Thursday, June 2, 2011

200th Post Contest Extravaganza!

Well, it's taken me 2 whole years and a bit to get to this mark!  To be honest, I never expected I'd last this long or review this many toys.  But here I am!

In order to celebrate this momentous occasion, Chase Variant is having its first ever contest!  Yes, it's not a trick nor a hoax. Yes, the can-never-hold-a-contest-to-save-my-life SirDragonBane is finally giving away free stuff.  What a stingy bastard I've been, eh? :P

Let's just lay down a little ground rules before we start:

1) If you win the contest and you're overseas (i.e: anywhere else in the world but in Singapore), you'll still receive the figure for free!  I'll cover the shipping cost, including shipping materials.  I may opt to open the toy (something I'm very good at) and remove the bubble, especially if shipping gets too steep.  But I'll ship everything else from the card to the inserts if you like. ;)

2) If you live in Singapore, there's no definitely shipping charge--we'll arrange for a meet up so I can shake your hand, hand you the prize, and let the media (aka me) take a few snap shots. (Just kidding, no photos necessary.  Lol.)

Ok, so let's begin!

Contest Rules

There's a couple of things you have to do in order to enter.

 Come on! It's a gimme!
Firstly, identify the toy in the pic on the right!  Yes, it is your prize. ;)  Here's a clue: I reviewed many of this movie superhero's brethren on Articulated Discussion but never got around to reviewing him there or on their new site!  There are posts linked to all the figures I reviewed there right here on this site.  But I never reviewed him on Chase Variant either!  So that's another clue. ;)

Secondly, once you've identified the prize in question, reply to this post and tell me what the toy is!  Each correct answer will receive one chance to win.  But that's not all--you can double your chances if you recommend someone else to Chase Variant and get them to follow it.  (You'll have to let me know who you recommended in your post and I'll double your entry once they've followed!  It's that easy.  For you, that is!  For me it might turn out to be a mathematical nightmare. ;P)

Well all that's left now is a closing date!  Let's call it a week and a bit from the time of this post, that's 6am Singapore time on Thursday the 9th of June.  (That's GMT +8.)

Before I end I'd like to sincerely thank all of you who've been reading reviews on Chase Variant.  It's been a pleasure and an honor that you keep coming back for more!

So without further ado, let the games begin!



    But I already have it, and I wouldn't feel right about entering anyway, so I won't say. ;)

    Congrats on your 200th post -- and many more to come!

  2. Wes with the quickdraw! But thanks for holding your fire and being a good sport. ;)

    Thanks! It feels good to reach 200 despite taking longer than I anticipated. :)

  3. I too know the identity and have the figure, so I won't be entering, but congrats on the milestone!

  4. Haha, you guys...Thanks, Meangreen! :)

  5. Ewan,

    That is clearly the coffee-can or Mark XIV (if I recall correctly) armor. I still have the issue where it was first introduced in order to fight Firepower, after Firepower had kicked Stark's rear-end in while he was was wearing his Silver Centurion armor.

  6. Drat, forgot. Congratulations on your ongoing blog! I still check in every few days, as your toy photography remains some of the best I've seen. Come for the photography, stay for the laughs!!

  7. Haha, thanks Forrest, on both counts! Am glad you stil enjoy the site!

    We have one entry people--step rriiiight up! ;)

  8. I know which toy it is. But... I, too, have it. This is sad!

    But I know it isn't this:

    ...But yeah, I actually took a pic of mine before realizing that it is the prize, and I shouldn't steal it from someone who is needy.

  9. @Ridureyu - Awesome pic of that mini! IS it actually a Writhing Pit or some crzay closeup pic of the Otyugh? (I think. Cuz I have it too somewhere...Lol.)

  10. It's three Lifeleech Otyughs. D&D Miniatures, Night Below set.

  11. It's the "classic II" Iron Man armor from the late eighties and early nineties. I'm guessing the Iron Man 2 line of toys? Regardless of results, congrats on 200 and best of luck on 200 more!

