Saturday, April 2, 2011

Marvel Universe 3.75" Wave 10 Ghost Rider

Well guys, it's been an awesome ride but his will be my final review on Chase Variant.  Yup, that's it for me--I've found reviewing toys takes up too much of my time and also I've gotten to a point where it's become somewhat of a drag to keep the reviews up.

So I'd just like to say a huge thanks to everyone who's been following Chase Variant, whether you've been there since the beginning almost exactly 2 years ago, or if you've just discovered the site.  Also...


Yeah, I got ya, didn't I?  All right, so maybe not.  But it was worth a shot. ;P

Well, life has indeed changed over the last year.  I've gotten married, moved into my new place, and I have a little boy on the way.  But there ain't no way I'm giving up on the reviews!  It's always been a passion of mine to write--the problem was always finding the right topic to write about and the right motivation.  And this is it! This site, these toys and these photos--something I'd never though I'd be interested in. (The photography.)

All right, you guys can stop giving me the evil eye, that Penance Stare that'll burn right through the core of my being.  What?  Did someone say Penance Stare?  I did!  And here's the owner of that very unique power: Ghost Rider!

Sit back, relax, and enjoy the "very last review I'll ever do." :P

Just don't stare too hard.

Like: The excellent head sculpt.  GR's got molded translucent orange flames, a skull molded in off-white, with teeth, eyes, eye sockets, and nose cavity all done in great, sharp detail.  Throw in some yellow-white highlights for the skull, orange paint for flaming eye and nose sockets and mouth, and we've got one heckuva head!
Like: His head articulation--it's got a ball joint set on a hinge, and the neck has an addition swivel at its base!  The latter is mostly to accommodate the high collar, but works superbly along with his already great head articulation.

Like: That he's got extra articulation with his waist swivel and my favorite...wait for it...thigh cuts!  Some of his regular joints are also better--legs ball-joints allow for 90 degrees movement forward, while his ankle hinges can point and pivot very well.

Dislike: That they're still using plastic balls to fit into leg sockets.  These still pop off easily once they reach the end of their range of motion.  And while they pop back on just as easily, they tend to be less secure after the first popping.  Yes, they've added some small studs to prevent the leg from popping off, but that isn't near good enough.  I say they've gotta do 'em like GI Joes, with metal balls secured with small screws.  Perhaps they didn't do this because of the thigh cuts, which look like they would have to forego if they used screws.

Like: That he can be put in a riding position.  His hand grips also indicate that he is ready to ride--but he doesn't come with a bike!

Dislike: That he's got no flaming bike. Make him a "two-pack" Tag him with a higher price point--we don't care we want a bike!  And not just any bike, it's gotta be Ghost Rider's bike, flaming wheels and all!

Like: His Mystic Chain! Molded in translucent orange, partly painted silver. It gives a great glowing hot flame effect because they bothered to not fill in the recessed areas of the chain.  Bravo!

Like: That I think he looks pretty darn awesome on Transformers Animated Oil Slick!  I was kinda meh about getting Oil Slick until he went on clearance sometime back.  I found him to be an excellent TF, as almost all the Animated TFs are.  But it looks like I've found his true calling, and that's to be ridden by Ghost Rider till his penance for being a yucky Decepticon is paid! :P

Dislike: That Ghost Rider seems so hard to find.  Come on, Hasbro!  Where are the refresher cases with GR in them?  And while we're at it, why not throw in an all-black Danny Ketch redeco? :P


Aesthetics: 8.5/10 - Head is as good as a head sculpt I've seen on a Marvel Universe figure.  Its got the right combo of translucent flames, off-white/yellow and orange paint that make for a fearsome visage.  I would have preferred him in Black, though I just read up and found out that black Ghost rider is Danny Ketch, not Johnny Blaze.  Perhaps if his blue were a little darker...  Yeah I know, this is the right shade of comic book accurate blue.  I just dig the black more is all--though Ghost Rider should be Johnny Blaze.  Maybe it's the name.  Maybe it's Nicholas Cage.  Nah, it's not Nicholas Cage.  Heh. ;P

It's the China Chain Gang!
Also, I have to say his Mystic chain is excellently done and deserves to be mentioned again!

Poseability: 9/10 - I have to confess--I'm really partial to figures that have thigh cuts, especially in the MU line.  I've always maintained that the legs are what make or break a figure's dynamic pose potential and thigh cuts up this potential a great deal.  It's especially evident in larger figures like the Hulk, Thing etc.  Just look at the difference between the first release of the Hulk and the recent World War Hulk.  Worlds apart!

But while he does have the chops to be put in a riding position, he doesn't have a ride.  Come one!  He's Ghost Rider, after all!

Fun: 10/10 Spiderman and Captain America.

Also, not having a bike makes looking for one kind of a fun activity in itself.  I find myself drifting over to the 1:18 scale bike section in many a store hoping to spot a chopper or some such so that my Ghost can finally become a Rider.

