Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Why I didn't Open It Earlier: DC Universe Classic Wave 11 Shark

Reason: Seriously?  Was there even a reason to open him at all?  Ok, kidding.  There is, at least for me: He's a Green Lantern Baddie and he's monstrous!  He gets even more monstrous as he gets hungrier!  But this figure?  Just a guy in a shark mask.

I got him very early on after the release, for the same reason I got the rest of the wave: Collect and Connect Kilowog!

Dislike: Ugly as he is, he's the least monstrous he could be.  I think we would've all preferred a fearsome King Shark or at least a shark with Etrigan's body.  Better yet, King Shark as a CnC figure.

Dislike: Again, a lack of accessories.  Kilowog's Right Leg doesn't count.  Really, couldn't Mattel have thrown this guy a bone?  Or even a fish?  Or maybe even a fish bone

Dislike: Swivel only head.

Dislike: That not counting his head, Shark just turns out to be a plain ol' boring sculpt after you take away the back, forearm and calf fins.

Like: That they bothered to give him fins on his back, and calves.

Like: That flashy purple. 

Like: The head sculpt.  It's actually good.  No, it's great. Just look at those beady eyes and the killer rows of teeth!

The body the used for him though, doesn't fit.  It just looks like some guy's body in spandex and that's disappointing.

Aesthetics: 7/10 - Shark just shades it because of a nice head.  I'm glad they bothered with the fins, but ultimately that doesn't really do justice to the character with they "normal" body they used.

I think that if going bigger with this figure was a problem for whatever reason, they could've used the thinner male buck, like the one they used for Deadman.  So if he doesn't look monstrous, he'd at least look ravenous.  Throw in some tooling for an emaciated ribcage and viola!  Beggar Shark! (As posed to King Shark, ya know, who's all fatted up and stuff.  Get it? Get it?)

Poseability: 8/10 - Standard DCUC PoAs and a sculpt that doesn't get in the way of them. The only problem, of course, is the swivel only ball-jointed head.  But that's a problem that's been fixed with all the new figures.

Fun: 8/10 - He's actually worth some comic relief because he can play a guy in a shark suit.  He'd also be fun in a display with Black Manta and MOTUC Classics Merman fighting Aquaman.  Next to any other figures though, even Hal Jordan (whom he's a villain of), he'd look like a fish out of water.  HAA!!!

The Killer Frog Style
Value: 6/10 - No accessories at all, so he takes a major point hit here.  He does come with Kilowog's Right Leg so that works in his favor.  Though he does sport a new head an d some fancy new finnage, but it all seems a little half hearted with the body they decided to use. It' kinda hard to believe that the actually approved the design of this guy.

Overall: 7.25 - Shark is decent and though he might not be the favourite of many of you out there (nor me), there are those who would call him King (HA!!!) because he fits in the freaky/funky figures category.  Like Killer Moth, Recovery (Black) Suit Superman, and Deadman (for some), Shark falls into the highly rejected group.  As a toy, he's nice to have for some comic relief or to be part of a pile of beaten up baddies, but I'd sooner let him go to someone else who'd better appreciate his talents. Ha!


  1. yah, i don;t think he looks that bad. i actually have a very old issue of him kidnapping Wonder Woman and wanting to make her his queen and raise an army of shark amazon babies or something like that. as a kid reading it, it messed me up pretty good. Different head, he looked more humanlike in that story so basically its a creepy ugly guy wanting to have sex with WW...

    anyway, was in KL and penang over the wkend and tried looking for marvel figures there after a friend managed to get Thanos in KL. No such luck for me but i did managed to grab comic con Thor at KL Isetan for like S$15 or S$16 only, good buy. Also got some old figures like ALpha Flight's Guardian and Cap Britain, only cos they were really cheap.

  2. "so basically its a creepy ugly guy wanting to have sex with WW..."

    AHAHAHAHA... I laughed out loud in the office while reading that...

    Oh great buy for SDCC Thor! Have Guardian but am keen on getting Capt Britain. Will wait though--should come to our shores sooner or later. But Great haul!


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