Saturday, January 16, 2010

New Year Joes!

I've had a super busy start to the year and the only recent puchases I've made were online with DC Universe figures, which were technically bought in December.

So having been too busy with work and being currently in reservist with the army (that's what all us guys in Singapore do once per year until we turn 40), I only managed to really take a trip out toy hunting just last night.  The only reason I did this was because Melissa happened to be in one of th department stores (for Singaporeans, that's Takashimaya) we frequent and saw that GI Joe Rise of Cobra figures were going for S$10 each.  That's like another three bucks off the pre-Christmas clearance price!  Mel calls me while I'm in camp and I say, "get me Cover Girl, Heavy Duty, and Breaker.  Those are the only ones I don't have (I think.)"

Now I had something to look forward to over the weekend before heading back into camp next week.  Oh, and she even got me ROC Combat Heroes Duke and Baroness, as well as Storm Shadow and Heavy Duty for S$3 each. :D

But that wasn't the end!

So later on after dinner I suggest we go to another department store (OG to all you locals) along our famous Orchard Road shopping district.  What do I find? This:

And for only $25!  That's like 5 guys in there for 5 bucks each and a Mole Pod for free--variant Duke, variant Ripcord, Pit Trooper in cap, Neo-Viper Officer, and Neo-Viper.  There's also a wonderful cardboard Pit Headquarters backgroud to boot.  I couldn't resist and had to open the set up to at least have a look at them and take a few shots (and smell the fresh, new plastic. :P)

I can't wait to really take some better shots of this 5 plus one vehicle pack.  I'm also really excited that I've now got 5 Vipers I can put together in a squad. Heheh. Oh and I also now have a mock Pit that I hope will turn out nice when I shoot other Joes against it as a backdrop.
Did I mention that this Attack on GI Joe Pit Headquarters set is also a Toys R Us exclusive?  Yeah, except that I never saw it at TRU here and they ended up along with Bench Press and Snow Serpent (2 other TRU exclusives) in the OG Orchard department store.  Curious.  Could it be Hasbro had a major overstocks in the US and sent them in the south-easterly direction Or perhaps some TRUs in Southeast Asia were overstocked and sent them this-a-way.  Either way it's a fantastic deal.

Also on major clearance are:

SDCC Destro - $15
Small vehicles (Mole Pod etc) - $18
Medium Vehicles (Cobra Gunship, Steel Crusher ATV) - $30
Night Raven (Cobra plane) - $30 (Yeah, I know!!!)
Pit Headquarters - $99 (Oh, hell yeah!  It took all of my Green Lantern-like willpower (and the lack of space in my house) to stop me from snagging this awesome, awesome base!

Ah, GI Joe, GI Joe,

You're truly why I love Hasbro.

There.  I just wrote a poem about GI Joe toys.


  1. Hey man.....cld u get me that SDCC Destro? Its that 2-pack ver rite?

  2. Yes it is and yes, I could get it for you, no problem. Would you like me to mail it to you? Or do you come down to Singapore often? I could get more for you if you'd like more than one. :)

  3. Yeah, we cld arrange fr the postage to KL later. Unfortunately I won't be in S'pore till at least March. At SGD15....thats a no-brainer bro! Its the last piece for my 'movie-Joes' line...heheh.

    Do u accept paypal btw bro?

  4. K no prob. :) You can email me at with your address and stuff.

    Ya no brainer for sure. I was even tempted to buy an extra one. ;)

    No I don't take Paypal, sorry. If you can wait till March then no prob. Or if you'd rather send me a check then also no prob. :)


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