It's Jodo...I mean, Johnny Blaze
But whaddaya know? I the best fit for him I've found so far was right under my nose in TF:Animated Oil Slick.  Maybe the color doesn't match all that great, but that can always be changed...(or I could just be lazy and wait for a repaint to happen and pray that it's mostly black.)

Value: 8/10 - Gives us our bikes!!!! Other than the lack of wheel, GR actually is par for the course in terms of accessories.  He's got his H.A.M.M.E.R. file, his figure stand, and his Mystic Chain.  But the real value comes in the form of his "special" joints--the hinged/ball head, the waist swivel, and the thigh cuts.  I'm really more than happy to pay retail for a figure knowing it's not just the standard base MU buck with minimal PoAs.  (Ok, I admit, I just paid more than retail for an Archangel.  And we know that guy is all flash and a pair of wings...)

Yes, it's Jodo Cast's head
Overall: 8.9/10 - He'd be a 9 easily if he only came with a bike!  Give us one, now, Hasbro!  And throw in a couple of Hellfire blasts while you're at it! :P

As it is, Ghost Rider is still one of the better figures you can find on the pegs.  Better but rarer, so you should grab him if you can. :)

This is why you should always dismount before transformation. Always.


  1. I can't fault anything you've said there and I agree completely about the bike thing!

    I did wonder if the Transformers/Marvel Ghost Rider bike/figure would work with him, though...

  2. I don't know why I ever passed on buying this figure! Awesome review.

  3. The chain is bendable/flexible?

  4. The April Fools joke gave me a shock!

  5. @lok & Colbey - Thanks for reading, guys! :)

    @Cavalock - No it isn't. It's made out of plastic and fixed in that 'S' shape. Think it might have been a problem trying to make it flexible--it would've probable end up looking like limp rope! ;P

    @Mel - Yesssss! I tricked someone...even if it was my own wife. :P

  6. Yey! you finally got him. Only drawback with this figure is the lack of motorbike. I really like the first pic, awesome pose - he looks very intimadating. Maybe I could ask you again but not now, I'm really on a "hard up" situation.

    Been checking your reviews lately but I can't comment. Anyway, I'm sorry for your broken RTS OP. I'm planning to grab RTS Megatron and Starscream next week, they both stand out on their batch. You should too. You should also grab RTS JAzz - great homage to G1 toons and IDW comics - he really is piece of work. I'm glad that you got a Predator on your Predator themed Joes hehe. I hope WAve 3 Desert Battle Snake Eyes is on your review list. :)

  7. @Killingtime - No wories, I plan to fix Lil' Optimus Prime soon. ;) As for Megatron and Starscream, I'll probably get them when they go on clearance--I kinda think S$12 is a little steep, especially after the experience with Prime.

    As for Reveal the Shield Jazz, I've got him! Haven't had the chance to crack him open yet, though. ;)

    And Snake Eyes...thinkI might have missed the boat. Lol.

  8. OMG WesGR!!! Where ya been, dude? Isitfun has been down for a while, no? How ya doin'? :)

  9. You almost got me there Ewan ;)

  10. Heheh. I guess almost also counts! ;P

  11. The April fools really got me dude! I thought that i was gonna lost another source of dependable review site.

  12. @rouju - Lol, thank you for regarding my site as dependable, even if my rate of review isn't always so! ;)

  13. If you want to compare rate of reviews I will hopelessly fall by the wayside haha

  14. Now, need to be boasting. Lol. ;P

  15. Nice review! I knew you couldn't really quit the plastic crack!

    I found this Ghostrider when i was in NYC for Toy Fair. He's one of the only toy purchases I made, and I'm happy I got him. I too hope they'll do a Danny Ketch version, but maybe just reuse the head. I'd like to have a figure with all the little spikes and chains all over. :)

  16. Oooh, a Danny Ketch with spikes and chains all over would be awesome! And knowing Hasbro, they can very well pull it off. Here's hoping they do it a comic "two-pack", with the other figure being the bike. ;)

  17. Almost got me. Ah! I said almost. :) Another great review!

  18. Lol, gotcha! (Almost). ;) Thanks for reading, Soundwave129!

  19. ehh.. your April Fool's was one day late. April Fool's is supposed to only be on the 1st of April ok!

    Anyway, I managed to snag this figure months ago (while I was still in SG) at CSC for only $5. lol! Sealed and in good con. It was a 2 for $10 offer and I managed to snag a lot of good shit. I believe I snagged this with a Juggernaut. =D

  20. btw, you should have told me that you didnt have this. i actually got another one back home. lol

    eh. you should do a side-track article instead of toys and review the Anti-Life Equation. lol (P.S. Mel, ask Ewan about it. =D)

  21. @Timmy - Of course I didn't have it! Most of Singapore didn't! And you're a hoarder, man! Lol.

    Good find on the 2 for $10, dude. And no, no Anti-Life equation side-track nonsense because that was what it was! >:(

  22. Oh yeah and I wanted to add that in some parts of the world, it was still April 1st. Haha.

  23. lol. i got hold of a few iron patriots as well if you want one..

  24. Maybe, maybe...I passed on him quite a few times already... ;)


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