Thursday, September 17, 2009

The One: Paris Pursuit Snake Eyes

Yes folks, not because he's the one movie G.I. Joe figure I'd get if I could only buy one more toy before my time was up, but because of his awesome coat that lets him do this:

Can you say Matrix? Trinity? Morpheus? (All in a Keanu voice) Ok, so Neo might not have pulled this move off as "The One" (too easy for him) but Snake Eyes sure can on his fabulous coat tails.

To be honest, I wasn't expecting much from Paris Pursuit Snake Eyes because I'd heard his caot gets in the way of his poseability. But guess what? It's not all bad news, especially if you're like me and love to pose figures mid-flight/kick/jump/dive/lunge etc. Just look at Snake Eyes' sweet ass flying kick!

They also gave this guy a wedge shaped slit in the back of the coat to allow more maneuverability of his legs. Good move!

Another wonderful thing about these PP Snake Eyes is that he comes with a bunch of accessories, but none of them is the gargantuan unwieldy available in all colours of the rainbow big frickin' gun.

He does though come with Timber, 2 guns, a sword and sheathe (that can plug into his back), a bayonet, and a stand.

A pity that Timber has no articulation and can only thus be considered an accessory. He is though, a repaint and hence unique in his own way I guess. Would've been awesome if even just his head could turn.

No matter, I had tons of fun with PP SE. His only problem is that he can't kneel cuz of the coat, otherwise he'd be perfect. And while the Ninja Commando Snake Eyes does have a BFG with less accessories, he doesn't suffer from knee problems. But he does have the sculpted lips from the movie costume which can be oh, so lame. This is where Paris Pursuit Snake beats Ninja Commando hands down. I guess the best solution, like my cousin Byron recommended, would be to take the PP head and swap with the Ninja Commando's, if that's what one prefers.

Oh, and the detail on the rest of Snake Eyes is also really nice. Like this pouch here.

The down side is that unlike PP Shadow, besides the sheathe for the katana, he doesn't have anywhere to holster his weapons.

It's a pity because I like with his sword in hand more than the machine gun or pistol, which have to be lying on the ground somewhere if he takes up the blades.

But I just can't get over the awesomeness of the coat! It's like DCSH Superman having a long cape that helps him balance better and do all sorts of taking off and landing poses.

Who needs wire fu when you gots the coat-tail fu? :)

Let's rate him!

Aesthetics: 9.4/10 - Nice detail all over, plus points for the blank mask and long coat, sleeves, pants and all--Nicely creased at the parts that need to be and just thick enough around the limbs to seem like he's wearing layers. But I guess black's not really my colour, or perhaps the black they used (LOL) makes it hard to make out all the little details.

Poseability: 9.4/10 - Yeah the coat gets him here. Otherwise he'd be really a lot nearer full marks. Go tto give it to Hasbro, though. They didn't cut corners and gave him a full 22 points like Stormie. :)

Fun: 9.5/10 - All together now--COAT TAILS! Ok I'll stop. But really, realizing that he could balance without his feet on the ground made me laugh out loud. I'll put him in a fight with PP Stormie real soon. Pics to come!!!

Value: 9.2/10 - Takes a hit from Timber being only a repaint with no articulation. Don't get me wrong, the wolf is cool and the gang and all, but I'd rather have had more guns and/or places to put em.

Overall: 9.38 - Great figure, get it if you like the lipless mask on Snake Eyes. But I suspect the perfect Snake Eyes can only be found from a combination of more than one of his various versions.

And Check out this fight scene between Storm Shadow and Snake Eyes! (Sort of ;P)

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