Monday, November 2, 2009

Happy Huntings!

Well, I'm just about to go back to work tomorrow after a nice week long break. But I didn't leave the country on vacation, nor did I intend to. What I did want to do was to post more but what happened?

This happened:

Right about midweek I stumbled upon a large clearance sale at one of the malls on one my toy routes and what did they have? S$1 Indiana Jones 3.75"figures!

Now having not got into the line previously, I now couldn't resist, especially when I saw the assortment on Indies they had: 2 versions from Raiders of the Lost Ark, a Last Crusade Indy, 2 Kingdom of the Crystal Skull versions, a Russian soldier, and a couple of Cemetery Warriors. I grabbed all of those.

The I moved along to the Indy Adventure Heroes range which was also going for, yup you guessed it, a dollar a pop. Bought the 6 2-packs that I didn't have, then I moved on to check out some of the older toy ranges like DCSH, which was going for S$5 (Mongul, Darkseid, Bizarro, Kal-El and 1 Supergirl). I already had all of those so I was basically just browsing to see if they might have a rare clearance Supes or something. No luck there.

Then out of the corner of my eye I spot the sales guy restocking the Indy 3.75" action figures after I had picked them clean. And what did I find? Goodies like the Grail Knight, Young Indy, and Colonel Vogel, all for a dollar each! I was so pumped, that I returned the next day to find some of the stuff already picked through. I did still manage to find a Colonel Dovchenko and 2 more Russian soldiers to take my tally to 3 of those. 3 more Cemetery Warriors later, I found I had 5 total after the previous day's hunting. Talk about a dirt cheap army builders! I'm happy with 3 of each, so the extra goes into the "Hunting Buddy Goodwill Basket," (or HBGB for short) so Bro, you got some love comin' your way, Rangerlord. ;)

I also managed to find movie Hulk figures going for S$5, so I picked up this guy:

Well this is yet another line I steered clear of, considering the articulation of the figures wasn't too great and I really didn't like the overall look of the hulk figures. But I can now thank GI Joe Rise of the Cobra for making want this guy.

No, not Hulk, but rather the Hulkbuster!

After all the Joe goodness from the movie toy line I gave this little fella a better look and recognized now that the Hulkbuster was made from some Joe parts and was nicely articulated. More random guys for mass action shots. And I get a bonus mega kicking Hulk to boot. Yo Joe!

Just check out how Joe Hulkbuster's he's eating big Hulk foot in the package!

And that's not all.

After the road bump of a clearance sale was done with, I made it up to the toy shop I was originally headed for and what did I find?

Some Marvel Universe Series 2 goodness:

Now I have read about this series somewhere online, but I think I didn't see any photos. So to find them in a brick and mortar store was somewhat refreshing. Jean Grey is especially gorgeous looking. She could very well be the prettiest 3.75" Marvel Universe figure for a long time to come. These I got for the Rangerlord as well. Hopefully I get the chance to see Jean Grey on the shelves again!

So a good week all in all and I really hope to get back to posting more often, hopefully once in 3 days at least.


  1. Thanks for all the love, bro! Glad you managed to rake in a huge haul on the cheap. Sunfire is there for my United Nations of Marvel subset - Captain America, Union Jack, Guardian. Jean Grey's there to make Ms Marvel wish she worked out more and put some more thought into her make-up. Or my Jim Lee X-Men subset. I forget which. Thanks again! Will hunt for stuff for us in Japan...

    The RangerLord

  2. Oh yeah, and they used the Hulkbuster head on the SHIELD agent that comes in the army builder 3-pack, along with Nick Fury's body. No wonder he looked so familiar.

    And the Hulkbuster's definitely got a Joe body and limbs. Can't quite make out who from the photo, though.

    The RangerLord

  3. Oh, nice catch on the Joe head, bro. I think I spotted the Joe that shared his body that day at CSC, but forgot the name...Fire Flash? Flash in the Pan?

    And UN subset! How did I not get the same idea for Sunfire I don;t know, 'cuz I've also got Union Jack for that reason. Just need SF and Gueardian, who funnily enough can;t be found right now. Haha.

  4. These figures look great, (esp. Grail Night), how come they dropped the price that low? Anyway, good for you that you stumbled upon these figures at a super discounted price. :))

    1. Yeah, Grail Knight is pretty nice. well, to answer your question, the Kingdom of a Crystal Skull was a dud, so the tons of toys they were left with didn;t get sold at all. I remember they were opening cases and tagging them at $1 right away!


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