Thursday, June 23, 2011

Captain America The First Avenger 3.75" U.S. Agent (Comic Series )

I always wondered why there was a U.S. Agent.  I'd understand if he was a Captain America villain but he's really one of the good guys.  He did beat Cap in their first ever fight though.  Heck, he's even taken down Iron Monger.

Perhaps he stands for something in American politics, like for the Democrats to Cap's Republicans?  But if that were the case, why name him John Walker, as in after the Scotch Whiskey?  He's even got "Jack Daniels" listed as one of his aliases.  Seriously.  Someone was obviously drinking when they came up with his secret identity.

But I've always been a sucker for characters that seem like a poor man's version of the real thing.

I mean, Optimus Prime is my favorite Transformer but Ultra Magnus is so annoyingly lovable for the Wannabe he is.  I love Captain Marvel (Shazam!) out of DC, who started out as Fawcett comic's answer to Superman.  I like Captain America as much as the next guy but U.S. Agent?  There's something bootleg about him that I dig. Yeah, it's all about piracy.  GAARRRRR!!!

So uh, yeah...Yeaheaheaheah, party in the

Like: His bulk.  He's no where near as big as Marvel Universe Colossus let alone the Hulks or Juggernaut, but he's bigger than the Captain Americas from the same line.  Immediately it signals "different character"--besides the fact that he's got a different costume, of course!

Dislike: That because of his bulky torso, his arms can't come down to his sides.  Ah well, I'll take the good with the bad. ;)

Like: His ugly mug!  Ok, so it's not ugly per se but he does look mean and proud (to borrow a phrase from young X-Men: First Class Mystique. ;P).  The icing on the cake?  His down-turned lips, which are just the perfect touch for his tough-as-nails sneer.  It's stuff like this you look for in figures.  They make you wanna buy the hell out of 'em although you might or might not be familiar with the character.

Like: His shield, which is a fancy eagle crest.  The best part?  It opens up like it can be tossed as flying blades or some such.  The other best part?  The star comes off so it can be tossed like a ninja death star or some such.  Intentional?  It very well might be, seeing as how US Agent is always portrayed as quite a bit more aggressive than ol' Stevie Rogers.  He's like Bizarro Cap or something.

I haven't seen anything to indicate its been used in comics before, but this new shield is rather eye-catching though not always practical.  And we know practical is the first thing you need to be to become a super hero.  That's why they all wear spandex. :P

Toy-wise, the shield's got a collapsible post which allows him to peg it into his back.  The same post folds down so that you can clip the shield on his wrist. :)

Like: His colors.  Though they're mainly black, it's a good solid black (like there can be any other.)  The semi-shiny/semi matte finish really brings out the white and red of his costume, making the figure pop quite a bit when next to his fellow superheroes.

His shield is plastic gray except for the shiny red paint on the swivel "blades."  And you'll want to watch out for the paint rub at his swivel hinge elbows--the forearms are sculpted red and painted white, so plentiful/vigorous rotation will wear out the white paint like it did mine.

Dislike:  No wrists.  Again.  Sigh.  But if you're buying into this line you'll have to get used to it--most of the figures are missing this PoA.

Dislike:  Limited head movement. Once again, he's bulky torso restricts some movement.  His thick neck prevents him from looking up and down too much though swiveling as always is no problem.

Like: His Uzi! Ingram MAC 10!  It may be "yet another gun" but it's a rare one.  You get plenty of assault rifles and pistols and even knives, especially when you buy GI Joe figures, but rarely do you get an Uzi Ingram MAC 10 ("made in the U.S. of A and proudly used by patrots like Chuck Norris" as the Rangerlord points out. Lol.)

It's perfect for U.S. Agent because it's just the type of weapon he'd use--one-handed for the shield and automatic because he doesn't wanna waste time pulling the trigger more than once on the baddies.

Like: His chest pivot.  Thick as his torso is, he can crunch forward and sideways, as well as arch back.  Hasbro continues to impress with this joint.


Aesthetics: 8.5/10 - His uniform is great, especially his shield, which has so much detail sculpted into it it's a pity they didn't choose to paint it up more.  On US Agent himself, the paint is sharp enough, though not all the figures are consistent.  The main sculpt itself is the best aesthetic feature, with the face and its expression priceless. :)

Poseability: 7.5/10 - No wrists, no points.  But he's got the greatest leg joints ever made for figures in pants.  All the other "basic" PoAs that we've come to know and love are there as well, saving the figure and probably the whole line from just being "kids stuff"--like a certain other hero from the DC Universe that's got a movie out in theaters right now...

