Tuesday, February 15, 2011

DC Universe Classics Wave 16: The Riddler

Riddle me this: What's one of six in 16 and all about the tricks?

Who's the only on-screen super-villain that will ever be played by Jim Carrey?

What's neon green and and has 51 question marks all over?


This was the only figure that interested me in Wave 16--this and Robin, ah, the super articulated, muscle-bound and curly-haired Robin.  Gotta love how his lack of pants indicated he was a superhero sidekick, just like all the other sidekicks back then: Aqualad, Wondergirl, Bucky, and Chewbacca.

But I digress...

I picked the Riddler up for S$30 (US$23) after a discount from Vincent at Toyrealm.  Real nice guy and a great store at China Square Central to get stuff from hereabouts in Singapore. And I'm glad to say the Riddler didn't disappoint!

On to the review!

Like: The head sculpt.  He's meaner than the Wave 5 release, which was the suit "costume."  This Riddler has a more sinister demeanor, giving him harder and older look.

He's got forehead wrinkles, a cheeky smir, and a really sharp nose, sharper than everyone else's except the Penguin's and Tomar Re's.  I guess that's what happens to you when all your riddles are successfully answer by Batman and you never get away with any crimes--you get older and resort to plastic surgery to keep your features young.  Hah.

The paint is also pretty great on the head, with a nice clean hairline (with great slicked back hair), neat edges on his domino mask, and a cheeky one-sided smirk.

Like: The costume.  Surprisingly, I like the tights on him better than i like the suit, which I always felt made more sense.  I mean, you gotta have some place to keep those cue cards you write your riddles down on, right?  And ya gotta have another set which contains the answers to those riddles...The suit and bowler hat makes more sense, but on this figure the tights make him pop a lot more.

Like: Speaking of "pop", the green they cast him in is a perfect neon shade.  It's got a "look at me, I'm only half nuts!" feel to it.  The question marks are also done in a very stylish manner.  Don't ask me how that's possible, but if there's a dude who can make it happen, it's the Riddler!

Dislike: His old school DCUC articulation.  But while I may not like it because the line now has some new figures with more articulation, it doesn't really take way anything from the figure.  The Riddler is not a highly physical sort of villain, so he doesn't need to do too many splits or be crouching around--he just asks questions!  And when you're stumped then he's achieved his dastardly goal!

Dislike: That they missed out on giving Edward Nigma here two good point of articulation: hinged wrists.  What better way is there to ask a question than with hand gestures? (Besides speaking out loud, of course. :P)  Ok, maybe if you want answers, then maybe a gun in the face might e youre best way to ask questions.  But the Riddler doesn't want you answering his riddles.  He just gets off watching you squirm, fidget, and break out in cold sweat.  And doing that without hinged wrists just isn't the same. ;)


Aesthetics: 8/10 - He really pops!  Color-wise, he fits in beautifully with the ther Bat-villains.  He's also got a great smug expression on his face with forehead wrinkles and a sharp and slightly upturned nose.  I also lshade of ove the green on him and, of course, the question marks!?!?

Poseability: 7.5/10 - He gets a good score not for his flexibility, but also for contrasting well with the Bat-heroes, who usually wear darker colors.

The Bat-villains like Joker, Harley Quinn, the Penguin, Clayface--they all get to be colorful, and the Rider picked the best color of all for his costume.  Suffice to say, he'll never not still out in group mug shot (whatever the hell that is, anyway. :P)

Just look at the cheeky bastard!
Fun: 8/10 - I'll be honest, I picked Riddler up to complete my Batman rogues gallery and display. I'm now only missing a Mr Freeze, who looks like he'll be re-released with new paint soon.  But I also wanted to pick him up because out of the six figures from wave 16, him and Robin looked like the most fun to me.  I could see Creeper and Azrael as Batman being the ones to get if you were doing all the Bat-supporting cast, but I'm not that into the Jean-Paul Valley look for Bats, and I don't yet feel a connection to Creeper (just yet.)

As far as the Riddler goes, I'll have just as much fun posing him next to some goons as I will having him side by side with the Penguin, Clayface, Bane, Harley, or even the Joker.  His flexibility in this sense really increases the fun factor for me.

Value: 7/10 - He comes with his riddlin' cane and Collect and Connect Bane's left arm. Not exactly value for money when compared to some of the others which come with more tooling, new pieces, more accessories etc., but par for the course for me.  They have done enough to make sure the Riddler comes out looking great enough that I was willing to stump up the cash for him--and he hasn't disappointed at all!

Overall: Who is rated 7.8/10?  The Riddler, of course! - Who gets some bonus points for being a devilishly handsome rogue in a mask?  Again, it's the Riddler!  Who went from boring, inflexible suit and bowler top sculpt in Wave 5 to sleek, sexy tights in Wave 16?  You guessed it: the Riddler!

I just love the concept of him--you can sorta relate to a guy who's riddles have never not been solved by Batman and yet keeps trying.  I don't think he's been treated as a major villain in any storyline yet, but I can't wait till he does.  There's a lot of potential there for some freakishly crazy crimes.  And that's what I love about DCUC Riddler: he's now got a figure that looks great and plays well with others and yet still has all this character potential that's simply waiting to be unleashed.


  1. The Riddlarrr! That figure really does look good -- though I think I prefer the suited one. Not necessarily because I like that look better, or even because I think that figure looks better, since I agree that the headsculpt and neon green suit rock. But in a line where every figure has pretty much the same body sculpt, the rare suited figure (the only one in my DCUC collection, as I don't have Clark Kent or Two Face) is more appealing to me than yet another muscular spandex dude repaint with a new head. Y'know?

    Still, great review! :D

  2. I hear ya! Funnily enough, I do have Clark Kent and the orange/purple Two-Face--and having two suited guys makes them way less unique, seeing as how the sculpt seems to hinder a lot of the PoAs. Also, Clark is just in a regular gray suit, while Two-Face's orange and purple combo is way inferior to his black/white duds. Perhaps if I had him in b/w and the suited Riddler, I'd be a lot happier with that sculpt. But you do bring up an excellent point! ;)

    Oh, and I guess I'm now going to have to get that DCUC Batman Legacy Movie Two-Face they revealed at Toy Fair! Another (new) suit! *drool* :P...

  3. I prefer the suited one too. I have the one from Hush, but not the DCUC one. I agree with Wes about the suited figure - a Clark Kent or DCSH Two-Face would be wonderful to get a hold of. I bought this with the rest of the wave at Simply Toys for $180 or something, which I thought was a good deal. I've seen this wave at $140 for the whole set at China Square recently.

    1. Oh, nice deal! And yeah, $140 is just a steal--provided you don't have any of the wave are are just mad into it! ;)

      And yeah, DC Universe needs a better suit sculpt, one that doesn't make the character look like a wimp!

  4. Love it! Thanks for the laugh! Something about making figurines talk always makes me smile. :)


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