Wednesday, February 10, 2010

(Cheap) Attack on the Pit!

Yeah it's official, the GI JOe Rise of Cobra Attack on the Pit 5 figure + one vehicle set has become a cheap shot, a punch below the belt, a blow to the nether regions.


Because they're now going for S$10 (US$7.15) a pop at local department store OG (Orchard), which is where they brought it in to clear for S$25 (US$17.86) in the first place.

Am I mad I got mine at the 'original' clearance price?


In fact I'll ask all of you to go get it now, people!  I don't have to tell ya but it works out to S$2 a figure and a FREE Mole Pod!!!

When I stumbled upon the price there were 7 sets left.  Now they are 5 thanks to The Rangerlord. ;)



  1. Yep, OG Orchard. I just realized I didn't mention it but it's corrected now.

    Happy Hunting! :)


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