Fun: 8/10 - He's been part of the Mighty Avengers, he's been part of Omega Flight.  He's even been Captain America before.  Yeah, this guy's been around.  And generic as it is, I always thought his name was fun.  Both John Walker and U.S. Agent.  Not so much that his initials are U.S.A, but that they seemed to have chosen "Agent" for his name just in case you missed the acronym and said it out loud "Yoo Ess Ayy--gent" and then realized "ZOMG!  His name's got "USA in it, and he's a gent!!!"

Value: 8/10 - I paid S$18 for this figure, which is $US13.80 these days.  For that, you get his stylish new shield, a rare 3.75" scale Uzi, some excellent sculpting, and a figure that'll be sneering at you for the rest of your life.  Value for money. 

Overall: 8.0/10 - It's a keeper!  I don;t know when we'll see another U.S. Agent figure, if ever.  That alone makes him worth getting, especially for all you fans of his out there (I know you're out there ;]).  Poor Man Hero fans like me will also want this guy, which could have been even better if he only had wrists.

But as he is, U.S. Agent is an excellent offering from the Captain America first Avenger movie line.  The best part is that he's not even in the movie, as far as I know.  But by creating its own sub-lines with the Movie, Comic and Concept Series, Hasbro has found a way to bring C/D-listers to us.  And by using the parts that are meant for A-listers like Captain America mixed in with a couple of unique tools, U.S. Agent gets to be a great figure as well!


  1. I like the outfit... thought I'd seen Cap wering something similar back in the late 80's??

  2. Ol Johnny Walker used that shield a few issues..havent read them but ive seen a few pics flying around...

  3. I really didn't like this figure at all. His paint app was sloppy, the joints are rubbery and the whole thing just feels really cheap...

  4. Great review. I'm working on a Crossbones and Red Skull from the Cap movie line. I was going to get U.S. Agent until I saw those 2!

  5. There's something weird about all the Captain America figures that just feels "bootleg," as you said.

    Even Red Skull feels... off. Pretty off. I actually just submitted a review of 'im to MWCToys, too, and I kept going back to that. He doens't pose well, and his joints feel fragile.

  6. Those pouches would make Rob Liefeld proud!

  7. @SDTB - I'm not too sure about that. But your right--I just had a vague recollection (or mis-recollection) that The two might have switched costumes... 8P

    @The Alansong - Great find! I wonder why he switched back--I think the eagle shield is cooler.

    @iok - I'll agree with the paint issues. For some reason the early MU/Movie figures tend to have poorer paint apps. IM2 is the best example. It gets better though...I hope. Lol.

    As for the joints, I think they feel rubbery because the rest of the figure is so solid. His arms and legs are bulky enough that they they to get in the way of his swivel/hinges but he's not bulky enough that he can have joint posts that are bigger and tougher. Size constraints, I guess! :)

    @Colbey - Ooh that'll be nice! Those two figures are shortpacked! :)

    @Ridereyu - I meant bootleg in a good way and as in the character itself, not the toy. Lol. Pity about the 'Skull! I'll probably stick to my old school MU version for now. Great pics though! Looking forward to your review. :)

    @hockstylin - I had to read up on Liefeld, but yes they would! ;P

  8. U.S. Agent is on my list of "to get" action figures i just Crossbones which am trilled with also i need a Red Skull and a Hydra Solider.

  9. I don't like the marvel movie figures, they're a little short and a little less articulated compared to their MU counterpart. The new swivel hinge legs doesn't help either. Even so, I still bought Crossbones from this line.

  10. I just saw what I am guessing is a movie version, he looked like he had the circle shield, all alone on a peg with two snowboarding Captains, I left him if I had know jboy was looking for one I would have snagged him. I figured he would be hanging around for a while.

  11. Sod. I'd like a USAgent, but I want a proper, Marvel Legends figure. (I should have a monocle or something when I say things like that.)

  12. @jboypacman - Great! Good luck finding the Red Skull. Hydra Soldier is very worth it--he's a deluxe fig--great accessories!

    @Killing TIme - Those new swivel hinge legs are actually some of the best I've seen on a 3.75" figure. Have a diagram of how to work it properly here near the satrt of the review:

    And actually I'd say the movie figures tend to be better articualted than the MU ones. ON that they're slightly shorter, I concur! :)

    @chunky B - I think what you saw was Fotress Assault Captain America?:

    And lemme guess: those three figures were the only ones left because you snagged all the rest!!! ;P

    @googum - Yes, you should, Baron von Strucker. Lol.

