Friday, November 27, 2009

Grey Matter

I just love how Hasbro has decided to go full swing into the Marvel Universe 3.75" range.  We're barely into the second wave of Secret Wars 2 packs when lo and behold what do I find? The first wave (Series 2) of the H.A.M.M.E.R. Files figures, that's what.  And it's here we find our second ever Marvel 3.75" female figure--Jean Grey!

And what a gorgeous figure this is! Compared to either of the Ms Marvels (Classic and Carol Danvers), this one really catches your eye in the package.  From the popular Jim Lee inspired design, to the bright colours, What's not to like about her on the outside?

But will Jean prove just as wonderful outside of her plastic shell?  Let's find out!

First thing I notice taking her right out of the package is the great paint job other lines of the metallic blue and the deep yellow, which is also spray paint shaded.

This new series of figures also have stands beside their usual Fury Files (now H.A.M.M.E.R. Files) top secret letters and I.D. cards.  A good thing too 'cos it's been what the fans wanted.  If the JOes have them, along with a butt ton ofother accessories, why can't the accessory-lite MU figures at least have fig stands?  Well, now they do.

Jean also comes with a physical manifestation of a mental force bolt.  It's made of soft clear rubber which allows you to slip her fist into the bolt easily, and it doesn't come off unless you pull it out.

The other thing that's made of soft rubber is her hair, which is also painted red and washed beautifully.  Delighted at how I thought Hasbro was using softer hair for the women, I tried to turn her head and broke off one of Jean's shoulder guards.  Turns out that the guards are attached on by grooves, meaning they can swivel into an off shoulder position so you can rotate her head or arms and them put the guard back into place!  That, plus the new rubberized hair meant maximum head articulation on a long-haired figure. Sweet!


Aesthetics: 9.5/10 - The paint is great, no spills/splash and the sculpt is awesomeThe hair and face, which has pretty red lips as well as bright blue eyes are very pleasantly surprising on a figrure of such small scale.  But what allows the paint to shine is the fantastic sculpt--small pointed nose and chin, a heart shaped face, and the lips, of course.She's easily got to be one of the best female faces on superhero toys.

Her wrists have sculpted bracers, and the sides of her thighs have the padding on her suit molded on instead of painted on. The X-belt completes the new detailing on this figure. 
Poseability: 9/10 - 22 points of articulation, standard for this line.  What's impressive are the pivoting shoulder pads that allow form greater arm and head movement.  It's a simple yet brilliant solution to figures with long hair.  If there's one thing to complain about it would be her elbows--they don't quite allow her to put either of her hands close to her temple. That's a shame, because her knees bend really well and so too her arms at the shoulders.

Fun: 9.5/10She completes my X-Men trinity of her Cylops and Wolverine.

Or is it that more of a love triangle?...She does, though, pose well with the two and you'll get to see exactly how the trio ward of Magneto and gang at the end of the review! :)
Value: 9/10 - Seems like nothing in this scale is worth it compared to equipment-abundant G.I. JoesBut Jean Grey does come with a stand, albeit little else. It's more than the old series of Marvel Universe figures get and it makes for better psing and playing with in general.


Overall: 9.25/10 - This figure is a must-have, especially since their are so ittle women super heroes in the line.  The only other one who I've seen shots of online is the Enchantress, who's packaged with Thor in the 3rd wave of the Secret Wars 2 packs. But between Jean Grey, Ms Marvel, and the Enchantress, I say Jean's got to be the most popular among fans. I know she is for me. (Until they decide to come up with a She-Hulk.) :)


*Doing this action sequence really reminded my of the 90s X-Men cartoon opening sequence. :)
*Magneto's cape was just awesome! It let him lie on the curve at the back of my mini-studio, making it seem like he's in mid-air!
*Lots of "special effects" in this strip.  Found it more fun to use props and just capture the figures in action, like in ny previous comic, Hulk vs Red Hulk.
*After shooting this I realized I also had a movie Gambit unopened. Doh!. I console myself by saying that it wouldn't have been a fair fight had he been around. Heh.

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  1. seems like a nice toy and looking at the picture very pose-able.

    I wonder why they decided to give her a bolt to come out of her hand. Shouldn't they have something come out her head to show her telepathic powers or did Jean Grey get a new power?


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