Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Singapore Toys Games and Comics Convention 2013 (STGCC 2013)

5 month-old Man of Steel (comes with Mom)
This year's STGCC a month ago was a big surprise for me, really--I just wasn't expecting that many people to show up! Lots of people dressed up too--I could hardly turn here nor there without a glimpse of a superhero, a cosplayer, or a Stormtrooper.

Hot Toys Man of Steel (Mom not included)
Also, I have been rather out of the loop about new toy releases. Sure, I've kept up with the usual Hasbro Marvel Universe and Star Wars offerings, and even the occasional DC and Masters of the Universe piece of news, but Hot Toys, Play Imaginative (Super Alloy series) and some of the local stores threw me for a curve--and it was a good thing.

So just how impressive were they?  Let's see!

The Highlights:

Mmm...Look how chrome-y my thighs are!
STGCC convention Exclusive Metroplex!!! (By The Falcon's Hanger) -- This thing was a whopping S$260.  The differences between this and the retail version (S$169.90): The extra laser gun, the chromes parts (thighs, face) and the 12 "minifigs", which I found kinda not enticing.  They didn't transform and were one color solid plastic TFs about 2-inches tall.  Also, the Con exclusive box opens up like this. (Left)

I'm glad a store like FH does this--they do a Con exclusive every year--it makes for something to look forward to and something to look at in a small-ish con (compared to the likes of SDCC and NYCC) like this.  I didn't pick this up, but I did find a retail version a week later for 20% off (S$136), which my wife then snagged for me as an anniversary present. ;)  Thanks, dear darling wife! ;)

The 5" Iron Man series (by Play Imaginative)

These were seriously awesome to behold as there were maybe more than a hundred figures all on display in their own little glass compartments of an extended display case.  Looking really metallic and with great paint and lots of accessories, I don't think they'll come cheap but will be very popular, I'm sure.

Play Imaginative also does the 12" Super Alloys line, but I like those a bit less because they figures look a little (and this is just a little) more disjointed at the, well, joints.  They don't look as clean as Hot Toys--but then, what 12" figures do, right? ;)

These 5" Iron Man figures, though, look super stunning.  And I think if you're thinking of starting a Hall of Armor collection that isn't 12 inches tall, this would be it.

A view from the back of the extended display case--cuz there were so many people, I couldn't a wide shot from the front!

The dress-ups -- This year's was the most numerous and probably the best I've seen in the four years of STGCC:

My two boys also dressed up, one little one as Supes and older on one as Cap (he put on the mask for all of 6 seconds, then decided it would interfere with his vision while scurrying around).

Or should I say the little one was Super-stoked and the older boy was Captain Puckered-Out. :P

I just loved this Batman!
We also loved the 501st,and the DC superheroes dress-ups.  And we were only at the Con for perhaps 3 hours on Day 2!  I really wanted to spend more time there.  Pity, I'm going to have to wait till next year.  Glad the organizers are listening and are constantly trying to improve the event.  It was fun for the whole family!

The Hot Toys display--It just keep getting bigger and better every year!  They could just sit on the fact that they have so many characters across different brands now and just cram 'em all in a display.  Instead, they keep raising the quality of their displays:

So life-like--it's just like you were right there...

And of course, everyone was just Iron Manning the heck out of everything! ;P
A life-size Hall of Armor!
Action City's Hot Toys 12" Hall of Armor
Hot Toys own 12" Hall of Armor--literally worth thousands of dollars

The Low-lights

Not an Exclusive, just Jack Sparrow hitching a ride
I still feel STGCC needs more Con exclusives, at least on the cheaper action figure side of things.  Marvel Universe Greyscale Cap-on-Ice was the perfect example in 2009 (Out of Toys R Us), but whne TRU pulled out the following year, no one else had a similar sort of offering.

Who? I have no idea too...
Pikachu sellin' it
Ronald McDonald in Mk 42 Armor
I also maintain that the Con can bigger on non-computer gaming!  Board games, card games, miniatures games, miniature war games--the event can really capitalize on its name and get major gaming brands on board for demos, tourneys, and even fun group or walk-in tourneys for families.  This would be really be fun and separate the Con from, say, a Sunday trip to China Square Central (The local place with the concentration of toy speciality stores)!

Movie Masters scale "Bat"
And finally, though I know Marina Bay Sands is a very up-market place to hold events, the parking there is way too expensive.  S$6 for the 1st hour and S$1 for every subsequent 30 minutes is way too much. Bleargh.

Overall, I'm looking forward to next year.  Hopefully, I won;t be as out of touch as I was this time but will be just as surprised by STGCC '13.

A Massive 3.75" scale Star Wars Endor display!


  1. FINALLY, A NEW POST! Welcome back! ;))

    1. Lol, thanks. I didn't realize it was so long until I counted. Sure doesn't feel like 10 months. Glad to be back. :)

  2. Argghh! You're finally back!!! Seems like I'll have to resume my weekly routine of reading chasevariant :))

    1. Ah, weekly? I wouldn't go that But yes, hopefully I can find time to post more often!!!

  3. Oh my gosh, a new post? I can't believe it!

  4. Wow, finally you return he he.

    1. Yes, hopefully not just "return", but also with consistency!

  5. How are you man? Long time no post huh? Didn't read because I'm too excited to greet you, will read after posting this. LOL. Any I'm glad, we're glad that you're back.

    1. Haha, that's hilarious. Yes, I'm good. Hopefully everyone else is too! Glad all of you guys still bother to post here! ;)

  6. Hey Ewan,
    I don't know when your next post will be, but I just want to recommend that you pick up the Avengers Assemble Gamma Fist Hulk.
    It's not the best looking hulk, and his head is a little small, but because of his gorilla-like proportions and great hip joints I've had more fun posing him than any other 3 3/4" hulk that I have.

    1. Yeah, I've picked him up a few times only to put him back on the shelves because I can't get past that super expressionless face. His body and legs look great articulation-wise but now you've confirmed that they are actually great, I'm gonna have to pick him up. The wife just got me the grey Marvel Universe Hulk, so i'm super psyched about that one too. :)

    2. I picked up the gray hulk too, I just really love that sculpt (I've got the single-carded green hulk, comic pack green hulk, 3-pack red hulk, now the gray hulk).
      I'm hoping they give the gamma fist hulk a larger head later, with a raging expression. Better yet, make a Red Hulk with the same body but a new head. It would be nice if he had at least some cut joints at the wrists (angled cuts like the gray hulk would work), but the sculpting of the hands is so nice that I see that as a fine trade-off.

  7. Greetings and salutations, Sir Dragonbane! It's good to see you back on a semi-regular basis.

    I haven't been around much myself for a variety of reasons but mainly because of a relationship that ended badly that sent me to the Foreign Legion--okay, actually, it was UNICEF--to forget the heartbreak. But with a new year comes new hope and all that. Hopefully, this year will be a good or even a great one for all of us.

  8. I apologize for not getting back to you on that Ultimate Iron Man you found for me. If you kept it for yourself or sold it to someone else, that's all right. There will be other figures and other toys. That's what the chase is all about, right?

    1. No worries, man! Yeah, I sold it off to someone else--so sorry to hear you had to go through heartbreak (and the UNICEF route...) but glad to hear from you again! Yes, let his year be the best one yet for all! ;)

  9. Although it was a few years ago, it was still great.

  10. La Singapore Toys Games and Comics Convention est un événement formidable, surtout si vous cherchez une journée au centre commercial.


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