  12. @Ridureyu - Ah, it's three of them! Great shot. I used one of them on my players once. Scared the bejesuses outta them. ;P

    @Wes GR - Thanks, dude! 400 posts, imagine that. We'd all be old mn by then at my rate! Lol.

    And Wes GR makes it two entries! Steeeepp right up, folks! ;)

  13. Wrong Grogan! That shit is obviously Megatron! Y'know, the Megatron from that time he was battling He-Man for control of the One Ring! Damn, you don't know anything about Transformers! Iron Man?! What the hell is Iron Man?! Screw this!

    Congrats on the big 200 buddy! Here's to many, many more!

  14. Lol, thanks LJ. LJ not with an entry but with some...commentary? Haha.

  15. @SirDragonBane

    Awesome! My camera may not have the best macro lense in the world (hence that slight blur), but I squeeze every last ounce of use our of it when I can.

    And who's to say we're not old men?

  16. I have no idea who or what that is! is that a new toy for your baby?

    Happy 200th post!

  17. Oh, that's an easy one. However, this figure is in just about every store I go into so I don't need to enter to try and get him. Congratulations on 200 posts! I have a hard time doing one review a month, so I can't imagine the amount of time you put into this

  18. You mean we just reply the post like this?
    It's a Iron Man from the Iron Man 2 (comic series) of 3.75" toys. Number 30.

    Happy 200th post!

  19. If I'm not mistaken, that was the Iron Man referred to at Articulated Discussion as the "Red and Gold Iron Man" or as some people have pointed out, the "Coffee Can Iron Man" (I don't know why they call it that but it does have a nice rhyme that makes it fun to sing while waiting for a train to arrive).

    Does Armored Avenger Hulkbuster Iron Man know that he's actually using "Coffee Can's" shoulder guards?

  20. the figure is Mark XIV or what some call the Oversize Armor..

    ..over here in the Philippines, we call it the "Macho" Armor Iron Man hahah~

    congrats on your milestone! im relatively new to blogging using blogspot but ive been visiting your site for months now, more power!

  21. The exact title of that figure is simply Iron Man. It's from the IM2 Comic Series.

  22. Thanks for the well-wishes, everyone! :) ^ entries so far. Keep 'em coming!

    @Ridureyu - Old men? Yes, I guess we are!

    @Cavalock - No, it isn't a toy for my 6 week old son, man! Lol.

    @Clark - Nah, I struggle as well. SOmetimes I shoot for 3 posts a week and! Ah well, I blame it on being distracted by other toys. Oh yeah and this other thing called life. Lol. ;)

    @Kelvin - That's exactly how you enter! ;)

    @Wayward Knave - I'm not sure about that...You actually sing "Coffee Can Armor while waiting for the train? Haha.

    @Allan - I did not know that. Thanks for reading! :)

  23. Coffee Can Iron Man?

    Love that! That must be for the mornings after All-Afternoon to Evening-Binge-Drinking-Stud Armor Iron Man (with Liver-scan ICU TM accessory).

    Congrats on a big year: new baby, 200th post.

    And despite all the very noble people declining to participate, I will make a grab for the brass ring (and then give the toy to charity since I have a couple of it already): that's very clearly the very rare Hulk in Iron Man Buster armor. Number 99 of the IM2 series before they changed it to the Armored Avenger line.

    All the rest of you can stop sending in entries now. Damn, spilled my whishkey on the keybo#@%$.

  24. I know what figure it is! And also I have it!

    Congrats on your 200th post!!!

    also congrats to the winner!!

    Javier S
    Viña del Mar, Chile

  25. Dammit, I meant 6 entries, not ^. Now it's 7 with Rogue Leader. ;)

    @Rogue Leader - That's why we don't drink while flying the X-Wing. Lol.

    I'm still lost--what super rare IM2 Buster Armor #99 is this? I can;t seem to find any evidence of it online!

