Monday, May 16, 2011

Lego Minifigs Series 4: Kimono Girl

I originally didn't intend to get the Kimono Girl.  The Rangerlord wanted her but not me.

I had stumbled upon boxes of series 4 late in the game and already the minifigs I thought were going to be rare were sold out.  At least according to the friendly salesperson at the specialty Lego store I was in.  So I couldn't get the Musketeer, nor the Mad Crazy (politically correct) Scientist.  And I couldn't find her either for the Rangerlord.

But I snapped her up the moment Rangerlord and I chanced upon her at Toys R Us/  She was, after all, a sought after figure in the initial boxes that came into stores locally.  RL already found himself one, of course.  For the girls (aka his daughters). ;)

Of course, I too couldn't resist. It would go well with my Ninja and Samurai from the previous waves, he said.  We influence each other too much.

Like: The extra paint detail of flowers in her hair.  She's also got a nifty new fan and a brand new white colored complexion for her face, complete with painted lips.  Her hands are white to match.  She also fits very nicely with the Samurai and the Ninja.  Fans of the whole feudal Japanese feel now have a complete mini set of three figures. Yay!

Dislike: That she doesn't have legs.  I know, I know, how can she, since she's wearing a voluminous dress, right?  I guess it's just the action figure collector is me--the more moving parts the better.  That's not to say she doesn't look like she's wearing a dress and looking feudally gorgeous, because that's exactly what she 's doing!

Minifig Rating: 7.5/10 - She gets a lower rating than The Frankestein Monster and Benicio del Toro the Werewolf because she's a girl slightly less articulated than I would like.  Not that Lego Minifigs can pose like Revoltechs.  But at least they can sit, stand on one leg, or look like they're walking if they have legs.  The Kimono Girl can't but that just means she can't really fall over either.  Who needs that stand?  Not her, certainly.  But the fact is this: she's got excellent paint and such refreshing dress and skin colors not always seen in Lego minifigs.  I'm just a little biased because I like me my articulation. ;)

A wise ranger(lord) once told me that Legos had a lot less girl minifigs than guy minifigs.  And this is something you wouldn't notice unless you're a big-ass girl minifig perv you have daughters who are also crazy about Legos, as the Ranger's are. The good thing?  He's made me aware of it.  The greater thing though, is that he's just added a third child and third girl to his family on the 29th of last month, just ten days after my boy came along.  Yes, I know, he's too weak-kneed to produce male offsrping but let me be the first to say on Chase Variant: Congratulations, Rangerlord, on baby Amber!  Because of you, Female Minifigs will always remind me of you and your girls! ;)

Here's to more females in Lego!


  1. @SD ToyBox - Yes, she is!

    @LEon - Indeed, you did... ;)

  2. I can't belive my luck! I know have 5 Crazy Scientists! 5!

  3. Saw the little lego packs at Plaza Sing today but had to resist. Instead I bought the Destroyer 3-3/4 inch for almost $20 at Simply Toys. They got the new Apocalypse too but didn't get that. Destroyer was a personal thing as the first Thor I read as kid had him or it in it.

  4. @Soundwave - That IS pretty crazy. Lol.

    @Cavalock - Oh man! I missed out--I was just there on Friday catching Thor for the second time. Good find, man! :)


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