Thursday, November 10, 2011

Marvel Universe 3.75" Commander Steve Rogers

I knew I wanted to get this figure the moment I saw the photos from the SDCC 20011 Sneak Preview.  And it was simply because it would be the first version of Steve Rogers that had him unmasked.

Boy, was that a mistake.

Because this guy is awesome for so many more reasons than that!  And to think when the Rangerlord spotted him on one of his now famous rangings, I was kinda ok on getting him.

I mean, I wanted the guy, but not "ok-you-gotta-get-him-for-me-no-matter-what" kind of wanted the guy.  It was just: "Ok, I'll take him.  That is, if you don't want him, though."

And so it was that Steve Rogers became mine--no prizes for guessing how this figure turned out! ;)

Like: That this figure looks great!  He looks so great in hand that you begin to think he's photoshopped.  But he ain't!  Steve Rogers has got a great sculpt--his head and face are perfect, from the hair to the jawline, nose and the determined set of his mouth.  He's what you'd call "classic" handsome.

Steve's body proportions are also spot on, like one of those Greek sculptures--again, classic!

Like: The near perfect articulation.  And I'm not just talking PoAs, I talking the quality of them.  The Marvel Universe hinge-head is very much a fan favourite, as are the swivel thighs and the hinge-ball/rocker ankles.  One thing I've always liked in my figures is a good chest pivot and Steve here has one that not only moves great but fits very well on top of those washboard abs.   Add to that his hidden waist and boot-top swivels, and ankles that are also hidden but not overly hindered, and we've got the right ingredients for one of the best MU figures ever!

Dislike: The plastic t-ball joints they've used for MU figures since they were first released.  It's the one weak point of almost all MU figures.  They pop off too easily and make me uneasy.   And you really don't want to pop them off too much because it wears the joint down and the legs end up being loose.  We need something more sturdy!

Like: The fancy leather webbing, belt and greaves they've added to a super base body to make the figure spectacular.  These really don't do anything to improve the function of the uniform or add any accessories per se, but they do hide the PoAs really well and add texture to the figure by breaking up the base body, making him one helluva figure to look at and feel.  Yes, feel. :P

Like: The dry brushed pistol. It's rare that weapons get this treatment in this scale, whether they belong to GI Joes or to Marvel movie franchise figures.  I can't imagine the process actually being that expensive, certainly no more expensive than painting the entire weapon, so they should do this more often.  It's amazing how a simple touch like some semi-dry paint on a brush can produce such a great effect.

Dislike: No holster for pistol!  It's a minor issue, though one I can imagine would kinda spoilt the shape of this slim, sexy Cap Commander Rogers.  Usually, I love gun storage on figures and am kinda turned off by ones that could and should have one but don;t have it.  But I'm gonna let this one slide (sorta) because it's really an awesome looking Steve Rogers--I mean, we don't want anything to distract from those awesome abs all of us want, do we? ;P

Like: Two gripping hands.  At first I kinda wished he had a closed fist for some old school fisticuffs.  But as I was posing him more, I realised his hands were better this way because he could brandish his guns/hold his old shield and do some grappling and throwing.  And I just love the fingerless, open-knuckled gloves. ;)

Dislike: The blue plastic of his hinge neck-joint.  It shows when you have his head turned sideways but I wonder why it seems like such a hard issue to solve, because all MU figures have neck hinges that are different color from the faces/heads.  Some of these joint pieces are painted but slough off when you bend the neck forward and back.  If they mold the figure in the same flesh tone as the face it would solve the problem for sure...


Aesthetics: 9.5/10 - Face, hair, great proportions, greaves, fingerless gloves--this figure looks like the perfect human specimen Steve Rogers is supposed to be.

I'm not a big fan of the uniform he wears as director of S.H.I.E.L.D. because it doesn't pop at first sight.  But somehow, it grows on you.

All of Steve's details are taken care of really well--lines on his pats and cheat are crisp, his eyes are painted very well, while his blond hair is sculpted perfectly and highlighted so very well too.  The silver-painted buckles on his greaves, webbing, and gloves, as well as the drybrushed pistol provide the perfect finish.

Poseability: 9.5/10 - Commander Steve Rogers is right up there with the best--perhaps even the best.  The only thing he's missing is hinges on his wrists, and only a couple of figures have all the PoAs Steve Rogers has in addition to those super flexible wrists: Doctor Strange and SDCC 2010 WWII Captain America.

But make no mistake about it--he's got some of the best articulation seen in MU figures.  And if he's used as the base body for future MU releases, then it'll herald a new era for fans of the line.  It's a nice touch too because it mirrors how Steve Rogers paved the way for later metahumans in the comic book world.

