Saturday, August 27, 2011

Lego Speederbikes with Stormtroopers!

...Which will be henceforth known as the "Great Lego Speederbike Blind Building Contest!"

So I picked two of these babies at last weekend's Singapore Toys, Games and Comic Convention for S$15 each, which was about half of what they would be in specialty stores outside of the Con.  And the fun thing about Legos is that Mel and I love to build them together.

Usually it's the bigger sets we work on together, like the Knights Kingdpm Green Knight Stronghold, the Star Wars Vader's TIE Advanced vs the Y-Wing, or the Home One MonCalamari Star Cruiser.

This time around, the Legos in question were way smaller and would take no time to build.  So the wife decides to challenge me to a "blind" building contest, stating that we'll "see who can build a speederbike faster without the instructions and just by using the pictureon the packaging."

I laughed and agreed.  I knew I'd win.  I knew Star Wars and Lego better than the wife.  But ya know, we musn't fail to encourage the spouses, even if they have a Tuantuan's chance in Tatooine.

But anyway, here are the results... ;)

No prozes for guessing which was mine. Lol
About 10 minutes into the "competition," my wife turns around to a) check on my progress and b) find some consolation that the speeder was unbuildable without the instructions.  My reaction was to tuck my almost complete version behind me.  But I know she got a glimpse from the look of exasperation on her face--she couldn't believe i could do it. Haha.

When I was finally done a couple of minutes later, I presented my complete and mostly accurate speeder to her, saying I think I missed a piece on the back.  She took one look at what I had done, and suddenly the rules changed to "it's not who builds it the fastest but who does it more accurately."


Why you should always check the undercarriage...
I played along like I had been Jedi Mind-Tricked.

Five mninutes later, these were our masterpieces. (Above)

Needless to say, I had won this contest but had to admit that wide speeders also existed in the Star Wars universe, wide speeders with crazily suspicious undercarriages and a coffee mug right at the rider's elbow.  Even if those same speederbikes aren't slim enough to fit between two trees on Endor's Moon.  Two words: Pyrrhic victory. ;P


  1. You know what goeth before a fall, right?


  2. Its fun to see you and your wife enjoy the hobbie of toys together.

  3. My version looks sturdier and more pimped with fire power!

  4. @Ridureyu - I'm...not sure I get you! Lol. >.<

    @jboypacman - Thanks, dude. It definitely is enjoyable! As long as I share in her interest in shoes and mean, yes, yes it is... ;P

    @Yes Dear, your version indeed does look like it has been pumped full of Rebel blaster fire. :P

  5. Haha, now that's a good contest.

    Next time you should step it up a notch. Build it without opening the bag. If it's all in one baggie it should be possible!

  6. @Meangreen - Lol, indeed. Doing that would step it up more like 10 nothces...and require the use of the Force...Mmm, yes...

  7. Context time:

    The saying is, "Pried goeth before a fall." It's a misquote from the Bible, "Pride comes before destruction, and a haughty spirit before a fall." (See also: "Money is the root of all evil" being a misquote of "The love of money is the root of all evil"). But it's a fairly common saying, and usually quoted in King James-esque archaic english (hence "goeth" instead of "goes"). I was making an extra pun by saying that SUMMER comes before Fall, and then spelling it Thummer to match Goeth/goes.

    There you go!


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