Friday, May 7, 2010

Marvel Universe Secret Wars Storm and Nightcrawler

Finally!  A 3.75 inch two pack set that has two members of the same team!  In this case, of course, it's the X-Men.

While I'm really happy I've got these two to now add to my Wolverine, Cyclops, Jean Grey, and Gambit, I'm a little sad because this is the last Wave of the Secret Wars packs, meaning that there won't be a chance for ol' Prof, to be produced.  On the bright side, Prof X doesn't move around in a wheelchair in this series, so perhaps Hasbro will do him in a more "iconic" look in the main Marvel Universe line.

So yes, I picked up these two to round out my ragtag all-costumes-go X-Men.  But I had other reasons too: who wouldn't want Storm with a Mohawk? And how can you no want to buy a uniquely sculpted Nightcrawler?  Well, I sure did, so let's see how it turned out!

Like: Mohawks! Well, actually, Mohawk, since there's only one in this 2-pack.  And not for me, but for Storm.  It's one of her more distinctive looks, and I think she's probably the only superhero around with two really different but memorable "costumes."  Of course, there's this Mohawk look and there's also the long hair with cape look, which is more current, I believe.  A unique hair-style on  figure means a unique head sculpt.  And Hasbro have done a good job with it, as with the Doom and Absorbing Man two-pack.  Like that two-pack, this set also has two new heads.  And all through the line, they've been giving us unique head sculpts for the most part.  Nightcrawler is no exception to the new head sculpt practice too.  His head looks perfect for our for favorite Mutant circus performer.

Like: Prehensile tails!  Or specifically, the one on this Night Crawler because it's got swivel articulation!  Woohoo!  If only it was really prehensile and I could make him hang on trees or something...

Like: "Accessories."  Technically they don't come with jack.  But they do have extra parts on their bodies that could be considered as accessories.  Storm has her sleeveless leather jacket and a belt, while Nightcrawler has his vest "sleeves" and tail.  Yeah, I know, that's reaching a little, but at least they did try to give us something more than just paint on the body for costumes. Oh, and the comic that comes with them doesn't really count as an accessory per say, but it's still nice to have a little history/background on the characters!

Like: Nightcrawler's funky proportions! He's got 2 fingers and a thumb, as well as three toes on each foot.  Also, his lower torso is longer and thinner than other MU figures, giving him the thin, wiry look he needs.

Dislike: Nightcrawler's funky proportions! He may have all that neat new sculpting, but I suspect the new torso's made him a little too tall.  Stand him straight up and he'll tower over most of the other MU figures.  He's around the height of Thunderball from the first wave in this mini-line and the newly released Luke Cage. Now such proportions are unforgivable.  But luckily Nightcrawler does a lot of crouching in most all his incarnations, so that extra height should be easy to hide.

Dislike: That the paint is hit and miss.  Some figures are not too bad, while some are good and others poor.  The challenge is finding both figures in the same pack with good paint.  I suspect most times you'll probably have to settle for choosing the better paint on whichever character you prefer.  I think mine's got better paint on Nightcrawler--his face has been wash nicely with both his cheekbones prominent.  My Storms got so-so eyes though.

Like: That I have a reason to crack open my $1 Mutt Williams figure from the Indy Jones line!  Why?  Not because Storm could use a biker gang (hmm...maybe she could use one!), but because Mutt comes with a saber!  And that sabre has been pilfered for the ol' Bamfer himself!  And I also get to add to my flimsy cardboard crate collection.  Boy, I'm just racking those up!

Like: That I can put Storm on the Wolverine Movie series "Back Roads Brawl" bike that comes with Wolverine and Sabertooth.  It'll go great with Storm's biker chick look and it's even got a nice big blue and green 'X' on it.

Like: That I now am two figures closer to "completing" the X-Men.  I say that because there's prob too many X-Men for Hasbro to want to make them all.  Also, I think if they made a Professor Xavier and I got my hands on a Colossus, then I'm more or less set for the...uh ..set. :)



Aesthetics: Storm - 7.5: Both of these sculpts are the "simplified" versions of these characters, especially for Storm, who's had longer hair for some time now and sports a full costume with cape and other flowy things (for wind effect). Unique pieces molded for her are her biker chick jacket, her spiffy hipster belt, and of course, her mohawk!  It's a tall one, I tell ya! 

Nightcrawler: - 7.5: The more I look at him, the more I like his face sculpt with ts stern expression and chiseled features.  Also, I don't know how else they could have done his red "vest" better.  It looks exactly like what it is--shoulder shoulder pieces for the upper body and paint for the lower abdomen.  All things considered, I think Hasbro did the best they could with his costume.  Also, the paint's not so hot, especially with fuzzy/faded lines for his boots and gloves. 

