Thursday, September 10, 2009

Fun with Backgounds!

It's lucky I didn't realize how amazing a good background from the Marvel Universe Back Road Brawl 2 pack can be. Because if I did, I would have bought this Toys 'R' Us exclusive set at it's retail price of S$39.90. I then wouldn't have snagged it at the low, low price I did of S$12. And if you're a Marvel Universe fan, what in the world would stop you from getting this 2-pack that also comes with a nifty X-cycle (that all your MU 3.75" guys of all shapes and sizes can ride :P) at that price?

Well, I was going to review the exclusive comic book costume Sabertooth and Cowboy hat Wolverine from this set, but I guess I got distracted by the wonderful Back Road Background. The forest background insert was one thing, but the plastic packaging mold that holds these guys up in the box was quite another.

You see, they weren't glued to the background but rather tabbed into slots, making them removeable without damaging the beautful scenery. And you could re-insert them anytime. What's the big deal about plastic packaging, you say? Well, the molds fit pretty much any two 3.75" guys and the bike if you so choose.

Here's a taste. ;)

Wolvie with no Back Road X-Bike!

Wolvie catching Sabertooth's scent in the wind and tossing the bike in anticipation of the fight!

Wolvie jumps Cap on bike! Why? Cos Cap must've stole it from Xavier's Mansion! (Why else? :P)

Or maybe Wolvie jumps Cap, who stashed the bike earlier and doesn't have it on him (or under him. ;])

Or Cap jumps Wolvie for even thinking that ol' Stevie boy would even consider stealing!

Or Wolvie, after changing into different duds and a hat, jumps Hulk by mistake thinking that Hulk is Cap who pinched the X-Bike?

Or maybe Hulk stole X-Bike.

And Hulk mad bike don't start!

So Hulk toss Bike...RAARGH!!!! Bike only for sissies and Cyclopses anyway!!


  1. Sir Manley JohnsonOctober 12, 2010 at 1:33 PM

    That bike just might be the thing for my Ghost Rider. that's not too far from the 70s incarnation I like.

  2. Yeah, if I get my hands on a GR myself I'd use this bike too. But as the Rangerlord so rightly pointed out to me: it's missing the hellfire! Lol. :)


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