Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Bats Shows the Ropes

Uh, I'm sick as a dog. Down with the flu and my head feels like exploding, while my nose is like a faulty faucet.

But I don't feel so bad that I can't post! Here's a bit of a left over from the DCUC Batman Beyond review.

It's Bruce showing Terry McGinnis a thing or two on one of their beats:


  1. NOOOO!!!!! wonderwoman.... :(

  2. xP

    One thing I notice, people make Wonder Woman very sexually aggressive in their comics, I wonder how that would fly in the official comic?

    Fun stuff!

  3. Ya know what, Nightmare, I didn't even realize that I'd done that. Wow, ya learn something new every day...

    Yeah, I wonder how that would go in the official DC Universe books...Heh. ;)

  4. I for one love the Wonder Woman/Batman pairing. A Knight and his Princess.


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