Poseability: Storm - 7: Because of her hair style and her costume she's the Marvel Universe female figure unhindered.  And as it turns out, she's not that bad at all.  The only problem comes with her feet, which are tiny.  Balancing her can be quite a challenge but it can be done.  Having one open hand is cool but I think she's one figure whom I feel needs both hands open to better "summon the wonds and the lightning." ;)

Nightcrawler - 8: His gangly frame lends itself to some great twisting and turning and his giant feet and hands make for good poses too, especially the fet which have giant toes.  His chest pivot is the best joint, able to twist all the way around and bend forward and back in a way only a real circus peformer can!

Fun: 8 - They're both key X-Men!  What more can I say?  And this will also probably be the only time you see Mohawk Storm in 3.75 inch scale and probably the only time you'll see Nightcrawler in this scale at all!  I know, i know, he's got his fans in us.  But the kids want the Spideys, the Wolvies, and the Iron Men, dammit!  And what the kids want, Hasbro gives.

It's strange, these figures don't come withaccessories, but with what Hasbro has put out there in this scale from this line or especially other lines, it's not tough at all to acquire some piece of equipment that can easily go with these guys.  Hence the bike (Wolverine Back Road Brawls) and the rapier (Indy Jones' Mutt Williams) for these two!

Value: 7 - Yeah, they both come with (drum roll please...) a comic!  Not one each but just the one!  If you just take the likes of the Dr. Doom and Absorbing Man 2-pack (which has a gun, a ball 'n' chain, and a to-scale mini Wasp) into consideration, Storm and Nightcrawler are simply poor when it comes to value for money.  Thankfully, we don't.  The wave's other 2-pack in Ultron and Mr Fantastic is just as vanilla accessory-wise but this is the only set that has two recent A- to B+ listers.  They're definite fan favourites and anyone who loves the X-Men will find this 2-pack worth it.  I'm not a huge fan but I can still appreciate that it's two imporant members of the world's favourite Mutant superhero group. 

Overall: Storm 7.6, Nightcrawler 7.8 - A solid pack to have with two solid figures.  Granted, alone they seem a little lost at sea when you put 'em next to the likes of Hulk, Thor and Captain America, but when do the X-Men ever stand alone?  NEVA!  Unless Hugh Jackman plays one of them and gets his own movie.  Har!  Even then, he needed Gambit to fly that damn plane and sop him from killing Sabertooth.   Speaking of which, I have both of them lying around somewhere in package...the time to free them may be near!


  1. Haha, love that comic at the end. A good look at this pack, and glad you could get a Nightcrawler! I've been tempted by them many times, but haven't broken down to buy any yet. I do want to get the Hulk/Cyclops one, definitely.

  2. Great cartoon and review! Shoot, now I might need a Mutt--and another crate!

  3. @WesGR - Yeah! Hulk and Cyclops is a MUST! But then again, I'm a huge Hulk fan and I think that's the best of the 4 MU Hulks right now. And Cyclops is really neat too, neater still if you've got Crimson Dynamo's eye beams. ;)

    @googum - Thanks! It's hilarious that The things I valued most for the MUtt figure were his rapier, the secret artifact (I think it was the Spear of Destiny), and yes, the CRATE! Lol.

  4. I have a variant where Storm is paired with a skeleton who seems to be wearing roman style armor.

    Any suggestions?

  5. Actually, no. I've never seen or heard of that 2 pack before. Is it this same version of Storm? :)

  6. Yeah, it's the Secret Wars 2 pack, issue #5

    Here's a link to the image:

  7. Oh wow! You sir, have scored a chase variant! :) Who's the skeleton of? Any idea?

  8. No idea whatsoever. I hunted down a copy of that issue to see if that character was in there, but it wasn't. I guess it's time to go through official channels or something.

  9. Yeah, no such character in the story. Ok, let me know how it goes, especially if it turns up you've got something really rare. :)

  10. Upon examining the packaging, it looks as if someone opened the packaging and subbed out Nightcrawler for the skeleton.

    C'est la vie.

  11. Ah yes, the thought did cross my mind, but I thought you'd prob have noticed by now it that was the case. So sorry! Well, at least it looks like a decent skeleton toy. Where's it from? Piarates of the Caribbean, maybe?

  12. where can you get those stands to make them stay in mid air? i plan on getting this nightcrawler and storm set and i would love to display them in a cool mid air action sequence.

  13. The flight stands, ironically, are actually ordered from (yes, the guys who make DC Universe Classics.)

    I think they cost US$5 a pop but can't remember if they sell them individually. Great thing is that the come with 3 different sizes of clips, which can snap on and off easily. :)

  14. I found the last one! It was just chilling on the pegs behind a whole bunch of Spidey Vs. Sentry packs.

    Okay, HOW DO YOU GET NIGHTCRAWLER TO STAND? I mean,s tand properly, with his knees bent, the way he does in the comics.

  15. Awesome! Great find.

    Hmm. I dunno. I guess I ususally just have him in some sort of 3-point stance because he's so gangly and his limbs are so long. He's more stable that way too. ;)


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