figure or a Ben Reilly Spider-Man (in the blue & red costume) figure.

  24. Yeah not just Sith, but Sith Lord Fembots with machine gun jumblies.

    Future Foundation Spiderman is a great repaint material because he's white! ;P But I get what you mean. I like that he's got a more bulky mature male sculpt as well. Spiderman did grow up for quite a few years until recent retcons so I guess it's fitting! :)

  25. You can even turn Future Foundation Spidey into an "Artic Assault" Deadpool if you can get some G.I. Joe accessories to fit him. Heh-heh.

  26. Haha, oh I'm sure with the amount of Joe weapons out there it's definitely doable!

  27. the gambit i want really bad does anyone know if it is the jim lee version it doesnt look like it but it kinda does the coat the body the legs but it doesnt have the blue on his upper chest nor is the hair really short i dig the jim lee sculpts mu keeps gettin better detail star lord looks amazing im kinda dissapointed with astonishing wolverine.....hers a hint hasbro quite using xmen origins bodies its fkin annoying......steve rogers is a must have and the iron fist with power man looks sick i hopefullyu will get every fig but those are the most im looking forward to

  28. Sir Dragonbane, one Sith Lord fembot coming right up!

    Okay, she's not a robot and she doesn't have machine gun jumblies but tell me this wouldn't look good as a Star Wars action figure.

  29. They've done her already!

    Damn, now I suddenly wanna get that two-pack just for the figure!

  30. Prince Adam of Eternia grew a goatee and wound up in the Star Wars Expanded Universe? Har-har-har!

    That is one hot non-human Sith Lord/Lady Jedi killer. I hope they make Darth Maladi too.

  31. The Good:
    -Finally a Hulk worth a damn! Hulk is one of my favourite Marvel 3! I'm surprised the Series 1 Hulk isn't just solid molded plastic from the waist down. :P
    -New Bullseye and DareDevil using the awesome Jim Lee Cyclops body with some new tools and tricks!
    -Heroes for Hire!
    -Beta Ray Bill! I knew it was only a matter of time, however I expected him to show up in a Comic Series for the Thor line.

    The Bad:
    - Moon Knight using the same Series 1 "stumpy" Daredevil body. Disappointing.

    The Ugly
    -XMOW Gambit. 'Nuff Said!

  32. @Doktor Avidan Geistrov - I agree! I'm also most excited by the Hulk. DD and Bullseye are also near the top of my list. Good point about Moon Knight. They could've taken the chance to improve him!

  33. I was looking through the pics at Marvelousnews that Jun Yi linked to and saw the "Ultimate Gift Set".

    And I was thinking, "Hey that's a pretty good idea. Include all the best comic versions of Spidey, Cap, Thor, Wolvie, and Iron Man in one set. But I've got all those versions, so no need to ..."

    And then I saw this close up:

    AAARRRRGHH! Black belt on Cap?!?! Damn you, Hasbro, you black-hearted bastards! Now I have to go buy a box set of FIVE characters I already have just so I can FINALLY get my hands on an accurate Cap?! GGRRRAA!

    That is all.

    Great blog! =)

  34. Thanks Nathan!

    Ya know, I hadn't really noticed the black belt! The only other version that has it is the "old school" single release Cap with a kite shield. But that one also has an open neck costume and a half-mask.

    I also noticed one more difference--that star on his shield is fatter and broader than the previous ones. But i guess this doesn't change the fact that you have to buy a 5-pack for just one guy... :/

  35. Yeah, it's such a pisser. I'm not a completist by any means. I really only want one version of each character, but I want that version to be as perfect as possible (and for me perfect = classic). So I guess I'm going to have to get this one.

    Heh, I just had an evil thought: What's stopping me from carefully opening this box (I'm assuming it's like the X-Men box and only sealed with tape), remove the Cap figure, and replace him with my current fave Cap from the Secret Wars pack and then give it to one of my nephews for Christmas? Answer: nothing. >:D

  36. Somebody call up Hasbro and tell them they should release this character with this look for their next Marvel Universe wave. After all, Dr. Strange needs an enemy.

  37. @Nathan Fairbairn - Lol, that is actually not a bad idea. And your nephews wouldn't even know the difference. It sure beats those deadbeats who replace the figure and return them to stores!

    @Wayward Knave - Dormammu is classic for Dr. Strange. To bad his name sounds like a Pokemon...;P

  38. "Dormammu! I choose you--wait a minute! What the heck are you? You're no Pokemon!"

