Friday, August 17, 2012

The Haul!

3 for $20?  Thank you very much!
Hello, true believers!

It's been a while since I last had a decent haul.  I think the last time I had anything good enough to be considered a good bargain was way back in December at the Singapore Toys Games and Comics Convention 2011.  Yeah, that's long enough back.

So when I read over at Open The Toy that there was a sale at local department store Takashimaya, I jumped at the chance to go!

This particular store usually is stocked with the latest from all the lines like Marvel Universe, DC Universe, Star Wars, Lego, Thundercats, etc.  But it almost never puts stuff on clearance--except in these particular 3 weeks in the year.  And when stuff goes on clearance, it really goes on clearance!

So I'd been working without a break since the last week of July so I really needed to cut loose.  And that I certainly did...

I was really looking forward to scoring a couple of things: 3.75" Iron Man Armored Adventures figures (which are essentially Iron Man 2 figures continued in a new line) and perhaps some really cheap DCUC stuff I could use as custom fodder.

However, when I found the Hasbro section, there weren't any more Iron Man figures except for Reactor Shift Armor Iron Man--and he was the only one!  He was lying atop a ton of Thor Movie figures.  And those were next to a fairly large amount of Star Wars figures.

Bummed out, I took the Iron Man anyway and glanced over at the Thor figs: Sword Spike Thor, Light-up Thor, and Deluxe Ridiculous-looking yellow Thor.  Oh and there were some Deluxe Frost Giants too, but I already had three of them and didn't figure I could use them for customs anyway, eve for 3 for S$20.

The I went through the Star Wars stuff and found Jodo Kast for S$8.  He's a K-Mart Exclusive in the US (but not here), so score!  I already had him but he's got a nice generic head, a removable helmet, jet-pack, pistol, and rifle (I think), so custom fodder!

Feeling somewhat happier, I moved along and found the DCUC section.  There was a ton of Wave 9 figures, stacked six high and in a 4 x 4 pile, going at 2 for S$12.  No Black Canaries or Green Arrows, though.  I wanted to pick up a couple of The Guardian for customs when one of the guys working there, who was hoarding stuff as they were opening them to stack in piles, threw over a Jonah Hex and Creeper.  Let's just say they barely stayed where they were for long because I grabbed 'em.  Lol.

Hex was a unique sculpt and Creeper had another Bane part.  I'd already gotten the Riddler and Robin from the wave, so that left me with Mercury and Azrael as Batman, which I'm hoping to find when I go back in a couple of days.

I should also mention that there was a whole separate and equally large pile of DCUC Green Lantern Wave 1 going for $10 a piece.  Those were a great deal because you could find all the figures to get the Collect and Connect Arkillo.

At this point, I though I'd head back to the Star Wars section and pick up more custom fodder.  I'm looking at some the Clone Wars packs when I look up and see a fellow hunter, well-dressed, with his basket full of swag.  It's then I realize that it was none other than my good buddy the Rangerlord.  Talk about a great roll on the Random Encounter Table!

We get to talking and we both know one thing is going to happen--we're gonna be talking each other into buying more stuff.  Hah!

In this instance, he convinced me to pick up that Bossk that I was mulling over.  "It's the definitive Bossk!" he said and I believed.  It's hard to beat the Rangerlord when it comes to all things Star Wars.  He also sold me on Jango Fett, who was crap but had a ton of accessories to pilfer.  That there was no denying.

I was also telling him that the Iron Man Armored Adventure figures had been swept clean.  He promptly showed me where 3 more Reactor Shift Armor figs where kinda randomly thrown separate from the rest of the Hasbro stuff.  No way I needed 3 of the same figure.

Shrugging, we moved back to the DCUC section in case we missed something out.  RL had already had the whole GL1 wave sans Kyle Raynor in his basket to "complete his Arkillo--I only have his one leg."  But managed to sell him on another Low/Maash "so you can display both Low and Mash at the same time!"

Feeling like we pretty much covered what we wanted to look at (I'd also picked up an S$8 [down from S$19.90) movie Captain America mask and a motorized Chuck the Truck [Also S$8] for my son), we hit the cashier.

That was when I asked them whether they had more IM Armored Adventure figures.  They did, with the cashier bringing forth a brand new case--the last one, she said.  The mother load, I said, waving the Rangerlord over.

I got: Sonic Storm Armor, Inferno Armor, Subterranean Armor, Shield Breaker Armor, Exosphere Armor, and the Reactor Shift Armor from when I first saw it.  6 figures for S$40.  That world out to be $6.67 per figure, which is 1/3 of the retail price!

The Rangerlord picked up Artillery Armor War Machine, Light-up War Machine, and the HAMMER Drone.  This after saying he had too many War Machines.  Uh huh. ;P

So at the end of the day it was a great haul for both of us, with the convince-to-buy-more score something like 8-4 in the Rangerlord's favour.  See what happens when we get together?  Moral of the story: always bring more cash just in case you run into a friend.  Haha!


  1. Man i need to find awesome deals like that! Congrats on it all.

  2. They had DCUC Guardians? Wow, he along with Black Adam are the only two DCUC figures that I have never laid eyes upon here in the states. Great haul of new figures. None of those Iron Men have shown up in my area, but I'm sure they'll be around here soon.

    1. Yeah, they have a ton of him and Black Adam. If you're interested, I could snag 'em and mail 'em over loose? :)


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