Wednesday, October 28, 2009

DC Universe Classics Classic Mantis!

This is Mantis:

Or so we are led to believe...

This is also (a) mantis:

The resemblance is startling. However, one might argue that this also resembles Mantis:

What I can I say? Every time I look at Mantis I see Chinese dragon. Heck even their colour schemes are the same!

Look at how much more he looks like a dragon than he does a praying mantis!

And why would he name himself after an insect when he could have named after a powerful mythological beast?

There can only be one answer.

Insects exist on Apokolips but Chinese people don't!

But seriously though, Mantis is one tough cookie. Some of you might know him from the comics, but most would remember seeing him in Justice League Unlimited Episode 22: Question Authority.

Here's a little history on our little green evil menace:

And also from

is the leader of a colony of humanoid insects that migrated from New Genesis. In return for his fealty Darkseid gifted him with great power. He typically spent time in a power pod recharging his energies but he could also absorb energies sent at him by an opponent such as Green Lantern. Mantis has at times served as Darkseid's lackey and, like many of the denizens of Apokolips, has occasionally risen up against his master. During a battle with Superman and Orion in Death of the New Gods, he and Kalibak are killed by the Infinity-Man, who was acting as an agent for the Source Wall.

I have to admit, though I'm not a fan of this character (yet), he's a pretty nifty toy. Anyone who's cool enough to be included in the JLU episodes and have a fight scene with Supes and Captain Atom is cool in my book. So let's rate him!

Aesthetics: 9.3/10 -Love the head sculpt. It's got so much detail but yet the paint is done well. He's green and dark green and a little yellow and flesh, yet he's got no spills or slops I can see. His eyes are sharply painted beneath his mask and his sculpted ear gills and teeth are also nicely picked out by paint/wash.

Gotta love his cape, which is some sort of soft rubber that stretches. It's also decorated with dark green streaks and is attached to him on the back of he gloves and boots, both of which are molded with such detail.

I also have to mention that the expression on his face is a perfect god-like sneer of one who holds others in contempt--perfect for the world-conquering Mantis.

Poseability: 9/10 - He surprised me here because his cape seemed like it would get in the way but it doesn't. Well, ok, at least not all of the time. He can't put his arms straight up. His ball-jointed head is also limited to looking down slightly. Left and right is no problem. The standard 23 points of articulation are present, He can even do the splits. :P

8.5/10 - Well, he doesn't come with any accessories except Chemo's left arm, which is HUGE. Mantis' also has 2 closed fists, which are good for a) punching and b) tyrant fisting, like so:

Value: 9/10 - Well I got this guy loose from my cousin and (toy) hunting partner Byron, who wanted most of the wave for himself and the C&C Chemo for his daughters. So I got some $$ knocked off the fig.

Yes, his girls sit Chemo down now and tell him stories. Wait till he tells them that their cutesy cuddly Chemo is an EVIL VILLAIN.

But seriously, thanks for the deal, bro. ;)

Overall: 9/10 - Bonus points for the nice clean lines and the fact that he's one more guy I can add to Darkseid's army of evil villains. Good that they remember some of us like to build groups of characters according to their teams, even is its sometimes across lines--DCSH and DCUC for example. I really like the Darkseid from that line. The new C&C Darkseid from Wave 12 is too large for my taste. But yay for Mantis!

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