    "And you're not Stephen Strange! Don't tell me I got stuck in another crossover video game, by the ebon shadows of the netherrealm (or some such thing like that)!"

  39. How you'll ever fit Dormammu in a Pokeball we'll never know...

  40. Maybe Pokeballs use Pym Particle-based technology or Cybertronian mass-shifting technology?

  41. So if they are going to make a Gambit why not make one worth a damn. They are just reusing parts from the wolverine origins Gambit that had too stubby of arms, legs that could barely move, a trench coat that threw off the entire balance of the figure, and this time they added a stolen staff from the moon knight figure. To top off the rage, they decided to throw a red neckerchief on the figure when its not even the correct Gambit outfit to put it on. The only saving grace of this figure is the new head. It looks pretty awesome. I am glad they finally decided to make a Gambit figure again but do not appreciate my patience being slapped in the face by this redone failure figure. But it is still Gambit so I guess they got me there. I will still end up buying it because I am such a huge fan. Plus it is going to be a two pack.

    Just as Gambit is my all time favorite super hero, Mister Sinister is My all time favorite villian. I realize that for the sinister figure they used colossus' body but damn it looks awesome. New cape and head that really transform the character into something I've waited for to be in a Sinister figure for years. So despite the reused parts and the disappointment of the Gambit figure I will be buying the crap out of this 2 pack.

  42. A point well made--and furiously accurate, at that! Thanks for pointing out the inaccuracies in the Gambit figure. Also, it takes a lot of guts to admit that you'll be getting him anyway despite the obvious flaws.

    And yes, I love that Sinister too. More power to the 'Bro for the good reuse of Colossus' body. I too, sir, will be buying the crap out of the pack. well, at least half of it. No prizes for guessing which half, ;P

  43. a mi me encantan los guardianes de la galaxia el q tiene una mascara es starlord el mapache es rocket racoon el verde con tatuajes drax y la planta es groot

  44. I'm guessing you're saying that the Guardians of the Galaxy 3-pack is great? I don;t have it yet but I think I'll pick it up soon... ;) Merrry Christmas!

  45. that Hulk is awesome! has anyone spotted him on retail somewhere?

  46. I haven't. But if I do find him, he'll be up here in a jiff. (Big Hulk fan that I am--who'da thunk?) ;)

  47. I'll be watching this space then... that Hulk is a must! From what I heard, this Hulk is gonna be a greatest battles two-pack together with Wolvie's 1st appearance :)

  48. Oh wow, that sounds like a 2-pack I'd get, despite having a butt-load of Wolvies already. Heh.

  49. Another action figure I wish Marvel would remake: Mandarin from the Iron Man Armored Adventures line.

  50. Not a second too soon, Wayward K!

    Check out what was revealed at Toy Fair 2012 under Comic 2-packs! ;)

  51. Oho! That Mandarin is close enough to the Armored Adventures Mandarin for me! Now when will Hasbro and Marvel release a Modular Armor Iron Man that looks like the one from the animated series that sometimes crossed over into the Spider-Man animated series?

    Another wish sent out to Hasbro and Marvel: please make this version of Death's Head.

    1. That's an interesting Iron Man Armor, IMO. It's different enough and has a distinct "90s" feel to it. I'd buy it too if they made it! ;)

      Ooh, Death's Head would be quite sweet. Don't know much about the guy but I think the Marvel Universe baddies need more mean looking villains!

    2. The '90's Iron Man animated series figures had a number of designs that would merit updated/upgraded reproductions...and some that look quite familiar.

    3. Lol, wouldja look at that MODOK! I've seen it at the flea market loose and now I know where it's from. And gosh, you gotta wonder at any version of Hulkbuster Armour that has as egg-shaped head. Haha.

    4. That Hulkbuster looks like a Juggernaut that went wrong and then the toy company decided to save money by retooling it for its Iron Man line. Titanium Man resembles a human-size Sentinel. And Stealth Armor Iron Man and Hawkeye don't look too far removed from their current incarnations, do they? Hasbro probably saw these photos and said, "Let's reuse the Stealth Armor design for the IM movie line and the Hawkeye design for the Avengers movie line. But ditch the mask - Jeremy Renner might not want the mask."

  52. Everyone who's watched THE AVENGERS will undoubtedly want to buy Thanos now. I have a feeling he's going to be hard to find even in the specialty shops.

    1. Thanos? But he's bot even in the movie! *wink wink* ;-P

      Nah, you're wrong. He's already impossible to find! Lol.


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