Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Bench Press Takes a Walk

Look what Bench Press has stumbled upon...

Could it be he's found some COBRA agents' campsite?

Or could it just be campers?

Of course it's COBRA!

*Yep, those are Toys 'R' Us Exclusive Snow Serpents. I'll be reviewing them tomorrow, so here's a little sneak peek!
*I assure you, those are logs in the fire from the first pic. Though they do look like pieces of turd.
*I know, I know.  Why would one use oil drums as cover? Only if you're trained by COBRA.
*Having Bench Press shoot the oil drum was a mistake. I ended up haivng to draw fire 6 more times in the subsequent frames. Lol.


  1. Hahahaha TURD!

    Second pic chao tar already... =p

  2. Uh yeah...I guess turds burn fast?...


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