Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentine's Day Lovin'!

Did I get a box of chocolates from the wife for V-Day this year?  Hell, no.

Did I get a bouquet of flowers?  Uh-uh.

Did I get Lego Kingdoms 7947 (Green Knights Fortress set)?

Hell yeah!


The wonderful thing is that I wasn't even expecting a gift at all.  So when we walked into the store on Saturday (I was looking for one of those large gray platforms so I could base all my smaller Kingdoms sets), Mel surprised me by immediately grabbing it off the shelf and not letting go.  I couldn't even get a hold of it to have a look. (Ok that last part wasn't entirely true.)

The other wonderful thing is that with the Lego Home One Mon Calamari Cruiser she got me for my Birthday last month, she discovered that she really likes building them Legos.  So we has lots of fun putting those two sets together! :)

But that's not the end of it, oh no.  I got her her own toy as well!

Ah yes, a blender Mel can use to make smoothies, milkshakes, and salsas for me...er, I mean us.  Heheh.  Well, I hope your Valentine's Day proved as fruitful and fun as mine!  Happy V-Day, fellow toy-lovers! ;)


  1. you seen the latest pix coming out of this year's Toy Fair? looks pretty good. so when u heading down to china sq central again? hah

  2. Yes, I have! The Marvel Universe stuff has really got me excited. Same with the Captain America, Thor and the little bit of Iron Men stuff. DCUC too. It's all good! :)

  3. Am glad they finally did a 'classic' Cap A figure without the army pocket belt. Didn;t really see much new DC figures, got the Legion and Crime Syndicate.

  4. Ah yes, they made so many Caps, all with the belt, that I didn't even realize there wasn't one without it, even the Secret Wars 80s coloured Cap.

    As for DCUC, there's the Green Lantern stuff like Sodam Yat and some of the movie designs done DCUC style. Also, the Batman legacy stuff, like the Joker with long coat, Gary Oldman Commissioner Gordon, Two-Face, and Arkham Asylum-ish Batman. :)

  5. Oh hey, actually they did have a Cap with a simple belt--it's one of the old school ones, the single-packed old school Cap with the kite shield. :)

  6. i know, i got that. but the headgear/mask is not the modern one, its his old original first apperance mask.

  7. I see, so you want a modern one without the belt. Cool. I'm sure you'll get your heart desire with the movie line! Lol. ;)


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