Saturday, January 23, 2010

Birthday Blessings!

You know you're blessed when on your birthday you receive this from your wife-to-be!


However am I going to fit it into my photo studio?  Nevertheless, it will be reviewed.

Sorry for the recent lack of review activity--I've been away serving the nation in the Singapore Army (or Singapore Armed Forces).  So while I didn't get to play/shoot/review any GI Joes, I got to play a real life Joe for a couple of weeks.

Oh and Melissa also threw in a Rock Slide A.T.A.V with Snow Job, a Cobra Gunship (w Firefly but not photographed), and a couple of Combat Heroes two packs: Duke and Cobra Commander, and Snake Eyes with M.A.R.S Trooper.  Woot!

To top it all off, we've just put in a down payment for our new house.  More space for my toys to roam! :P

This'll sure be one heck of a birthday I'll never forget.  Thanks Dear, you're awesome!

(Oh yeah and uh...stay tuned for more reviews to come!)


  1. Great haul bro!!! How much was the Pit btw?

    Hey...cld ya buy that SDCC Destro for me first bro? We'll arrange fr the shipping later... :D hehhee..much appreciated!

  2. The Pit was $99.90--Quite the steal. ;)

    Ok no problem. I have a feeling that it'll still be in stock around the island even in March. But just to be sure I'll grab you one first. :)


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