Fun: 9/10 - I'll admit, he'd be more fun with shield instead of just two guns, which makes him feel like a GI Joe after a while.  Then again, which figure isn't more fun with more/varied accessories?  Stevie R's articulation is enough to keep you occupied for quite a while though--every PoA offers a subtle movement that can affect Steve's poses.  He can lean on one leg and look cool, kneel deep and low, kick high, kick low.  I really had a lot of fun posing him like he's in a John Woo movie.  Dual firearm-wielding FTW!

Value: 9/10 - Rogers comes with his pistol, assault rifle, and stand.

He's got some quality articulation, great paint, an excellent sculpt and base body that's well worth paying retail for--I paid S$18 and I'd gladly pay more.  (but not much more--what would the purpose of hunting be then?  :P)

Although they aren't accessories per se, his shoulder harness, belt, and greaves are all separately sculpted parts and can be considered "extras" because they no doubt add great value to the figure.

Overall: 9.3/10 - I'd take an arm and a leg for this figure! - He's Commander Rogers!  And whatever his super hero identity might be while he's in this costume, he's still the first and best Captain America.  (Sorry Bucky!)  This guy beats out all the versions that came out of the movie line and all of his Marvel Universe predecessors bar World War II Cap.

He's also the first "Cap" who's unmasked and a darn good one at that.  Hasbro will be hard pressed to come up with a better face sculpt for suture unmasked Caps.  It's a good thing that Steve Rogers is so great, especially if it means we'll get a new MU Cap in full costume (and perhaps other future figures) with this base body! :)

He caught me as I was aiming my guns at him...and didn't buy it when I said I was just kidding around.

Piece of advice to my AIM brethren: Don't put your hands up against Steve Rogers. He won't buy that either.

Definitely do NOT stand around with your legs open...
Or show him your back.
Or your front...
And never, ever, lie down. Ever.
And remember to always wear your parachute. You'll be clocking some frequent-flyer miles in no time.


  1. Best use of the Flimsy Cardboard Crates (TM) yet!! Great review, man. I've seen TONS of great takes on this figure - definitely need to pick one up for myself.

  2. Great! just great! This Cyclop's mold is the best. I wish that someday this Rogers is on your giveaway list - LOL! I hope you find the Daredevil Bullseye comic pack, they're too are a classic.

  3. Amazing sculpt, but not really keen on the commander rogers character, ARGHHH!! when are they going to release modern captain america(steve rogers) in the single carded line with shields with straps LOL. apart from the SDCC exclusive defender set!!

  4. Thanks AS Wes! There's no hiding those flimsy cardboard crates from ya! ;P

    @Killing Time - Yeah, I haven't seen the DD/Bullseye set yet. I do have Cyclops though--he's in my to review box. ;)

    @TPS - Yeah I wasn't too keen too but caved because of the unmasked face. And I was pleasantly surprised by the sculpt despite all the good things I had already heard about it! :)

  5. This is actually my favorite Marvel Universe figure (tied with Dr. Strange). He's my favorite comic book character, and with my lack of Nick Fury figures, I really need a guy to command my SHIELD forces. This guy is absolutely perfect! (Also, I loved the A.I.M. soldiers advice on what to do when fighting Steve Rodgers, hilarious!)

  6. Hi! well an excellent review as usual but I wanted to ask you a question. Im visiting singapore soon and I wanted to know where I could find a good action figure store (Im hunting for an assassins creed brotherhood 7" figure) I was hoping you or anybody else could let me know where I could go. I will be near Isetan.

  7. @Soundwave - Thanks! I've put AIM's advice to good use when I get into fisicuffs myself now and then. :P

    @Anonymous - Well! Isetan use to be a good place but now it's just expensive. If you're along Orchard Road you might want to visit OG department store at Orchard Point or Harris Planerds at 313 Orcahrd. These two places are unlikely to have Assassin's Creed figs though.

    The best place by far would be in China Town called China Square Central. Two (small) floors of toys shops and if you're her on a Sunday, from 11am to 5pm, CSC holds the weekly toy "flea" market. Plenty of good deals there! Good huntings! ;)

  8. I love your Marvel Universe reviews. From the creative poses to the great write ups I haven't read a bad review yet.

    I do agree with you on all your points. Overall this is one of the best MU figures I've opened lately. By far better than any previous MU Captain America figure.

  9. @Anonymous: Aside from CSC (your best bet) you might also want to try a chain of toy shops in Singapore called Simply Toys or Toy Outpost (you can check out their website at I _know_ that they have Assassin's Creed figures. Better yet, give Ewan or myself a shout and we can secure the figures for you (after we get you a quote, of course). Nothing like some love for a Chase Variant supporter.

    The RangerLord

  10. @SirDragonBane thanks a bunch! And @Rogue Leader.. Your awesome!! Ok so actually my mom will be flying out tomorrow night and will be there for four days. So I was wondering where she should go? I mean this isnt her first time in singapore so she knows suntec city mall (thats where simply toys is right?) and she has been to CSC. So your sure they have it at simply toys? Thank you guys so much!

