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Marvel Universe 3.75" Wave 1 Daredevil

After going on a figure opening rampage, I've unearthed for myself some real gems from the older waves of the Marvel Universe line.  I'd grown lukewarm about these figures because either I didn't remember why I got them in the first place or simply because newer stuff that I was more eager to open found its way to me.

I opened at least 11 figures in one night, from Bullseye to Electro to everyone's favorite superhero lawyer here, and they've all impressed me in one way or another.

And yes, I've held on this long to open this guy because partially I lost interest in him as mentioned above and also because I was holding out for a newer, improved release with a slimmer body.  But the recent Wave 12 revision of him made me realize Hasbro weren't gonna change things around with DD and it also got me itching to bust him open.  So I did.

What else can I say except that Marvel Universe is an awesome line?  I guess I could take some photos and talk some trash about them...What?  I did?  Oh, I guess I did!  Well, on to the review, then!

This is the last time you'll see him on the ground
Like: I quite dig the red they've used on DD.  It's a dark red with a matte finish and a light wash of black to bring out the muscle tone of the sculpt.   I also like the sharply DD transfer symbol on his chest.  It's sharp and neat, stands out when you look at him closely, and yet blends in with his costume when you don;'t!

Dislike: That being said, the buck they used for DD is all wrong. Ol' Matty Murdock here is a little thick across the waist and chest, and his neutral pose has him hunched forward slightly like his flexing his chest.  It doesn't help that the neck post sticks forward a little more than it sticks upwards.  DD ends up looking like a tensed Wolverine rather than a lithe acrobat that he is.

Like: The amazing chest pivot.  Yes, Hasbro have got this joint down in Marvel Universe figs.  Even with how thick the torso is, Daredevil is no less flexible in the chest area than classic Spiderman or Captain America.  Who says you can't be fat and be an acrobat? ;P

Dislike: That when you straighten DD up to get him out of that Logan pose, he ends up looking like he has a paunch.  I know!  You shouldn't do so much drinking when you're swinging from building to building, much more so when you're blind!

Seriously though, this is one thing that has really cause Daredevil fans true pain.  I like him quite a bit, though I'm not a huge fan by any stretch.  yet, I still feel dissatisfied with he use of this body for some one who's supposed to be agile and nimble like DD.

Like:  His billy clubs.  I like that they stiffened them up, though this means it looks like a pair on nunchuks instead of two short clubs connected by an extendable string.  A stiff "clubs" means better posing but greatly reduces playability.  You might also argue that a soft string attachment between the two ends might even end up more poseable.  I'll agree.  But the way Hasbro made the club gives DD something to smack the likes of Bullseye with it and not look limp doing it.

Or if you prefer the dual clubs look, you could clip out the "chain" in the middle a viola, you have yerself a pair! The only trouble then is that DD's only got one gripping hand, so the dual-wield look will have to wait until you switch it with another grasping left hand.

Dislike: That he doesn't have a place to store his billy clubs.  Here's another reason to argue for making the club connected with a short string--so he can fold 'em and tuck 'em into his thigh holder. Now I can imagine a small detail like that would've made the figure a real must have for DD of Marvel Knights fans.

Like: His head sculpt.  It's easily overlooked because of shortcomings to body.  DD's got nice short horns, a molded-on mask, and a great stern expression that says he ain't messin' around!


Aesthetics: 7/10 - Great shade of red, great head, but wrong body. Paint is decent, face could be painted better to bring out the frown better.  Though it looks horrendous in the close-up, the paint on the face isn't as bad when you got the figure in hand.  His eyes are painted a lighter shade of red and stand out more nicely, while the DD insignia is transferred nice and sharp.

Poseability: 7/10 - Let's face it, Daredevil ain't the Man Without Fear unless he's got Spidey or Captain America-like articulation.  With a Cap body, he'll not only look slim yet strong, but be able to pull acrobatic poses much better. As he is, the buck isn't half bad in poses.  It's only when he's front-on that he looks a tad tubby.

Fun: 8/10 - He's the annoying lawyer guy!  Or at least that's what he Rangerlord says.  And since he's the Rangerlord's fave character, and he also knows a thing or two about the legal system, who am I to say he's wrong?  Heheh.

Yes, DD really loves that street lamp.
And who can resist the charm of a blind superhero with heightened senses who's also got the world's most hated occupation?  You just gotta love how conflicted a character Daredevil is!

