Sunday, June 20, 2010

Unstoppable! - Marvel Universe HAMMER Files 3.75" Juggernaut

Who else, but Marvel Universe 3.75" H.A.M.M.E.R. Files Juggernaut?  Well, he's closer to 4.5" but who's counting? ;)  I gotta give a shout out to Roc for this figure--who knew your random trip from one end of the island to the other would yield such awesomeness?  So thanks!

I have a soft spot for oversized figures.  And I don't mean 12 or 15 inchers but rather figures that belong to a certain scale but are oversized due to their physical nature.  So far in the Marvel Universe line, for bulk, there's been: Hulk (Green, Grey, Secret Wars), Red Hulk, Thing, Thor (Modern), Colossus (from the same wave as Juggie), and Juggernaut himself.

In the Iron Man 2, 3.75" line (which I find quite compatible with MU) there's Iron Monger and Hulkbuster Iron Man.

That's at least total of 10 bulky figures and that's not even including the tall ones like Thor (Secret Wars), Sabertooth (Wolverine Origins: comic versions), Thunderball (Secret Wars), Luke Cage, etc.  I like the tall ones too, since they are after all, also oversized.  But the bulky figures always seem to be more worth your money, even if they don't normally yet come with accessories.  I get the feeling most fans feel this way too, if the evidence of what's left on the pegs is anything to go by.

Juggernaut is the same--he's so rare that if you see him and are on the fence about getting him, don't hesitate!  Then come read my review to see if he's worth crackin' open the plastic for.  If you think he's not, you could just offload him to someone else. (Me! Lol.)  You could even make a quick buck in the process.

Still sitting on that fence on whether to snag Juggernaut?  Why, jump off and be swayed (either way) by the review over at Articulated Discussion!


  1. Your reviews just get better and better, and you can never get enough flimsy crates! I must admit though every time I see your header change, I get more jealous of how much of that stuff has yet to make it to these shores.

  2. Yeah I know, I'm pretty lucky where I am. Well f you ever need anything you see on here and are willing to have it mailed to you, don't hesitate to ask! :)

    On the other hand, you can go watch English Premier League matches live! Lol. But nah, toys over footie any day, yes? ;P

  3. Hi there Ewan, are you from Singapore? I got my Juggernaut and Colossus at your Duty Free. I was there last June 2-7.

  4. Yes I am! Where are you from? :)

    Yup, our Duty Free is always one of the first places the new stuff hits retail here. Great job on snagging them! :)

  5. Very nice place. I'm from Philippines. I was hoping for Thor but instead I found these two. I was wondering how much do you charge if you mail toys? Thanks.

  6. Lol. I'm not exactly sure, but if I mail a 3.75 inch figure on the card in a bubble mailer, it shouldn't cost more than S$10 I think. And this is based on me sending stuff of that size to the US. :)

    By the same token, you guys also get some stuff over there that we don't, for example the Iron Man 2 3-pack sets. You also have Marvel Legends Hulk Series Wave figures that you can;t find here! :)

  7. Cool, maybe you can find modern Thor around there, just let me know. You can mail me at

  8. Ok sure. I think it should be readily available. I'll keep you posted. ;)

  9. quote"On the other hand, you can go watch English Premier League matches live! Lol. But nah, toys over footie any day, yes? ;P"

    true, but I can always catch that on telly and looking at pics of the figures on the net just isn't the same.

  10. That's too true! And you get to watch all the footie highlights on telly too. Not to mention you can do that AND pose your action figures at the same time, while bringing toys to footie games is just asking for it. Lol.

    Say, I have a question: were you the one who asked me to pick you up an SDCC Destro because they were going for cheap here in Singapore? :)


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