Sunday, July 29, 2012

Chase Sighting: New Stuff hits the Shelves!

I was in the local Toys R Us near my office today looking for Transformer generations Wheelie before having to put in a shift for Olympics news coverage.  I promised 3B of 3B's Toy Hive that I'd snag one for him since I'd seen Wheelie there a few days before.

But this was all that greeted me:

Generations Springer, Cliffjumper, and Swerve.

Where was wheelie?!?

There were a good three or four of him the last time I was there.  From what I'd seen, he looked like a re-coloured Jazz with a new Wheelie head.  He was way too big for my own taste, so I passed.

But this time, he was missing!  Obviously people like him much better than I do.  So sorry, 3B!  I'll continue to hunt one down for ya!

Also, these had come out the week before:

Fall of Cybertron, Optimus Prime and Jazz. (And Shockwave who, like Wheelie, was missing.  I guess people love him too. ;])

I had previously wanted to get whatever new Optimus Primes that Hasbro came out with.  But when the previous War for Cybertron Deluxe Prime was released, I was disappointed with the pinkish red plastic and his small size of compared to others (hint, hint Bumblebee...Not that I dislike the 'Bee or anything.  I just can't stand that Optimus would even be near the same size as 'Bee or the other way around.)

This Prime, while cast in a good red plastic, still looked small.  He also looks like he's had one too many burgers.  Check out that paunch!  Hah!

But the real treat was over at the Marvel pegs, Lookie here what I found!

It's a "Deluxe figure" Cosmic Chariot Invasion Chitauri!

I was gonna snag at least two of the 4 hanging on the pegs except

1) It was priced at S$34.90 (US$29. Yep.)

2) The poor guy has got no elbow and knee articulation!

The sculpt looks fantastic for both the chariot and the figure itself.  Heck, the sled looks so cool it even has pegs for the feet.  (And here I'm thinking about the many fight scenes in The Avengers movie.) But I just couldn't bring myself to pay that much for a poorly articulated figure.  I also knew there was a singles packed figure in Wave 4 of The Avengers 3.75 inch line so I decided to be patient.  That Cosmic Chariot, though.  man, it almost got me...

Well, that's all from me for now.  Sorry for the time between posts.  I do have a couple of good reviews on the way and I promise they'll be up soon.   so I guess for now...Watch this space! ;P


  1. I just saw the Fall Of Cybertron Prime and the new Lego Jabbas Place which i thought was awesome.

    1. Yeah that new Star Wars Lego looks really good. Snagged myself the Skiff & Sarlacc set a few weeks back. So many good things, so little time! ;)

  2. Hi,
    Just to clarify. You did not see the Chitauri Chariot figure for $30 at toys r us right? This was where?

    1. I DID see it at TRU. I took that picture there--that's my hand. Lol. This was at United Square. There were 4 of them there on Saturday. :)

    2. But $30?!? that has to be wrong? It is the same size as the other one but with a small accessory. Maybe $15. But $30? Way too much

    3. Nah, that's what they price the deluxe figures at in Singapore. Due to the exchange rate and all, the price has certainly gone up in USD. BUt I agree that it's still way too much! Lol.

  3. No Wheelie?! Drats!

    Did they have the rest of Avengers wave 4? Any sign of Nick Fury?

    1. No sign of Wave 4 as yet. But I'm in busy period now so am like a caged bird when it comes to hunting. :(

      And now worries! I'll find that Wheelie, Wheelie for 3B! ;P

  4. There are some SHockwave around now I think during not so hot hours of the day. :)

    1. But it's hot all the time during this part of the year! Kidding. ;P

      Yeah, I still see the occasional Shockwave, you're right!


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