Saturday, May 14, 2011

Sneak Review: DC Universe Classics Wave 17 Blue Lantern Flash!

Well, it's a regular Flee Market Sunday down at local toy hub here in Singapore and I'm thinking about not going because I'd woken up late.  The baby was a little restless and kept us both up the night before.  Also, I'd just have maybe over an hour of browsing time before I had to head back towards home for Church.  I also was reluctant to leave the wife and son home alone for to long--I guess I'm terribly fond of them both.;)

But having freed all my unopened my Justice League stuff from their plastic prisons and set 'em up nicely in one of my smaller cubby hole shelves, I was inspired to look for the missing figures I'd forgotten I didn't have.  Guys like the Question, Ice and Fire, Galatea, and most of the bad guys.  But what I found instead was that DCUC Wave 17 (The deputy Blackest Night Lantern wave) had hit the stores.

Well, actually, the loose figures had.  And they were more like tables than stores, really.  Yes, those figs that don't make QC had reached the hands of those regular flee-marketers. And not being particularly keen on the Anti-Monitor Collect n Connect figure, I jumped at the chance to get Blue Lantern Flash and Star Sapphire Wonder Woman for S$12 (US$9) apiece!  I'd also have gotten the rest of the wave loose but those weren't anywhere in sight.  But I also did manage to snag myself a shiny Hal Hordan from the Hal vs Thaal Sinetro 2-pack, as well as a spare Skallox for when my DCUC GL Wave 2 comes in this week (So I'd have a spare body for Night-Lik.)

So how did (QC fail) Blue Lantern Flash turn out?

Like: In this instance, that the QC passed packaged figures won't come with much else other than an Anti-Monitor body part.  It's a big consideration when buying a loose figure for me.  For example, I've had numerous chances to snag Zatanna, but I've passed because she's almost always missing her hat, her wand, or both.  Since BL Flash and SS WW only come with a lantern, I'm all in!

Like: The low, low price of S$12 (US$9).  That's a third of the retail here, so it's definitely worth it--but only if there are no major paint issues, all the joints are in working order, and the thing doesn't cause any melamine poisoning.  Hey, hang on!  There's no way I can confirm the melamine...I might've very well been cheated! (Just kidding  No melamine involved.  Or at least I hope not...)

Like: The eyes on Flash are exceptionally well done. They're blue and sharp, with pupils clearly painted on with a touch of white shine.  This guy definitely didn't fail QC for paint issues, or as the Rangerlord speculated, he may have not even failed QC at all! (Meaning he might have been stolen from the factory?...)

Like: The colors of the costumes of these different colored Lanterns are spot on and go well next to one another.  Just look at them!  They're like magic rainbows!...

Dislike: The very neutral facial expression.  Since this guy is a straight up repaint of the Barry Allen figure from way back, I didn't really expect there to be a change. It would've been nice to see a head sculpt with a more determined look, maybe a hint of a frown.  Mattel did it for Sinestro Corp Batman and they could've done it here.  It's not that the current head is bad by any stretch of the imagination but it could be much better.

Like: His ring!  It's round, it's blue, it's sculpted on his right ring finger!  And some it just...fills me with such a sense of hope...

Like: His thicker than usual boots! Yeah, he needs them for all the rubber he burns.  His foot is taller at the toes than other standard feet and the sole has got nice horizontal grooves for better traction at lightning quick speeds.  Also, it gives him slightly better balance than your standard DCUC male figure.  This is a plus because he can balance on one foot as needed for his running poses!


Aesthetics: 7/10 - He may be a straight repaint, but he's a good one.  The Blue Lantern costume is rare (Flash is the first one) but its done really sharply, especially the chest symbol. They've done a great job with the paint on his face and eyes, though his expression is a little bland.  The eyes are the cherry on top for this guy but then cherries grow in bunches, so we'll throw in the metallic blue "wings" on his head and boots, and his blue ring as the little details that make this guy look good

Poseability: 8/10 - You standard DCUC male buck articulation--which is a great thing!  He can do the sideways splits and be put in wide striding poses easily, which is essential for a Flash figure. Add to that a Blue rig and he now not only just run, but run and zap bad guys!

Fun: - 7/10 - He looks great, especially next to the other Lanterns.  But the real fun will come when he's got other Blue Lanterns to "Corp around" with.  He'll also look great next to Green Lanterns, which the blue ring needs to fully power up its own abilities.

It's a pity the MOC version doesn't come with more accessories other than a CnC part and a lantern, because he sure could use a few constructs.  And even if hey couldn't think of anything new to pack-in with him, they could've given him a blue molded fist like the green one that comes with John Stewart.  What's better than running at speeds approach in the velocity of light?  Well, punching with a giant blue fist while running, that's what! ;) 

Value: 8/10 - Considering they'll retail for S$35 (US$27) each, S$12 (US$9) is a steal!  Forget the lantern accessory, forget the Anti-Monitor part.  We've got what we wanted with just the figure!  As with all Lantern-based figures, a construct or two would've been great.

Overall: 7.5/10 - Blue Lantern Flash is not a must-have, unless you're a big Flash fan or a die-hard Blackest Night fan like myself.  If you didn't follow the series or don't like it, you'd probably pass him up.  It's also a pity that there aren't going to be anymore Green Lantern themed waves because lining up other Blue Lanterns like Saint Walker and Warth with the Flash would be way cool!

One can always hope...


  1. Hey if you have such good deal, let me know as I am reading blackest night comic now. LOL

  2. Yes, I do! Well, if you go to China Square Central on Sundays, you'll find two guys who sell loose DCUC stuf for $12 apiece. They both hire tables on the 2nd floor and are around the escalator in the centre of all the toys stores. Look for a burly guy named Dave (he's the one I know well) and he'll hook you up! He's got lots of stuff! :)

  3. I haven't read Blackest Night, but I'm just enough of a Flash fan to want this figure. The regular Flash figure is great, and I really like this costume. Maybe I'll be able to get him at the Mattel store nearby for $12, or even better yet with a %50 coupon.

  4. Dammit Clark, you should!

    And what's this? You have a physical Mattel store near where you live!? And a 50% coupon?! ;)

  5. hey man, let me know when u heading down to CSC again. can meet and pass u Ultron. DC stuff still too ex at the retail stores, compared to Marvel

  6. Aw crap, yeah, I keep forgetting about Ultron! Lol. Yeah, Marvel stuff seems way more worth it! Unless tyou get 'em loose like BL flash over here. ;)


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