Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Bizarre Bizarro!

Just finished readng Superman: Red Son again yesterday. Think it was the fourth time. But this time it was special 'cos I read it with Melissa. See, every once in while, we read stuff aloud so we can both enjoy whatever it is we're reading. The going may be slower than usual when it comes to actual books, but it works well with graphic novels. It really makes the chracters come to life. :) And Red Son is the first we've finished together. And what a trip it was! Mel finally got to see why this was my favourite Superman series, as well as ]where all these DC Direct Red Son figures I was buying were coming from. And if you've never read Superman Red Son then you're missing out on all the twists, turns and surprises that only a writer like Mark Millar can pull off! ;)

Here's his Red Son Bizarro by DC Direct

If you've never read the Eisner winning limited series, this Bizarro is not from a parallel world, but rather a clone of the Superman of that world, who landed in Russia in 1938. B-dog here is one of Lex Luthor's many attempts at foiling the Big Blue...er..Big Grey and Red Super Commie?

And of course, Lex is American and so is his test tube baby!

Fantastic detail on the toy, as is usually delivered by DC Direct. But of course, articulation takes a big hit. He comes only in a special 4-pack with Superman (younger version), Wonder Woman, and Batman.

Bizzizle here has 11 points of articulation:

-Swivel head

-Ball-jointed shoulders

-Hinge elbows

-Swivel wrists

-Hinge legs

-Hinge knees

His torso lacks any form articulation as in most (all?) DC Direct figs. But he does have wrists where President Superman doesn't. And while Pressie Supes' has super stiff joints, Bizarro's are tight enough but not too tight. This means his thigh/hip joints can rotate such that he can do a split. I tried testing Supes' limits and ended up with some paint being scatched of his butt and front hip. -_-

Bizarro comes with a flag and a Red Son insignia stand (very first pic right on top!), which is really nice when you stand him on it. The flag is very well painted and deliberately creased for a cloth effect.


Aesthetics: 10/10 - Painted well except for a very minor drop of blue on this guy's right boot. His skin is especially well captured from the pages of the series. Check out the wash. Check out his eyes too!

Chest insignia, cape, belt--all very reminiscent of an American Superman. Oh yes. Nothing says American Superman louder than a red and yellow "U.S." on one's chest. ;)

Poseability: 5.5/10 - Better than President Supes, but only slightly.

Fun: 7/10 - And only because I've got Superman and Wonder Woman, who's yet to be opened. Once I get Bats (and maybe Green Lantern) it be lots of fun posing and displaying them. :)

Value: 7/10 - The flag is a very nice touch and the stand, well, he needs it. Considering he's exclusive to the 4 pack and I got him loose for S$25, I'd say he's almost a steal.\

Overall: 7.4/10 - Low for me, I know. But hey! New ratings categories! :P

Unless you're a Red Son fan or a Bizarro nut, you probably won't even give him a second glance at the toy store, so no worries about you getting him. But if you're a fan, then this guy is a must have to complete a limited figure line froma limited comic series. :)

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