Value: 7/10 - Daredevil comes from the old Fury Files series, so no stand, one weapon, and his Fury File.  We don't really need a stand, but throwing in a holster for his billy clubs (fixed or a separate piece) would go a long way to making him more worth your money.  While we're at it, why not include an alternate Matt Murdock head and his walking stick fer shits and giggles. ;)

Ok, I lied. (See 1st pic)
Overall: 7.25/10 - DD needs to be re-released with the right slimmer body, correct proportions and better articulation quick-fast!  Throw in a couple of new-fangled thigh cuts, a waist swivel, and that swivel/hinged head goodness and add that Billy club holster and you've got a figure I'd buy and recommend that others buy for sure.  Daredevil's a great character and iconic as well.  So let's not waste it-- it's time to give the 'Devil his due! ;)


  1. Great Review! I'm surprised at the decent score though, I've always disliked this body type, it just doesn't work for me. Figures like DD and Union Jack desperately need a re-work. I'd love to track down the SHS Daredevil, he's much more in line with how a 4 inch DD should look.

  2. Nice review on a 'classic' figure! I missed out on this figure but I got myself the yellow version on the cheap. Guess that one used the same buck too eh?

  3. @Meangreen - He's actualy turned out better than I though he would, hence the relatively good score. But he'd easily be in the upper 8s if they gave him a sleeker body. I have to say that as portly as this buck looks, it's actually just as flexible as the Surfer/Human Torch body and more poseable than the Black Spidey/Archangel body.

    Funny, I've actually got Union Jack lined up for review too--and I actually like the figure! ;P

    As for the SHS Darevil, perhaps the Rangerlord can chime in? He's got every Daredevil ever made, you see (or at least I think he does--cuz no one lse wants 'em! :P)

    @The Rebel - Yes, the yellow one's the same body. How can you stand all those red slashes all ove, though? ;)

  4. Mmm, perhaps I might have overstated my dislike of the body a little bit. As you say, improvements could be made but without them it's not the end of the world. I have yellow DD, Moon Knight and a carded Union Jack myself. Moon Knight is the best use of the body in my opinion.

    Can't wait to see the Jack review.

  5. Na, no worries. :) Yeah, I kinda regret not picking up Moonknight when I had the chance early on. I'll have to when I see him next..

    As for the Yellow DD, I would've actually nt minded getting him. But as I asked The Rebel, how could you stand those red stripes/slashes? ;P

  6. Heh, the yellow Daredevil? Why, he came with the best stealth Iron Man, that's how!

  7. Your review made me bust out the SHS Daredevil to have another look. Aside from the over-obvious joints Toybiz was so fond of, it is a superior execution of ol' Hornhead. Also, it came with a thigh holster for the Billy clubs, a base and flexible stand, some BFG that fired walking canes or something and game cards for the SHS game. Much more value...

    You also forgot to mention that MU DD is too short compared with the others. Ideally, he should be roughly the height and build of Iron Fist or Spidey who have stood in for him in the comics.

    Time to work on a custom that marries the best of both! Nothing like the application of a little Murphy's Law to get Hasbro to reissue DD with a better sculpt/buck.

  8. Yes, good value indeed. I remember we played "the game" with the figures once and my Hulk kinda well, handed it to your poor blind lawyer. both in posing and in combat. Lol. ;)

    Yes, I did forget to mention the height or lack thereof. It certainly adds to his dwarfiness. Who'd they have in mind when they sculpted him? Dustin Hoffman. ;P

    Murphy's Law FTW!

  9. Dang, does Wolverine use the same body? It does seem like he'd be a much better use of it.

    I still think you are way too charitable to MU figures in general, but this figure in particular. ;)

    Oh, and where does that streetlamp thing come from? I want it!

  10. @Wes - Yes, Wolverine does use the same body! I suspect it was made for him first then used for others...

    That's me, always doing charity work! Lol. ;P

    As for that street lamp, I got it outta some guy's clearance box at the local flea market. It says Marvel and Toybiz on the bottom and my first guess is ML Spiderman, but I can't be sure...

  11. great blog, I just stumbled across it and immediately bookmarked it as soon as I saw the quality in your reviews. Keep it up!

    Quick question, where did you get the props you used in this review? Like the lamppost specifically?

  12. Thanks! And glad you like it. :)

    As for that street lamp, I got it outta some guy's clearance box at the local flea market for a couple of bucks. It says Marvel and Toybiz on the bottom. I think it was meant for a 6" figure but I thought it would make a great prop for the 3.75" scale figures! :)

  13. Hello Ewan:

    I must say, I like DaredevilTM as he appears...note that the colour red will add shadow, and a blood-like sinewiness to his overall form.

    Not a bad website at all - would you consider offering a purchasing link for some of these great items? They make fun birthday gifts, even for adults.

    All The Best.

  14. Thanks! Good to know you like him as he is. I don't dislike DD but I think, like a handful of other characters, could be improved though.

    Thanks for reading. Purchasing links? Yeah, sorry if I'm short on those--I try to include links to Amazon from time to time but it screws up my formatting somehow. But I'll definitely include them when I can. Thanks for the feedback!


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