Saturday, July 16, 2011

And The Winner Is....(Not You? Then Take a Stab at Another Figure! ;])

The Alansong!

You IDed the figure correctly as Titanium Man!  Ok, ok.  So did everyone else.  Heh.

But it was indeed third time lucky for you, Alansong!  Must be your name, which reminds me of Leprechauns.  Perhaps it's because they sing and dance to songs sung by bards...named Alan... >.<

Email me your address and I'll send out Titanium Man to ya! :D

And since Dill hasn't responded to collect his Crimson Dynamo, I've re-drawn the winner and it's...


Your favorite Russian supervillain in red armor will be on the way once you send me your address!  Huzzah!

It must have been all that bookmarking this site on your phone and putting it up there with Marvelousnews and The Fwoosh (to which I'm very flattered) that brought you all the luck!

Thanks for reading guys! But...

You know I can't let all the rest of you walk away from your computers cursing me in Siberian, so...

Let's jump right in to the very next contest and call it:

"The weather's so cool tonight that the baby's in a great mood contest!"  ;)

Ground Rules

1) If you win the contest and you're overseas (i.e: anywhere else in the world but in Singapore), you'll still receive the figure for free!  I'll cover the shipping cost, including shipping materials.  I may opt to open the toy (something I'm very good at) and remove the bubble, especially if shipping gets too steep.  But I'll ship everything else from the card to the inserts if you like. ;)

2) If you live in Singapore, there's no definitely shipping charge--we'll arrange for a meet up so I can shake your hand, hand you the prize, and let the media (aka me) take a few snap shots. (Just kidding, no photos necessary.  Lol.)

Contest Rules

There's a couple of things you have to do in order to enter.

Firstly, identify the toy in the pic on below!  Yes, it is your prize. And yes, this one's tougher than the previous giveaway (hopefully).  Your clue is that it's also from the Iron Man 2 3.75" toy line.

Secondly, once you've identified the prize in question, reply to this post and tell me what the toy is!

Each correct answer will receive one chance to win.  But that's not all--you can double your chances if you recommend someone else to Chase Variant and get them to follow it.  (You'll have to let me know who you recommended in your post and I'll double your entry once they've followed!

You can also gain yourself one more entry if you head on over to the Chase Variant Facebook page and like it.  What?  You already like it?  Well then like the post (or you can also just say something nice, like maybe how much you like chocolate pudding and you think I should try it) and Schwing! You've earned yerself one more chance to win! (Don't forget to tell me who you are so that I can match the comment to your name on this site.)

It's that easy.  For you, that is!  For me it might turn out to be a mathematical nightmare. ;P)

Well all that's left now is a closing date!  Let's call it a week and a bit from the time of this post, that's 5am Singapore time on Saturday the 23rd of July.  (That's GMT +8.)

I hope you're stoked because I am.  And I can't even win the prize! ;P


  1. The Chase Variant Facebook link goes to Blogger! NEEDS FIXIN'!!!

    Aaaand that guy is SILVER CENTURION! I think. I do not have him.

    You're really going crazy with the contests, aren't you? :)

  2. OMG! Yay! thank youuuuu~ 8D

    people think i'm korean cuz of my screen name, hahaha~

    Oh and i've actually wanted a Titanium fig for a long this is really lucky awesome for me ;D

  3. Oh yeah, congrats to Alansong! :D

  4. @Wes - Dag Nabbit! Thanks for spotting my booboo. Yes, I am. ;P

    @Alansong - Yeah, congrats. Send me your address! ;)

  5. thanks Wes, SirDragonBane!

    and just emailed you my address :D

  6. Got it! And I see you liked the post on the Chase Variant FB page. Are you gonna take a stab at the figure here too? Maybe 4th time's the charm as well? Lol. ;)

  7. I guess Silver Centurion too. Because, you know, there's some silver on that one.

  8. @SirDragonBane: haha, i did! its actually my first time to win something online x3

    ..and i'll pass on this since i already won one..maybe soon? my luck will prolly refresh after three contests xD

  9. Am going with the Silver Centurion due to the silver in his armor and black coloring of his eyes.

  10. Yep, Silver Centurion. And once again, I have one!

    So uh, since I keep doing that, random picture time

    (and I liked this on facebook!)

  11. Arrgghh, have not been REALLY lucky recently, gonna make another try, it theSilver Centurion Armor from the Iron Man 2, Comic line.

  12. Wa, Titanium Man has always been a peg warmer in most department stalls , but has not been seeing this figure lately and missed my chance of winning the Two Russian Villain . :)

  13. I am also gonna say Silver Centurion and if not ya got me stumped!

  14. Damn i lost again :( even on the redraw, Neway this one is the Silver Centurion looks great beside the Comic Iron Monger

  15. This is Silver Centurion from Iron Man 2 series... I'm sure of it!

  16. i recognize that frown. Silver Centurion from the IM2 comic series

  17. I'm going with Silver Centurion Iron man and I liked it on Facebook.

  18. 10 entries so far and counting (hopefully) ;P

    That's not counting the bonus entries for the FB page but not to worry, I'll tally those at the end.

    I dunno, guys. That pic kinda looks like my neighborhood mailbox slot... :P

  19. It is Silver Centurion and I don't have it!
    That's it! I'm in!!!


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