Friday, September 24, 2010

Comic of the Day: Na'vi Lovin'!

What happens when you put all your favourite blue-skinned sci-fi/fantasy characters of the 80s till today together?  You get some hot Na'vi lovin', that's what.

Today, I have special guest 3B, who came up with this hilarious look at blue-skinned intamacy.  It all came about when I commented on my Keldor review that I must be a Na'vi lover for thinking he was handsome (Keldor, not 3B).  Novelty gagged.  Well, 3B agreed that he was, and roguishly so at that. (Again, Keldor, not Novelty.)  And this is a product of all that brotherly love...Enjoy!

Well, if you dig that Neytiri and want to connect with her the right way, hop on over to Killer B Hive, where 3B reviews the "big, blue, baddass babe," in his own words.  Enjoy that too!


  1. The best part is you don't need to wear 3D goggles to view this.

    Thanks for posting it on your awesome site, Sir!

  2. oh, will cultural differences never cease to be both a source of amusement and animosity!

  3. I guess not...sad, especially when it comes to animosity. Damn it, Prowl, now I'm all sad looking at this comic! :(


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