Sunday, May 9, 2010

Iron Man 2 Comic Series 3.75" Titanium Man

Funny thing about Titanium Man was that I thought I had no idea who he was.  And when they released pictures of this figure, I still had no idea.  It wasn't until I was doing some background research on the character that I realized I knew visually who Titanium Man was--it just wasn't this modern version.

I love that they've finally come up with some villains for Iron Man and War Machine to do battle against.  And Having watched the movie last week, I'm now hankering for the bare chested version of Whiplash and perhaps (potential spoiler alert!) a version of the villain in his full armor.

But whether it's Anton or Ivan Vanko or Boris Bullski, these guys are all pretty cool in design, especially when they come in this scale.  How does he compare to some of his other comrades?  Well, head on over to Articulated Discussion for my review!


  1. I recently bought a loose six-inch Titanium Man at a discounted price. After a few days with it, I have to say that it was a worthwhile purchase--probably one of the best figures I've ever bought in a long while. With all due respect to the fans of the TM featured above, I think the six-inch TM is much better.

  2. And it probably just well is! I haven't bought 6" TM myself, but it does look like a larger version of this one. I do have the initial Mark V 6" release and I prefer it to the 3.75" version despite the batch under the movie heading not having ankles. I'm sure this TM is the same! ;)

  3. It's not the six-inch version of the TM above, Sir Dragonbane. It's the one from the Iron Man 1 toy line (the one that's mostly gray). I'm sorely tempted to borrow a camera and take pictures of him and maybe even write a review about him because he almost instantly became one of my favorite toys.

  4. Ah, I see now what you speak of. ;P

    That version is pretty nifty as well, if not for anything other than it's a modern version with a really cool color scheme. Glad you found it. If you do review it, feel free to link it here! :)

  5. Sir Dragonbane, I found this version of Titanium Man for sale online at a very reasonably discounted price. However, I'm having second thoughts about buying it since the proportions of his sculpt make him look as if he was drawn by the creator of AEON FLUX (meaning he looks elongated).

    I tried looking for your review on Articulated Discussions but it's gone now. How does Titanium Man really look like out of the box? Are his proportions actually all right?

    1. Hey, WK.

      Yeha, I just realized the website is gone along with all those Iron Man II figure reviews I did. I'm planning to repost them here soon. For now though, I can tell you that he's taller than Iron Man--about Crimson Dynamo's height. His torso in longish, but I don;t have any problems with the proportion at all. I quite like it because it's just different enough. I think it looks great! :)


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