  11. PS. That would be wonderful if you could reserve one for me!! (Neca Assassins creed brotherhood 7" action figure ezio)

  12. @Colbey - Thanks man! You flatter me. Thank you for reading and commenting! :)

    @Rangerlord - Excellent point abt Simply Toys! I'm getting forgetful in my old age. Lol.

    @ Anonymous - Glad we can help. And wow! Looks like your Mom will be here faster than we can get to Simply Toys. ;)

    Well if they don't have any Assasin's Creed at Suntec City, they have two other branches--one at Plaza Singapura (top floor) and their original branch at Raffles Place MRT station. But Suntec's usually good--I get quite a bit of my stuff from there. ;)

  13. haha! Ok so Ill ask her to go to Suntec city first and Raffles place if they dont have it at suntec. :D Thank you so much once again!

  14. haha! Ok so she'll go to suntec and the raffles if it isnt at suntec. :D Thank you so much man!

  15. ahaha sorry I posted that twice :P

  16. No problem! Makes my comment count look good. ;)

  17. now all i need is a steve rogers in Cap costume on that body mold...

  18. Hey there again. I hope I dont sound to annoying but.. My mom was planning on going to simply toys day after tomorrow and so do you think they would have the assassins creed brotherhood 7" ivory ezio? Thanks again

  19. @Anonymous - My thoughts exactly! ;)

    @Shaan - Not at all. :) Actually I'm not sure. But you can try asking them directly on their Facebook page:

    Hope that helps!

  20. I called simply toys and unfortunately they do not carry it :( No biggie haha so I guess CSC then? What do you think?

  21. Yes, CSC most definitely. But you'll have to check all the stores if possible. You can try Toyrealm on the ground floor. Those guys are nice. :)

  22. Hey SirDragonBane, I read your comment on ItsAllTrue's International Patriot Review, Do you have any plans of getting it? It looks awesome though despite Red Guardian's Flimsy Shield. I guess since its the selling point LOL :) Cant wait for your Union Jack review!!!

  23. @TPS - I actually do but they aren't common and the one I've seen wasn't at a reasonable price. So I'm just waiting...

  24. Ewan, when is the Cyclops review, I'm excited. I got Daredevil Bullseye pack yesterday and both of them are classics - must have.

  25. I actually saw like 20 boxes in malaysia, but the price is....meh...just gonna wait:) another good accessory would be an unmasked captain britain head, since his pretty much un mask in every Captain Britain and the M 13 :)

  26. @Killing Time - Funny you asked! I just took the pictures right before reading your comment so it'll be next up! ;)

    Yes, I'll be getting the pack soon hopefully. Maybe this week. :)

    @TPS - Yeah, good things come to those who wait. ;) And true, he's unmasked in most of the new stuff I've been reading...but then again, I don;t read that many titles...

  27. This Steve Rogers face sculpt looks a LOT like the masked 'Heavy Artillery Captain America' from the CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE FIRST AVENGER toy line. Amazing.

  28. @Liko - Isn't it? From MU to Star Wars to GI Joes, despite the size, Hasbro have done an excellent job with face sculpts!

  29. Doubt Hasbro would have a rerelease, i guess the unmasked version might be in the Avengers line, hasbro is know for its " Milking money of a mold over and over again, with minor changes". We need more patriots!!!

  30. Get to see iron man 2 exclusive 3 packs (armor assault and proving ground) last week in malaysia, for $9 each,how could i pass!! Now to find the Advanced Tactical Armor pack ;)

  31. Hey Ewan! So she went to CSC and spent like an hour looking for the Assassins creed figure and so she just gave up after that.. But. She was looking for the restroom and asked this lady who has this really small shop and asked her if she had it and yes she did!! ahaha it was the only one in there and so I got it :D Thanks man

  32. @TPS - Yes, how could you not get them at that price! Heck, If I saw them I'd prob get another set or two. ;)

    @Shaan - That's great news. Toy hunting is funny and joyful like that. Chalk another one up to the victory of the hunt at China Square Central! Oh and to Moms of course. They're also great. VERY great. ;P

  33. haha yes of course :D

  34. Yeap!! Malaysia have way better clearance deals than in singapore...the most discount you would see in the marvel shelf would be a 20% or most 50%..i hate hasbro ball joints i spent lots of time freeing my comic mongers uppet thigh... but end ups with a stress mark T.T

  35. @TPS - I actualy like the ball joints on the Iron Man 2 figures. The ones I'm talking about here are the one that can pop off. The ball/hinges you're talking about have to be rotated according to the hinge--troublesome at first but once you get the hang of it it's quite good. :)


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