Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Star Wars 3.75" Legacy Collection: Han Solo

The sneaky bastard.  Who does he think he is, running around the Death Star in his Storm Trooper armor disguise. He's Han Solo, of course!  Good ol' Harrison Ford himself some 33 years back. He just turned 68, so happy birthday, Han!

So does this latest 3.75 inch release of everyone's favorite scoundrel do him justice?  It is, after all, the first figure of him with a Storm Trooper utility belt, so it's gotta be good, right?

Well, let's find out...

 Like: That he comes with new/unusual accessories.  Removable Storm Trooper helmet and armor?  Sign me up!

Dislike: That the armor is incomplete.  Well, at least to my mind.  No one's gonna think Han ol' boy here's a Trooper, not when he's missing the arms, legs, hand and boots to complete the look.  What's the deal with the incomplete getup???

Like: The Storm Trooper utility belt.  The thing also has a detachable thermal detonator you can peg into a slot on the back. Way cool.  The belt also has a long sheathe/holster, which the blaster he comes with doesn't fit in because it's too flat and long.  You could stick the blaster in there, but it doesn't fit right.  I suspect it's for a vibro knife or something similar.

Like: The head sculpt!  I actually though he looked a little ragged/saggy in the face, but upon busting him open, he does look pretty much like Han Solo.  This is especially so when you remove his head for the shoulders.
Dislike: Extraordinarily large head, or rather, the exceptionally small body.  It's the narrow shoulders that make the head seem too large.  But it's the shoulders which are barely wider than his hips. The skinny arms he's got don't help either.

Dislike: The pose they've got him in in-package.  He kinda looks like he's strolling through the mall on his way to pick up a low-fat decaf latte after picking out some shoes.  Way too girly...:P

Like: The overall paint apps.  The head, trooper helmet, and pants (with red piping) are especially sharp.  There's some fudging of the black around his collar and vest, which is probably my only problem with the paint.

Dislike: That he comes with imperial blaster pistol, but no DL-44 Heavy Blaster, Han weapon of choice!

Dislike: The slightly yellowed shirt torso, slightly yellowed helmet. All white plastics yellow with time, but isn't this figure supposed to be from the latest series?  I'm just worried that it hasn't even been on the shelf that long and it's turning color.  Better plastic next time, perhaps?


Aesthetics: 6/10 - Great head but to small a body, great overall paint but fudging on a major area of the figure (his vest). The head ball-joint is also visible when you swivel his head to the side.  The neck could've and should've been a lot better.

Poseability: 7.5/10 - The only thing missing from this Han are some ball hips to give him sideways leg movement. Most Star Wars figures don't have these and don;t need them, really.  But otherwise he can do what a Han Solo needs to do--balance well in various shooting positions, even if you've got one foot on point with the other planted.

Fun: 7.5/10 - It's hard not to have fun with an iconic Star Wars figure like Han, even if this is not as close to the perfect Han Solo figure I wanted.  Why'd I get him then?  The accessories, for one, because the more stuff that comes with a figure, the more stuff you can do with it.  That the accessories are unique to this figure is a bonus.

Value: 8/10 - I got this guy minus the Build a droid part from the local "flea" market, bundled with an MISB Scanning Crew (Hell yeah!) for just S$22 (US$15.70).  It's a great deal for Star Wars figures here, which hardly ever go on clearance. It's a good thing the new Vintage Series is coming through--I now get to build my Star Wars collection for a better price.

Overall: 7.25 - Han Solo in Storm Trooper "disguise" is worth getting if, like me, you can identify with the Death Star escape Han Solo.  The utility belt he comes with simply smacks of nostalgia/adventure/derring-do all in one.  Also, he nice to have if: a) you don't have a Han Solo and want a decent basic one, or b) you fancy the Trooper helmet and the torso armor.


  1. Hey dear! The comic is awesome! Put chewwy in too! =)

  2. The torso/arm color mismatch is not caused by yellowing paint. Han's shirt is actually an off-white, so the chest area is the correct shade of white. It's the arms that are wrong. The theory is that they tried to make it more white to blend in with the trooper breastplate. Total misstep. Check out for probably the best Han Hasbro have come up with and my personal favourite at

    The RangerLord

  3. @Mel - Hi! Haha It's Chewie, not chewwy, like gum. Lol. :P

    @Rangerlord - Thanks for pointing that out! Ya know, I would've never really thought about the off-yellow that way. It did cross my mind that the "yellowing" was what Han's shirt color should be tho. But that's as far as I got. Lol. Misstep for sure! :)

    I do like the look of 2009 "Best" Han, especially, his holster. But there's something slightly off about the way his shirt and vest sit on him. Hmm. The head sculpt is also a little off for me, but I can see why he's been touted as the best so far.

    As for the 2008 Cantina Han, his upper body is one of, if not the best, I've seen! If he had the holster of "best" Han, he'd be perfect! :P

  4. Flimsy cardboard crate!!!!

    Great review.. I had no idea this figure existed... and have no idea why it exists. Hehe

  5. Haha you spotted it! Can't keep a good FCC hidden. Or rather the FCCs can't keep a good ol' smuggler hidden... ;)

    I think it exists so that George Lucas can make TONS of money. Lol. :P


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