Saturday, April 16, 2011

Lego Minifigs Series 4: The Werewolf


I love it when the figures I look for aren't really wanted by others.  Just like poor little ol' Werewolf here.  I got him together with the (Frankenstein) Monster on my first foray into the orange bags of goodness and there were easily a dozen of him.

He completes the foursome of classic horror monsters, with Dracula and the Mummy from earlier series, as well as Franky from this one. But you don;t have to stop at one werewolf.  Where's the fun in that--they like to hunt in packs, if a certain teen/horror genre series would have us believe.

So is he worth getting more than one of?  Check it out!

Like: This guy embodies everything Lego is good at.  He's got no new pieces (except maybe his bone), he shares his hair piece with the Elf from Series 3, and his go the excellent decos that make each minifig unique.  Yet, you wouldn't be able to tell that he's just a regular fig that's just been redecoed brown instead of yellow.  And here's why he looks more bestial that human:

*The rich brown that acts as fur and covers his "skin."

*The brown "elf hair" with brown ears!

*The "bare" left arm

*The excellent torn fabric of his shirt and pants.  It makes him look like either he's been in a fight with another Wolfie or he was itchy.

*His awesome chest hair deco.  Hell yeah!

*And his awesome face!  Just look at that kisser!  Bright yellow eyes, a black nose and sharp teeth framed by brown sideburns and eyebrows--a face only a mother wolf (and Lego fans like us) could love!

But it doesn't end there...with the head, hair and hands easily interchangeable with any other minifig, you could possibly make any other character you have a werewolf!  A knight in shining armor?  No problem.  Batman? Sure!  The Kimono Girl?  If that sort of thing is your bag, baby... ;) 

Dislike: He's kind of a wolf man more than a werewolf.  Yeah, I know, it's a technicality and depending on how you like your lycanthropes, they could be as human-like as Michael J. Fox's teen wolf, monstrous but still humanoid like Benicio del Toro's Wolfman, more bestial but still biped like in the Underworld series, or completely wolf, like in the Twilight (yes I said it) series.

Whichever way you like your werewolf done, there's really very little to dislike about this guy.  Perhaps, like The Monster, the lack of decoes on his back.  But that's a kind of a minor issue.

Minifig Rating: 8/10 - The Werewolf is the magic of Lego at work.  Only they can take a monster and turn it into a cutesy thing that kids would like to play with.  What really appeals to me is that this little guy can still appeal to my inner child and at the same time make me think: "Oh wow, he's got all the cool details that should make him scary (but really isn't)."  Another really cool thing is that you could get a bunch of him because he seems to be readily available and start working on brown-haired elf customs! ;)


  1. You forgot to mention that they can also double up as the Shistavanen Wolfman (Lak Sivrak) or a Defel Wraith from the Mos Eisley Canteena.

    More reasons to buy extra!

    The ever-helpful RangerLord

  2. Oh nice spot, bro! Now those wolfmen are just gonna start flying off the shelves! ;)

  3. Only place I can get the werewolf is at a local toy store for $4 USD.

  4. Oh, wow. Have toy prices in the US risen in general or is it just a matter of the store trying to price gouge a little?

  5. Price gouging. PS, finally found my Crazy Scientist.

  6. Good job! Hope it was at a reasonable price! :)


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