Friday, December 31, 2010

The Chase Variant Christmas Stocking!

What a Christmas it has been!  Chase Variant (aka me) didn't get lots of toys this year, but what I did get was awesome.  Quality over quantity, I always say (when I get less toys for X'mas).  So what did I receive from Santa in 2010?


Told you he's awesome! :P
But I did get a Masterpiece Black Optimus Prime from my wife! Thanks Dear, you're the best! :D

Thanks, Bro!
And I got me a Henkei Transformers Animated Voyager Class Black Out from the Rangerlord, all the way from Japan!

And just for good measure, he threw in a DC Superheroes Scarecrow!  Awesomeness!

Now how will I be able to open and review all these on top of the swag I got from the Singapore Toys, Games, and Comics Convention?  How?  How?

I'll also be away for the next two weeks for my much delayed Honeymoon in New Zealand.  Once I get there, I'll have no chance whatsoever to take pictures of toys.  (Photo studio's at home, see?)  I'll also be checking out whatever toy joints they might have and adding to the review backlog!!!  What terrible problems I have, eh?

Anyways, hope all of you had a great Christmas with all the toys you can have and then some.  here's also wishing you only the best for the New Year ahead!


(P.s-Don't forget to check out the last review of 2010 on Chase Variant: Transformers Challenge at Cybertron 3-Pack!)


  1. Awesome stash man. I am super jealous of the Ani Blackout. happy holidays!

  2. VERY nice haul, brother. My toy-related acquisitions were mainly "self-sourced", but they include:
    - Hot Toys War Machine (my comic shop FINALLY had one in hand, and I had to have it)
    - Generations Jazz and Tracks
    - War for Cybertron Megatron, Optimus Prime, and Soundwave.

    Lastly, I broke down and bought that 12 inch Sam Flynn figure from Tron: Legacy. He now stands bookended by War Machine and my Hot Toys Iron Man Mark IV.

  3. Generations TFs are awesome! I've been nostalgic for G1 TFs since hearing "The Touch" again and Jazz was a complete surprise on a trip to the local TRU. Even better was the fact that they'd mispriced it that day. I'm waiting to pick up Tracks soon...

    ...and then Wheeljack and Perceptor which should be out sometime this year!

  4. BTW, glad you like the Blackout, bro. Since I was in Japan, it only made sense to pick up something made there and you needed to complete your Animated collection. Sorry they were out of Wingblade Prime, but I'll be back that way again in March/April and I'll look out for it then.

  5. Thanks, guys. I've already busted open that Scarecrow and it's pretty awesome for something made a few years back.

    Have also opened the Masterpiece Prime but haven't had the chance to transform him as yet. But from what I've seen and played with so far, he can only turn up super awesome!

    @Forrest - That's a pretty nice stash you got there too, self-sourced or not! Haha.

    @Rogue Leader - Bro, you don't have to to apologize, man! You got me an Animated Blackout from Japan!!! Lol. He does, indeed complete my Animated collection. I'm now just short of Ironhide! And the Jet twins, but I don't think I'm really gonna get the latter two. They just seem a little too contrived for some reason. Heh.

  6. Wow, you've got almost all of the TFAs? I want that Blackout!

  7. Haha, yeah almost--at least one version (deluxe/voyager/leader) all the Hasbro releases, at least--except this Blackout! ;P


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