Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Marvel Legends Red Hulk Series: Silver Savage

This was the other figure I wanted to get after King Hulk when I read the Planet Hulk story arc.  It's another figure that captures a character in a certain period of time in his costume, and yet is instantly recognizable.  And this version of the Silver Surfer is so awesome that they had to change his name to the Silver Savage.

Perhaps it's also the way he's introduced in the story--we so into the Hulk's journey that we don't even think about what other characters with interstellar means of travel might show up.  And the Surfer/Savage is perfect for the role of reigning champion of the gladiatorial arena on Sakaar--until the Hulk shows up. ;)

I guess I put off getting the Silver Savage until a week ago because he wasn't part of the Hulk Series "wave" and because I always found something else to buy ahead of him.  But I'm glad I found him loose at the local toy "flea" market from the very same guy I bought King Hulk from 18 months or so ago.  And for how often I don;t see this figure any more, I felt S$22 was awful reasonable for him.
So here he is in all his silver glory!

Like: The character's overall design.  Once again, like King Hulk, his gladiatorial look is unique.  He's got "champion" gladiator shin armor and forearm plates.  He's got a removable harness complete with golden left shoulder plate armor.  But just to remind the Savage that he's subject to his masters on Sakaar, he's also got a restraining device, which is molded as part of his harness.  And a tattered loincloth completes the savage look of the Surfer.

Like: The silver paint.  It's uniform, shiny enough but doesn't come off as being too too shiny.  He's definitely silver, not gray, and thankfully not shined to a mirror finish (like in the FF$: Rise of the Silver Surfer.

Like: The neck articulation.  It's a swivel hinge, something that the Marvel Legends line has perfected with their figures in the last 2 years or so.

Like: He's got weapons!  And he's got places to put them.  Well, the sword, at least, which he can  tuck away at the back of his harness.  The mace is painted a great bronze, though there's no real place for him to clip it on his belt or on his back.

Like:  His surfboard used as a shield.  This is just brilliant, and not just as an accessory, but also as a concept.  It's exactly what the Surfer would do if he was somehow forced to fight other weaker beings to the death--use his most powerful weapon as his shield.  Come to think of it, he'd do it against most anyone.  I can't imagine Silver Surfer trying to use his 'board as a spear or a baseball bat.

Dislike: Soft, bendy weapons.  I got Silver Savage loose and unfortunately it meant he'd been in a plastic bag for a while, so his weapons were not quite so straight.  I get that they made the sword and mace of soft plastic for safety reasons, but they're a little too soft.

The good thing is that it's easily repaired with some hot water or a hairdryer. (Though it's beginning to look to me like this may not be necessary, especially for the sword.  Yes, it's THAT soft!)  But for now he looks like he holding a wilting bronze mace.

Dislike: Semi-open left hand.  Means he can't hold a weapon in it tightly.  It's as if it were made for him to hold a gun--but he comes with none.  Neither does this particular incarnation of the Surfer nor any other, I think, use a hand gun/projectile weapon of any sort.  So it's a rather strange choice for his left hand.


Aesthetics: 7.5/10 - Once again, like King Hulk, a great concept even if he was only shackled for a small amount of time in the gladiatorial arenas of Sakaar.  And I'm glad they've captured that look in this very figure.  It's one of those times when a character has an image change that's interesting, is a crucial part of the story line, yet doesn't interfere majorly with the star of the show himself, in this case the Hulk.
Poseability: 9/10 - Silver Savage represents the best of what the newer Marvel Legends figures have to offer.  Double hinged knees and elbows, a swivel/hinge head, and a great ab crunch.  He's got a joint where you think he should have a joint except the fingers, which I really feel he doesn't need as long as he can grip his weapons.

Sad to say, his left hand is a bit useless when it comes to gripping his sword or mace solidly.  But because of his articulation, weapons and shield/surfboard, there's a million ways you can pose him without ever getting bored.

Fun: 9/10 - There's nothing more fun than a surfer.  He's even more fun when he's shiny and has cosmic powers.  He's even more fun still when you put him in "savage" garb and pit him against the Incredible Hulk.Posed with King Hulk.

Even on his own, his articulation alone will keep you occupied for hours as you figure out which is the best position to put him in, whether it's crouching, surfing, kneeling, swinging his weapons or just looking imperious and pensive.  Sword and shields and dual-wielding are also always fun, as well as the innovative use of surf board as a shield.

Value: 8/10 - I got Silver Savage for just S$22 (US$16), which, minus the Red Hulk part, is just about reasonable for a loose figure.  But the fact that he comes with two weapons, a surfboard/shield, and a removable harness complete with a sword storage means this guy is complete in every sense of the word.  As a figure alone he is rather lightweight, especially when put next to figures like King Hulk.  But when you consider the extra plastic in the form of accessories and especially the huge surfboard, this guy is pretty darn worth it.  Not to mention that he also has a ton of great tooling, good paint, and stallar articulation. :)

Overall: 8.5/10 - It's not often we get a Silver Surfer figure and when he does come along, he's snapped up real quick because he's the Surfer!  That I got this guy in his savage gladiatorial splendor is a huge bonus and one that shouldn't be missed!


  1. Oooh, thanks for the comparison picture! Great review, I have often thought of looking for the Savage figure. Gahh, I knew Marvel Legends were bigger but that is a considerable difference.

  2. You're welcome. :) Yeah, Colossus only comes up to Hulk's chest pivot--and he's a tall MU figure!

    I'm glad I got Savage. He really goes nicely with King Hulk, especially in a fight pose. ;)

  3. That is a good looking figure. Sadly, I never saw ONE SINGLE F'N FIGURE in the Red Hulk Target Wave. My rage is still

  4. Oh, wow. It's really weird how that works. Targets are US stores but yet somehow the exclusives make it down here to Southeast Asia. Same for Walmarts and K-mart Exclusives. I really wonder why Hasbro doesn't take care to make sure you guy are well stocked up. Either that or they did stock up your local Targets but some scalper bought the whole bunch and sold it en masse to some SEA bulk buyer who then brought it to Singapore. That's just too cruel to you guys.

    Well, may you stumble upon one among clarance pegs one day and may it only cost no more than a dollar! ;)

  5. Awesome review! Another great design out of "Planet Hulk" and probably the coolest interpretation of SS ever.

    The comic was great, too!

  6. Haha, thanks 3B. The comic spawned from Prowl26's request for a MU-ML comparison pic in my King Hulk review. ;)


    great page


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