  26. Its not a toy...

    IT'S A TRAP!

    Congrats on your great milestone Ewan!

  27. Lol, thanks hockstylin! Haven't seen you ard in ages!

    And nah, while 200 has been good for a one man show, it's by no means great--it's...decent to good, I ;P

  28. Hmm let me make a Guess...seen this figure somewhere if im not wrong, its the Iron Man 2 3.75 inches line , Comic Line , Neo-Classic Iron Man #30.
    BTW Happy 200 post...!!

  29. Thanks, TPS. :) You're entry no. 8! Holding this contest is turnig out to be fun! :)

  30. Contests are a LOT of fun! I can definitely agree with that! Now if only you could throw in a flimsy cardboard crate!!

  31. Tell ya what, Wes--if you win it, you get a fresh flimsy cardboard crate as well! ;)

  32. I was JUST about to post a pic of my Marvel Universe shelf, because I had that figure up as "the" Iron Man.

    But then after taking the pic, I realized that I had swapped it out for the new modular armor one. BTW, the contest figure posed a little more easily (better hip design).

    Ah, well. So, instead:

    CAN YOU NAME EVERY FIGURE IN THIS PICTURE? The stands are mostly not matched according to character, though I think one or two are. And I'm pretty sure a couple might actually be kinda difficult. hah.

  33. Ooh. Evil. Mixing in the Superhero Showdown Doc Ock to really mess things up.

    I can pretty much place every figure in that display (nice Secret Wars vibe going there, Ridureyu) except that guy in the top left corner. Looks like a GI Joe Croc Master, but the resolution is a little poor. Is that a custom fig?

  34. You mean the top right corner?

    -Doc Ock isn't the only Superhero Showdown figure. The other one might not be as easy to place, but will leap out at you when you realize it.

    -There are no G.I. Joes

    -There are no customs

    -and yes, I am exceptionally evil. That last one is from something.... something.

  35. Also:
    -I had Crimson Dynamo with energy blasts, but his hands actually stained the blast on the inside(!!!).
    -Iron Man needs a good pose.
    -It's hard to see from the other pic, but SPidey is kicking Hobgoblin in the face while shooting webbing into Green Goblin;s. Since that spidey has detachably-loose hips, it took a miracle to make that work.
    -Deadpool was originally gonna be posed goofy-running. However, his legs won't support his weight like this:
    -I need to stick Gladiator in there somewhere, if just because I actually have one.

  36. Same here--can't place that figure in the top right, though his shin pads look very familiar...

    I see the excellent Spidey pose, and besides the 3 IM2 figures on the right, only Carnage, Venom and Green Gobbo aren't MU figures. I'm guessing it's either Venom or carnage who's a SHS figure...

    Oh and there's about 15 hours before the contest closes! Step right up with your entries! ;)

  37. Congratulations on such a milestone! I remember stumbling onto your site two years ago, after googling for DCSH figure reviews.

    As for the figure, it's the #30 "Oversize Armor" Iron Man from the 3.75 inch Iron Man 2 comic line. Love the look of this figure since its bulky profile reminds me of the 90's animated Iron Man series.

  38. Thanks Gary! It's been a while, hasn't it? Yet time has just flown right by!

    Oh great, you're entry no. 9!

    More, people! ;)

  39. Thing is a Superhero Showdown fig (you can tell from the legs and hands), and Hobgoblin is actually his Spider-Man sculpt.

    And the other one is a complete cheat, because it's not even Marvel... at all!

  40. I hit enter early.

    For a hint for the last one, look up the reviews I've done at MWCtoys. One of them isn't of the figure, but it's the same character.

  41. It's Jagi from Fist of the North Star. The figure is unarticulated, as it was one of those blind-boxed Gashapons that came with the new-ish remake movies (2005?). The helmet is removable, though. I just thought adding him would be a lark!

  42. hey i dont know how to post on the other contest so im posting on this that the figure you reviewed on articulated discussion is none other than the Crimson Dynamo!


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