Saturday, June 26, 2010

Standing Tall: Marvel Universe HAMMER Files 3.75" Colossus

I finally managed to get my hands on Colossus after wanting him since the Wolverine Origins figures hit the shelves almost a year and a half ago.  At that time, I spotted the ultra rare Colossus from that line but didn't have the cash to get him (and his hammer accessory, cos he be workin' the mines and all back in Mother Russia, yo.)  So I passed him on to the Rangerlord.

The great thing is that they came up with this new version.  The bad thing:  I feel bad to have snagged a toy for my hunter-in-arms only for a new and improved figure to be released.  Just how good was he compared to the old W:O version?  Well, the Rangerlord went out and got one for himself.

So if anyone is looking for WO Colossus and his funky hammer, we can hook you up. ;P I have to say this version of Piotr Rasputin is by far the best.  For more detailed pictures and the review, head on over to Articulated Discussion to check out my review! :)

Marvel Legends Hulk Series: King Hulk

I got this Hulk after reading and falling in love with the Planet Hulk graphic novel--it's gotta be the most original and off-the-beaten path Hulk story arc ever!

Besides the literally otherworldly story line, the Hulk's look changes distinctly and yet retains the old familiar characteristics of the Big Green Behemoth.

The same goes for this 6 inch scale figure--one look and you'll know it's the Hulk and yet you'll also realize that his attire can only mean he's been through some unique situations that have forced him to adjust and adapt.  Even if you haven't read Planet Hulk, you'd notice that he's not like other un-accessorized Hulks--this bad boy comes with a broad short sword and battle axe.  More juicy details later! ;)

I bought this guy about a year-and-a-half ago and only recently opened him.

Why?  Because I had the sudden urge to build the wave's Build-A-Figure: Fin Fang Foom.  What with all the Iron Man buzz about a month or so back, and me making a nice sum off some exclusive toys I didn't really wanna keep, I decided to go for the rest of the Target Exclusive Hulk Series.

I only had this Hulk and the Grey Hulk then, and the Absorbing Man and Doc Samson were rather cheapish, so I went for it.  Savage She-Hulk and End Hulk were tougher to find and expensive, but I figured that since I'd always wanted Hulks of all shapes and sizes, some supporting cast wouldn't hurt.  Oh and I'd have a giant ass dragon as well. ;)

And so I present to you the King of Sakaar himself, the one they call Green Scar, the one who's the World Breaker!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Unstoppable! - Marvel Universe HAMMER Files 3.75" Juggernaut

Who else, but Marvel Universe 3.75" H.A.M.M.E.R. Files Juggernaut?  Well, he's closer to 4.5" but who's counting? ;)  I gotta give a shout out to Roc for this figure--who knew your random trip from one end of the island to the other would yield such awesomeness?  So thanks!

I have a soft spot for oversized figures.  And I don't mean 12 or 15 inchers but rather figures that belong to a certain scale but are oversized due to their physical nature.  So far in the Marvel Universe line, for bulk, there's been: Hulk (Green, Grey, Secret Wars), Red Hulk, Thing, Thor (Modern), Colossus (from the same wave as Juggie), and Juggernaut himself.

In the Iron Man 2, 3.75" line (which I find quite compatible with MU) there's Iron Monger and Hulkbuster Iron Man.

That's at least total of 10 bulky figures and that's not even including the tall ones like Thor (Secret Wars), Sabertooth (Wolverine Origins: comic versions), Thunderball (Secret Wars), Luke Cage, etc.  I like the tall ones too, since they are after all, also oversized.  But the bulky figures always seem to be more worth your money, even if they don't normally yet come with accessories.  I get the feeling most fans feel this way too, if the evidence of what's left on the pegs is anything to go by.

Juggernaut is the same--he's so rare that if you see him and are on the fence about getting him, don't hesitate!  Then come read my review to see if he's worth crackin' open the plastic for.  If you think he's not, you could just offload him to someone else. (Me! Lol.)  You could even make a quick buck in the process.

Still sitting on that fence on whether to snag Juggernaut?  Why, jump off and be swayed (either way) by the review over at Articulated Discussion!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Short Circuit: R2-D2 (Legacy Collection)

Who's remembers Johnny?  Who's Johnny, you said?  Well, I'm glad you asked...Go ahead, watch it to the end, I dare you... ;P

(Ok, till I figure it out you might have to click on "Read More" to go to the review proper and access the clip that's supposed to be right here--apologies!

P.s-please do it!  Otherwise the rest of this intro won't make sense. Lol. :P)

And the next question for those who still haven't a clue who Johnny is: what the heck did you jst waste 4 mins of your life on?

Answer: That's the music video of the then cult hit movie "Short Circuit" starring Steve Guttenburg (of the Police Academy series fame) and Ally Sheedy (of St Elmo's Fire fame)

Ah, that brings back memories...and images of everything traumatically uncool about the 80s.  Here's of list of all the things that would be considered simply wrong today, and all in just this one single music video:

1. El Debarge-the freaky singer with the pervy looking smile.
2. Debarge's eighties hair.
3. His pencil thin moustache.
4. His oversized pinstripe suit.
5. Freaky courtroom scene that would make no sense to those who've never watched the movie..
6. Cardboard cut out of Steve Guttenburg, in black and white nonetheless...
7. Freaky-looking female lawyer.
8. VHS & VHS player
9. Crazy jury...oh wait, these still exist today...
10. Unintelligible lyrics which wouldn't make sense even if you knew what they were.
11. Passing off of a robot hand for a hiding robot (Johnny 5) as a movie special effect.
12. Crazy voice modulation being passed off as singing...
13. Courtroom dancing
14. Exploding judges
15. Firemen who put out exploding judges (judges who are not on fire, but just charred and smoking)
16. That strange piece of lack carboard at the end...wth???

So what the hell has all that have to do with this review?  Well, R2-D2 is a robot (ok a droid, but it's the same thing...right? :P) and this particular figure can, well, short circuit.

Yeah see, you didn't even have to read all the jibber-jabber up top to read this review on Star Wars Legacy Collection R2-D2 (with short circuit effect).  But didn't watching the music video just make you feel like you could break the law and get away with it?  It was wild, wasn't it? Yep, that's what we 80s kids used to do for fun...that and play with our toys, of course!

All right, no more vicarious law-breaking.  On to the review!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

A New Notary: The Black Widow

Funny thing happened: I'd have reviewed Marvel Universe HAMMER Files 3.75" Black Widow earlier if I hadn't noticed that there was an error in her packaging.

It's not a big deal, but the cardboard insert in the bubble for the figure read "Bucky" instead of "Black Widow."  So I put off opening that particular figure hoping that one day it'll be so rare I'd make a million off it.

But in the meantime, I went out and snagged another fig of our fave Russian spy and cracked it open.

While it may not be the figure with the most eye-catching costume or the character who's the popularity contest winner, the Black Widow turned out to be a surprisingly good figure.  And it was the simplicity of the sculpt that made it so...

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