Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Iron Man 2 Comic Series 6" Mark V

Now I normally don't go for the 6 inch figures (yeah right--a look at my recent posts will totally disprove that statement), but I made an exception for these guys.  Oh yeah, I forgot I do but my fair share of DC Universe Classics figures.  And there were the He-Man and Skeletor MOTU Classics figures...But as far as Marvel goes, I've limited myself to Hulk figures.  And only the recent desire to assemble Fin Fang Foom made me cave and get that Hulk exclusive wave. Even then, those were Hulk related characters.  So this Iron Man Mark V represents my first real adventure into the 6" Marvel figure universe.

I was totally blown away with the way this guy looked in the photos, so I couldn't resist when the Rangerlord asked if I wanted to get one because he was swimming in a pile at some local department store.  So thank you once again, good sir.  You're once again the reason why I didn't miss out on this sweet piece of movie toy magic.  So go!  My review!  It's at Articulated Discussion, along with almost all my other Iron Man reviews. :)


  1. Sir Dragonbane, if you had to pay the regular mall/department store price for a six-inch IRON MAN ARMORED AVENGER figure, which one would be the best pick: the Evolution/Stealth (black & gold) version of IM Mark V; Crimson Dynamo; or Titanium Man?

    1. Regular store price? I wouldn't and haven't. If they go on sale, though, probably Black and Gold. Then Titanium Man, which coincidentally, is what just happened! :)

    2. Oh and just to let you know, I have good news--I've found you 3.75" Ultimate Iron Man for only S$20! Email me at will ya? Let me know your address and if you want it out of package or not. I'll then let you know the total? If you still want the figure, of course. ;)


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