Sunday, May 8, 2011

Chase Pics: Justice League Unlimited Display! (and other updates. ;] )

5 long years after the last episode aired, I've finally gotten off my lazy ass and opened up all the JLU figures that I have.  The reason I took so long was partly laziness, partly because I'd discovered DC Universe and Marvel Universe figures were more poseable (and up my alley), and mostly because I've never had the space to display 'em all.

Well, after getting married and moving into our own place, I finally have a whole room I can devote to displaying stuff!  Even then, I realized that packaging was taking up a lot of space.  And I mean a LOT.  That also meant that I was buying more stuff than I had time to open.  (Weird, right?  Ok, maybe not...)

I guess I had the lofty ambition of reviewing every toy I bought, thinking that I could do it because I'm a self-professed cherry-picker and proud of it.  But boy was I wrong.  There ain't no way I can review toys faster than I buy them.  The verdict?  I get a brand new JLU display!

I needs me Justice Lords Wonder Woman!!!

Read on for more updates! ;)

Yes, I realized after setting this up, that I need more bad guys!  Even my Justice Lords aren't actually the real thing--you see, I'd picked up the J-Lords Superman, Batman, and Hawkgirl 3-pack over the Supes, Bats, and Wonder Woman pack because the former was harder to find.  I intended to then try and get WW loose somehow.  The only other difference between the two 3-pks was that Supes and Bats had thes weird circuitry markings on their shoulders.  I couldn't recall any moment when that had appeared in the JLU series, so I shrugged it off.

Then while re-watching the entire 4 seasons with Melissa, I finally spotted the circuitry versions of the J-Lords--they were Braniac clones in one of the season finales!  I'd been cheated!  By myself, no less, but still cheated!

Haha, na, it isnt that bad.  I'm still happy that I got those Justice Lords clone because I really love that episode/story arc.  It just means I have to go back and get them, this time hopefully with Wonder Woman!

Besides the JLU, I also cracked open some sealed DCUC figures to round out my JLA Magnificent Seven and "Reserves" display.

I love this display--I may yet get to reviewing some of these guys, especially the ones involved in Brightest Day!

And I also beefed up my Masters of the Universe Classics shelf!

Still have Evil-Lyn and He-Ro I need to open. I'm such a slacker!


  1. Thanks, dude! I do so very much like your recent GL and Sinestro Corp Displays too! ;)

  2. if u have time, drop by that furniture shop VHive. They used to (think they still do) have a very nice glass cabinet that features a top light and an inside mirror back panel. So all your figures are like reflected back to you. the cabinet is bout the size of those normal long standing Ikea ones. Bought it years ago, very cool.

  3. @Cavalock - Thanks for the tip. It'll be like you have double your figures! The wife and I have actually been to VHive to hunt for furniture but the're service has been rather bad, to the extent that they couldn;t confirm whether one piece we were interested in was out of stock, available for order, or whether they wanted to sell the display set or not. Lol. Oh well, I'll still check out the cabinet because you recommended it!

    @SD Toybox - Thanks!

  4. Agree that VHive is pretty bad but that glass cabinet, if you can find it, is like the rose among the thorns. worth it i think

  5. Cool! I'll kep it in mind when I next manage to get out of the house. ;)

  6. It's nice to see a group of loose JLU figures posed together. Are they difficult to keep standing?

  7. Oh boy, they sure are! Some stand better than others, for example the big male bucks like Supes and Batman. The smaller sized ones like Flash have a little bit more of a problem. The female ones are the worst because they have tiny feet. Stand are definitely recommended.

    Thes best? Ultra Humanite with his big ol' feet! ;)


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