Tuesday, December 15, 2009


I found him! I found him! Hahaha! It's DC Superheroes Lex Luthor (Does the dance of joy)!

And he was priced at S$35, which is retail for DC Universe figures here. But the store I walked in had a 20% discount on toys.  The best part is that the store is mainly a provision shop, selling cigarettes and tidbits and what have you, with half of it rented out to another guy who sells toys.  And is never there. And I guess decided to part with his Lex Luthor, because the last time I stumbled upon the place for the first time, Lex sure wasn't.

So with the discount, the price came to S$28, which is about US$20.  Now that's a great deal I feel, for something so rarely found here.

I've just read the Superman Batman: Public Enemies graphic novel and I've also just seen the awesome animated version, so I can't wait to crack him open and get him started in a fist fight with Supes and Bats!  And you can be sure a review will be up when I do. ;)


  1. Whoa! Nice score, bro! Glad you managed to find him, and at a reasonable price too!

    Looking out for the review.



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