  13. There's a Hydra Soldier? I might want to chase one down now! Red Skull has some good points, but he's very hard to pose, the plastic feels cheap, and as you can see in one pic, his hand is already cracking when I have not stressed it! I'd give him a few marks over the other one for not having a reused Indiana Jones body, though.

    And yeah - expect like 3 to 4 weeks for the Red Skull review to pop up, considering his backlog. But there WILL be one for the Taskmaster/Deadpool comic pack tonight!

  14. Heheh, gives new meaning to "cracked skull". Yeah true about the Indy Colonel Vogel body reuse, though it's not too bad a figure when it comes to sculpt and detail. The articulation is pretty bad but he doesn't need to do any funky martial arts moves...for now... ;)

    Yes, the Hydra soldier is a deluxe figure so he'll cost more but it's worth it!

    Taskmaster and DP! Oh boy! :)

  15. True. Right now I have Red Skull on the MArvel shelf, and he's standing straight up, holding out his pistol in one hand, and clutching the cosmic cube in the other. That's pretty much the only pose the figure can take, but it's a good pose, and it works.*

    *Well, that, and dancing with Ghost Rider, but we're nooooooot gonna makethat one permanent.

  16. Great review! Crap... I had no idea USAgent actually used the alias "Jack Daniels".

  17. @Ridureyu - Thanks for the tip on 'Skull. And maaaaybe you should keep thme in that dancing pose...Lol.

    @Soundwave - Yeah, me neither until I checked out his bio on Marvel Wiki. Very strange. Heh.

  18. No it was a U.S. Agent, I guess I didn't really look at the shield that close, comparing packaged photos and all, it looks like yours in hindsight.

    Also, even though I consider myself a pretty big Cap fan I have only picked up the Parachute Cap, might have to go back after a few more, LOL.

  19. Haha ok. Ooh, Parachute Cap is tempting. A very basic yet extremely nostalgic play feature! But yes, you're probably going to have to go back and get more... ;P

  20. How well does the parachute work?

  21. Wow, the first positive review I've seen of this figure online. I've always liked this costume, but I think I'm just going to stick with the Ultimate Cap for now. I even passed on Crossbones the other day.

  22. Seeing as how Hasbro put out a Captain Britain and a U.S. Agent in this toy line, I wish they'd also release these five (or four since number three is still Cap) as well.

    1) Union Jack - The original one served in World War II so it's not far-fetched that he and Cap worked together. For some reason, I see the Crossbones mold as a good template for an updated Union Jack figure.

    2) Batroc The Leaper - Some people might think he's a lame villain but he and Cap have a history (for a lack of a better term) just like the Red Skull. Ultimate Cap would probably be a good mold for this figure.

    3) Armored Captain America - Wasn't there a time when Cap had to wear a Stark-designed suit of armor? There's a wide range of Iron Man figures that would make a good mold for this version of Cap.

    4) Falcon - Hasbro released Bucky/Winter Soldier so why not release Cap's other best friend and partner? It would be interesting to see how Hasbro updates Falcon's look or makes it a bit more realistic.

    5) Battlestar - And speaking of best friends, doesn't U.S. Agent deserve to have his pal with him? Capt. Britain's mold looks to be the right size for Battlestar.

  23. SirDragonBane, yeah I am going to have to go back and get some more caps for the collection most definitely.

    Ridureyu, the parachute works okay, I think it could have been a little larger so it would float more than it does, it tends to open and come down rather fast. The figure also does not have waist articulation and is thicker than say the Marvel Universe stuff, hope that helps.

    Wayward Knave, I would love to see a Falcon in the comic line, that would be great. If I am not mistaken didn't they release a Falcon in the Marvel Universe line?

  24. And of course the ultimate question for all parachute toys is:

    ust where can you drop them that won't result in losing it or causing a public disturbance?

    (And yes, I liked the Deadpool/Taskmaster pack)

  25. @clark - Really? I haven't seen many Cap figures reviwed online just yet. And I tell ya, it's the wrists that most people haven;t gotten over, most prob. ;)

    Oh, and you passed on Crossbones!? Ah well, but then so did I...only because he was a few bucks more expensive and it was a specialty store. ;P

  26. @Wayward Knave:

    1) No objections here! They can only put out so many variations of Cap so they need to include more characters that we'll buy! ;)

    2) At first I read "Batroc the Leper." Now that would've been a fun character. But then I looked him up and I'd have to say I'd buy him solely for his evil moustache!

