Monday, June 13, 2011

And The Winner Is...


After using the trusty contest random-winner-picker, the winner of Chase Variant's 200th Post Contest Extravaganza I is.....


Wes Grogan!

Congratulations, Wes!  You were chosen by the lucky 9-sided die and win this here fancy pants figure on the right.

For the record, there were 9 entries, all of which had the correct answer.  And if you look at how Hasbro names the figure, I'd have accepted "Iron Man" as an answer.  But thanks to al of you who entered this site's first ever contest and commented.

Oh yes, Wes--you also have one brand new but loose flimsy cardboard crate heading your way! ;)  I'll just need your mailing address, which you can either email or Facebook me.

Since we had so much fun doing this contest, let's keep the ball rolling and head straight into the second contest ever right here on Chase Variant! It shall henceforth be dubbed:

200th Post Contest Extravaganza II!

Ground Rules

1) If you win the contest and you're overseas (i.e: anywhere else in the world but in Singapore), you'll still receive the figure for free!  I'll cover the shipping cost, including shipping materials.  I may opt to open the toy (something I'm very good at) and remove the bubble, especially if shipping gets too steep.  But I'll ship everything else from the card to the inserts if you like. ;)

2) If you live in Singapore, there's no definitely shipping charge--we'll arrange for a meet up so I can shake your hand, hand you the prize, and let the media (aka me) take a few snap shots. (Just kidding, no photos necessary.  Lol.)

Contest Rules

There's a couple of things you have to do in order to enter.

Firstly, identify the toy in the pic on the left!  Yes, it is your prize. And yes, this one's tougher than the previous giveaway.  ;)  Here's a clue: I reviewed this 3.75" villain on the old Articulated Discussion site.  He's not been ported over to the new site but Wes and Dr Nightmare are working overtime to get the old stuff to the new location (among a hundred other things. ;P)  I actually have two of this figure because the first one I got, I ended up boiling away some of the color on his legs and then screwing up his hips by mucking up the super glue trick.  So that's your other clue. ;)

Secondly, once you've identified the prize in question, reply to this post and tell me what the toy is!  Each correct answer will receive one chance to win.  But that's not all--you can double your chances if you recommend someone else to Chase Variant and get them to follow it.  (You'll have to let me know who you recommended in your post and I'll double your entry once they've followed!  It's that easy.  For you, that is!  For me it might turn out to be a mathematical nightmare. ;P)

Well all that's left now is a closing date!  Let's call it a week and a bit from the time of this post, that's 2am Singapore time on Monday the 20th of June.  (That's GMT +8.)

So without further ado, let the games begin!


  1. Crimson Dynamo !! Brian o regan is my name

  2. Yarrrrr, I know which one this is, too! And I do not have it! But again I'll keep quiet to let more deserving folks have a shot. And CONGRATULATIONS! :)

    P.S. Buuuuut drop me a line if you find a gang of figures down there for pennies or something. I'm sure we can work something out. ;)

    P.P.S. Aaaand yeah, poor AD. If y'all clap real hard, maybe TinkerTAO will return to let us back in!

  3. I won't enter this one and get all stingy and stuff, but I do remember and LOVE the story of your adventures with this figure and his lame cousin. Hehe. Glad to hear that I won, however, and I can't WAIT to get my hands on this figure, as I don't currently have him. He'll fit in well with my other Iron Man suits, though! Thanks, and congrats again on 200 posts!!

  4. I have that figure too!

    Again, good luck to everyone!!

    (if you start giving away batman figures, I'll participate XD)


  5. Ok, this time I'll go ahead and enter this one, as this one is tough to find in my area. Crimson Dynamo. You can tell because only a Russian would have shoulders like that.

  6. Oh yeah, and congratulations Wes GRogan. I hope you find the Iron Man figure fun!

  7. Not only do I have this figure, but he's standing on my Marvel shelf... not using any blast effects because the red from his hand rubs off on them.

    So uh... here's that Fist of the North Star guy I keep on my Marvel shelf. He's not articulated, sadly.

  8. Congrats Wes! And Crimson Dynamo from the Iron Man 2 comic sub-line

  9. Another try, its Crimson Dynamo , from the Iron Man 2 Comic Line. Congrats Once again!

  10. Congrats Wes! Cardboard crates couldn't have gone to a better guy!

  11. @Amazing Spider Wes - Hope you enjoy it, dude! ;)

    @Wes - I started clapping real loud till the neighbors called the police on me... :P

    @Clark - No way...that looks like some sort of sideways tutu! Heheh.

    @Everone else - thanks for entering and keep the entries coming!

  12. @Ridureyu - Gosh, that guy looks freaky up close. But that helmet is hella neat! :)

  13. Just so you know, I'm dead certain you have a mob of loyal (but shy) followers. I'm stepping out of the closet now - This site is bookmarked - among hotshots like MarvelousNews, Fwoosh, various comic stores and even - in my phone, used as a leisure reading portal as well as to justify my dashing out of the house and grabbing that particular figure being reviewed :). It is especially pleasureable because I notice the figures you review (well for Marvel stuff at least) are figures that aren't exactly the hardest to find or the most sought after which really makes appreciating that particular figure much much easier i.e Classic Iron Man from the IM2 line.

    This is a great site.

    On topic, IM2 Movie Line Comic Series #25 Crimson Dynamo. (I hope the serial number doubles my chances)

    - Vern

  14. @Vern - Unfortunately Vern, even if yo're correct, it doesn't. ;P

    Thanks for those mad props and the assurances of loyalty, both from you and on behalf of the "shy" followers. ;)

    And don't worry, even if you don't win this one you'll have the chance to win many more. I'm planning to make contests a regular thing on the site! :)

  15. That's the Crimson Dynamo from the Iron Man 2 Comic Series!

  16. Capt. Wonderpants.June 14, 2011 at 4:41 AM

    Crimson Dynamo.

  17. Hah, I'll be here for more contests! Just gotta wait for a figure I don't already own.

    (last contest's iron man is back on the shelf. None of the other armors can hold that pose without falling!)

  18. Sounds great, Ridureyu. ;)

    Wow, 9 entries and counting!

  19. Aaaaaaaaand Iron Man fell.

    I'm beginning to wonder about trying to pose him. hah.

  20. congrats to the winner!

    anyhoo, trying my luck again, this figure is Crimson Dynamo! :D

  21. Only the Crimson Dynamo can put his arms through Reese's Peanut Butter Cups and get away with calling them shoulder pads.

  22. @Gary: Iron Man 2020 does the same thing, only he somehow managed to turn the peanut butter cups into a bra.

  23. 11 entries--excellent! And we aren;t even close to the closing date on Monday yet! ;)

    @Gary and Ridureyu - that's just hilarious. Heh.

  24. That's Crimson Dynamo. He's become one of my favorite non-movie IRON MAN figures/characters.

  25. Congrats Wes.

    Also, Crimson Dynamo. Great toy. Lovely glossy finish... pity I somehow melted the gloss on the knee, some other horrible thing. I can't remember, I put mine in storage because it reminds me of the pain of its imperfection.

  26. @updatedude - You and I both, and I both. Lol.


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