Thursday, April 14, 2011

Lego Minifigs Series 4 The Monster: Frankenstein

Toy hunters in Singapore are fast.  Like fast.

That's why by the time I spotted Series 4 of these blind bag Lego Minifgs, entire boxes of these oranged-packeted goodness had been felt up and plundered of the Musketeer, Mad Crazy Scientist, Lawn Gnome, Hazmat Guy, Viking, and Kimono Girl.  Yes, after visiting many a store these remained the most popular figs.

But ah, luckily for me, I wasn't really keen on any of these except the Musketeer and Mad Crazy Scientist.  Instead, I was really excited by Frankenstein and the Werewolf!  And these were available in abundance!

Thanks to my dear wife, I found Franky right off the bat.  There were literally 10 Werewolves in the box we hit up, with the guy at the store admitting that these packs were all the remainder of 2 or 3 previously ravaged boxes.  After paying up, we opened the packs in store just to make sure we felt up the right figures.  We did.  And here's Franky!

Random fact: Did you know that the correct name of the patchwork monster we know as Frankenstein is actually Frankenstein's Monster?  Frankenstein referred to the creature's creator Dr. Frankenstein.  But I guess Frankenstein's Monster was a mouthful to say and eventually everyone just started calling him Frankenstein.  Not Lego, though.  But I suspect it may have more to do with copyrights etc.  So he's The Monster!

Like: Just look at that wonderfully large cap disguised as an enlarged head top.  It's just the perfect size, has a low brow ridge, and the famous flat top head and hair combo.  Also, check out those band aids on his forehead.  Top notch detail!  His eyes and cheekbone lines are a lack-of-sleep deep green and give him a really haunted look, while his tunic is suitably tattered with stitches all over.  I also love the shade of pale green they molded him in!

Dislike: That the back of the figure has little to no detail.  But lots of Lego minifigs are like this.  In this case, he could've done with a few more stitches, maybe a large rip at the back of his jacket. He could also perhaps afford to be a little bit taller, but since it's Lego, being the height of another Lego dude in a hat will suffice.

Minifig Rating: 8/10 - I really wanted this figure and it hasn't let me down.  The simple yet elegant solution to "break the shape" of the standard Lego minifig is just genius.  In fact, I'm tempted to buy an extra Frankenstein Monster and try to somehow customize a Lego Hulk out of it!  Yes, my initial thoughts when I saw this guy was that he looked like first appearance Hulk, who had a Frankenstein-like head.  Pity I didn't get any Spiderman Legos back when the movie was hot and the character hotter still.  It would've been great to have a Spidey and a Hulk.

Customizing aside and left as is, the Monster here goes great with the Werewolf from this same series, Dracula from an earlier series, and the Mummy from Series 3.  Add in the Crazy Scientist and you've got a mini-set with a great horror theme for the shelf. :)


  1. Yay! More LEGOs! Gonna get the Werewolf for a new Elf custom soon. Can I expect to see ol' wolfie be reviewed soon?

  2. Yes to both! In fact, I'm thinking of an elf custom with the wolfie hair myself. I always wanted to try my hand at customizing and I guess Lego would be the best place to begin (cuz they were meant to be customized small kids! Lol.)

    I gotta see your custom when you're done, Soundwave! :)


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