    3) Another great suggestion. The closest they've gotten so far is Iron Patriot and this guy:

    4) Yes, like Chunky B said, he'll be relesed soon in the next Marvel Universe wave, wave 14 with Skaar, Dr. Strange (w Astral Variant), Dr. Doom and Scarlet Spider! :D

    5)See 1)! ;)

  27. I want Dr. Strange. very, very much. When is that wave actually supposed to show up, anyway?

  28. The wife picked up US Agent for me today but i have not had a chance to open it yet as i been battling the flu am hoping to have him out of his package soon.

  29. Bro. Great review. Just one minor nitpick: it's an Ingram MAC 10, not an Uzi. Proudly made in the USA and used by such patriots as Chuck Norris.

    Am still working on my "ultimate" USAgent with parts from Fortress Cap and GI Joes. Will let you know how that turns out. But the missing wrists are indeed a hassle.

    The RangerLord

  30. @Ridureyu - It'sAllTrue,net has it as May but I haven't seen him around at al. But strangely enough, I bumped into a guy who sold him to me yesterday! More in the review... ;) Talk about coincidence--we talk about it and I manage to find him. ;)

    @jboypacman - You have an awesome wife! And get wel soon, dude. :)

    @Rangerlord - Not at all. Thanks for the correction. Ingram MAC 10, it is! I'm not about to cross Chuck Norris online--he could probably punch me trough email.

    Look forward to seeing that "ultimate" US Agent! :)

  31. That IS odd! I'll be in California in July, and near enough to Frank And Son's Collectibles that I'll probably find a vendor with Dr. Strange, if I don't see one in the meantime.

    Because I'm in the country, half of the time I just see everything on the pegs (Deadpool and Taskmaster, Thanos, etc.), but then the rest of the time it turns out that one collector got there before me, and who knows when a store will restock.

  32. cool reviews dude! your MU reviews makes me very proud of my MU collection. Keep it up and i will be looking forward for your upcoming reviews

    P.S. and congrats to your "Ultimate Action Figure" really a must have 8)

  33. @Ridureyu - Yeah, isn;t that just typical? It's the classic "if only I'd been ther first!" feeling. I'm sure we've all been there. ;) Good luck on finding figures there!

    @jeck0ng - Thanks on both counts! You flatter me. But I am glad I can be of service. ;)

  34. It was all made up for when I found Thanos, Constrictor, and Ghost Rider on the same day!

  35. "Yes, like Chunky B said, he'll be relesed soon in the next Marvel Universe wave, wave 14 with Skaar, Dr. Strange (w Astral Variant), Dr. Doom and Scarlet Spider! :D"

    The first thought that occurred to me when I read that was, "Lord, how thin is he going to be?" That's the main issue that's kept me from buying any Marvel Universe figures. I bought MU Stealth Armor Iron Man on the assumption that he would be the same size as the Movie Line Iron Men but was disappointed as to how borderline scrawny it was. On the bright side, MU Stealth Armor Iron Man automatically became MU Stealth Armor Pepper Potts so that my Fusion Armor Iron Man had a partner/teammate.

    "Batroc The Leper".

    Heh-heh. For some comic book fans, Batroc is kind of a leper because they think he's corny. But I always liked how he had his own code of honor. And if memory serves me correct, Batroc was the last fellow to see Cap before he disappeared during that time when he had to wear armor to reverse some kind of negative effect that the Super Serum was having on him (or something like that).

    Speaking of Armored Cap, I think the Hyper-Velocity Iron Man armor most closely approximates that armor he had to wear. Does anyone else here remember that storyline other than myself? If so, does anyone here have an image of Captain America's armor? I would hate to think that I'm just having a hallucination induced by food poisoning from the undercooked shrimp tempura I had for dinner last night.

  36. Another action figure suggestion for Cap's Comic Series line: Diamondback. If Iron Man can get Black Widow in his toyline, why can't Cap have his ex-girlfriend in his? Hasbro can make use of the molds for Scarlett, Cover Girl, and Agent Helix to create Diamondback if the Marvel Movie figures and Marvel Universe figures are lacking any proper female molds.

