Thursday, September 24, 2009

Yo (Great Fiery Balls of Frequent Dragonheart Fire!!!!) Joe!

Can you guess who this next Joe is, just from the title? Well, if ya don't know, here's a clue: There are 3 movies in there in which this next Joe was in, besides the obvious (GI Joe Rise of Cobra).

Stiil can't guess who? Here's a video clue (Ah well, watch it even if you know who it is--can't hurt right? It might even be funny :P ):

All right all right, that was a dead giveaway, no?

Well, the other movies in the title are Frequency (2000), and Dragonheart (1996)--not that he hasn't stared in countless other movies, our Joe has.

So without further ado, I gave you General Hawk!

Well I can't tell you how much awesome fun this figure is! (Just watch that video and you'll have a rough idea. ;]) The likeness to Dennis Quaid is pretty amazing. I mean, Hasbro screw up some, and the REALLY screw up some *cough* *cough* *Baroness*, but this guy they've got spot on.

Now he's got standard Joe articulation, which means he's got ball-jointed head and chest, pin-swivel shoulders and elbows, swivel wrists. legs are ball-jointed, with double-joint knees and pin-swivel ankles.

He doesn't come with a butt load of accessories like say the Pit Commando, but what he comes with is perfect for the figure.

We've got what looks like a standard issue rifle (if there's ever such a thing for a Joe, hah!), hand gun (that all generals have, as if to say they're so high ranking all they need is one puny pistol, just in case), 2 nanomite warheads with a carry case, a shoulder holster with a molded-on handgun, and foldable jetpack.

Oh, and also his personalized figure stand!

What also makes Hawk extra cool is that he's got a workable holster on his right hip, so you can make him hold all his stuff and then pose him.

The thing that really appeals to me about the figure is its understaness. There's just a sort of relaxed manner about the Joe T-shirt and fatigues and the beret that kinda say "I don't need 12 guns and a BFG to take you down." And I guess that's why he's a General--no BFG! Haha.

Check him out with just his handgun pretending to look at his watch:

And just when you think he ain't lookin'...

Oh, YEAH...It's the Dennis Quaid/General Hawk one shot one kill special. Great Balls of Fire!

So let's rate this Joe!

Aesthetics: 9.5/10 - Simple, well done, nicely molded and painted to look very character accurate. They've got the frown down, they've got the beret tilted just right, and they've even got his wrist watch molded on and painted. Sweet!

Poseability: 9.5/10 - His high rating is tied to the simplicity of the character design. Most often the Joes have a problem with head articualtion--they can't look too far up (or at all) or too far to the sides (mainly due to collars, armour, etc.) But Hawk looks up great and nothing gets in the way of a 360 degree head turn.

Fun: 10/10 - What can I say? Put him seated before (or dancing on) a piano, give him a radio set and have him talk to his son in the future (who's actually Jesus), or give him one of Wolverine's samurai swords and have him go "There can be only one..."

Haha, got you there. Told you he's been in too many movies. ;P You can give him a sword and pose him before a dragon and put on your best Sean Connery accent. Heck, you can even pose him in his regular day job giving the Joes hell.

So how do I spell fun?

"G-E-N-E-R-A-L C-L-A-Y-T-O-N 'H-A-W-K' A-B-E-R-N-A-T-H-Y."

Value: 9.5/10 - Quality over quantity, I always feel. As you can see from the pic above, I also busted open the really hard to find and much sought after Pit Commando. And despite all the equipment he came with (14 pieces total), I found him somewhat lacking. He couldn't hold all his equipment well and some of his stuff only he can wear. (Yeah, I know I was ambitious in thinking others could "borrow" his stuff. What was I supposed to think? He can't hold/wear 'em all at once... :P) Bottom line, what Hawk does, he does well, VERY well. (No I'm not talking about acting.)

Overall: 9.63/10 - This is an outstanding figure. And super hard to find hereabouts in Singapore. So grab him if you see him and have a whale (or dragon) of a time!

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