  37. Ooh that would be nice. As it is, they need to make more female figures with good sculpts. Whether you know who the character is, if it ends up being a "cool"-looking, well articualted figure, most people would get it, me for sure! ;)

  38. I agree, Sir Dragonbane. The lack of female characters in Iron Man, Thor, and Cap's current toy lines is kind of a sore point. Not that I would want to see a "Missile Launcher Pepper Potts" or a "Particle Accelerator Jane Foster" in the mix if they're just sloppily-made characters carrying outsized weaponry to make up for their design flaws but--as you said--female figures with good sculpts would certainly be appreciated.

    I find it odd that the G.I. Joe movie toy line has five female characters available, even if two of those characters weren't even in the movie. On the other hand, Black Widow and Sif were lucky that they were part of the movie or else they might not have even been produced as figures.

    If Hasbro is reluctant to add female characters in the movie figures series, they should do so with the comic figures series. That way, we can see some fresh faces rather than repeated repaints of the same toys.

  39. Yes, using the Comic Series is an excellent idea! The movie series Black Widow and Sif are really tough to find in these parts. We're missing lots of female characters and yet, here we sit with two Miss Marvels...Lol.

  40. Speaking of Comic Series action about Steve Rogers, Director Of SHIELD?

    After all, the MU Sharon Carter needs company...or maybe a Comic Series Sharon Carter would be better?

  41. Oh I'm getting that Steve Rogers for sure. He was revealed at on of the Cons recently... As for Sharon Carter, there's an MU figure?

  42. I found a us agent with one of the wings on his head white and the other was black plus where the white part is on his arm it was half light pink. i was wondering if i found something special lol

  43. @ivenucca - What you found was probably a poorly painted figure with one wing painted over and not enough paint on his arm, resulting in the red plastic below showing though. But it really depends on you--some people just love errors like these so maybe you do have yourself a rare gem! ;)

  44. I stand corrected, Sir Dragonbane: Sharon Carter was a Marvel Legends action figure that came with Stealth Armor Iron Man. Both were six-inchers.

    Some online stores are already accepting pre-orders for Commander Steve Rogers (as they call him):

    He looks better in that design. His illustration at the back of the MU packaging makes him look like Mike Mizanin of the WWE. Har-har!

    I still wish the Cap Movie toy line had a Steve Rogers in the Comic Series too.

  45. Yes, Commander Steve Rogers looks really good. Check out the pic in my latest post. ;)

    Haha, the Miz...that is quite funny...And yes, I swish there was not just a Steve Rogers in the movie line but also a Hugo Weaving Johann Scmidt!

  46. Yes, yes! Johann Schmidt so we can do head swaps with the Red Skull! And all the Howling Commandos in the movie (including a pre-Winter Soldier Bucky Barnes)! Cap, Bucky, and the Commandos versus Schmidt/Skull and his HYDRA troops! Imagine the photos you can take of Cap and his bunch tossing the Skull and his goons onto collapsing crates!

    Although if Hasbro completes our wish list, I suppose we'll all be broke. Heh-heh.

  47. Lol, Wes Grogan would have fit trying to track all the flimsy cardboard crates.

    And yes, we'd all be broke. Not that we aren't already. Haha.

  48. To be fair, it was the MacFarlane HALO REACH Spartans that made be broke. Hasbro played just a small part in it. Heh-heh.

    Hasbro should try making G.I. Joes in the same size as the Spartans. Then they can try adding new points of articulation and accessories. If they can do it with the Iron Man Armored Avenger line, why not with the Joes?

  49. Instead of crates, would plastic ice cubes better for a fight between these two?

  50. Gosh that's the one Cap toy design I think looks hideous. He's wearing pajamas, most definitely. It's like Cap became a paramedic, got out of bed and forgot to wear real pants.

  51. He looks like he stole the trousers from a Snow Serpent, had them laundered to shrink to his preferred size, and repainted the camouflage pattern in bright blue.

  52. Lol, whatever he did, it sure doesn't look natural!

  53. Maybe he's Breakdancer Captain America? Har-har-har!

    Cue "Body Rock!"

    "Born on a hungry street
    children of darkness grew upon the beat..."

    I think some of the guys in this music video have the same pants Arctic Assault Cap does.

  54. Haha, that song...brings back the memories. And that pants brings back the song! Argh I'm stuck in a circle of baggy pants!!!

  55. And endless loop of breakdancing with Captain America himself in the lead. That would drive even the Red Skull insane--well, more insane than he already is. Even Loki would beg for mercy.

  56. Introducing...Ultimate Super Steroid Captain America.


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