Monday, May 4, 2009

Classics Mobile Command Base

And guess who's Optimus Prime just got upgraded by the fan-made BTS-01S Mobile Command Base with Rollout Drone today? (That's fan talk for Primes's trailer.) You betcha! For a mere S$50 from Dave's Toylet to boot. You the man, Dave!

Doesn't my Henkei Prime now look classy? Now the crew look awesome smooth while cruisin'.

The trailer stands on its own when detached too.

And guess where the rollout drone is hidden?

In plain sight!

Prime's trailer fits exactly one deluxe sized vehicle. Or just the drone.

But I guess you can make it look ike a whole string of vehicles came streaming out with some "camera tricks" :P

And the trailer transforms into...

A Mobile Base!

Who would've guessed? (Free auto maintenance included)

Besides the occasional servicing, the place comes in handy when the Autobots need to set up nearby to patrol a strategic location.

The Command Base also functions perfectly on its own when the bots are out on lunch break.

And the Bots get back just in time for...Decepticon air strike! Look to the skies!

But wait, the aerial assault was only a diversion. Here comes their main assault, led by none other than...


Pity the role of a shield the trailer has to play, you say? Well, it's no wonder he does what he does with stats like these:

Total courage! :)

But a Rank score of 2 means he's ordered around by practically every other Autobot. So that's why they use him as cover.

BTS-o1S Mobile Command Centre is simply beautifully made. Beautifully painted on the outside and wonderfully deatiled on the inside. It comes with the rollout drone, of course, and also an extendable tower which rotates 360 degress and has a grabbing claw. Oh and a nice bonus is that it also comes with 2 "Bee" guns in 2 hidden compartments, which fit Bumblebee and Cliff Jumper perfectly since they don't come with weapons.

I give this baby a 9.5/10. Some of the detail on the inside could've been painted, and some will require stickers, but for overall, I'm really delighted and impressed. For sure, it will complete your Henkei/Universe Optimus Prime. :)


  1. Wasn't there supposed to be a transforming version of the Roller drone called Battle Rollar? I haven't seen any reviews of him at all. I'm starting to think that he's just a figment of my imagination.

  2. Wow, this review brings back memories. Besides the obvious lack of a photo studio and camera skills, I was also missing a tripod and obviously hadn't mastered the art of arranging the photos on blogspot. Lol.

    Yes, there was such a figure. But I think it wasn't quite as popular as some of the other 3rd party products because it was a Rollar that was almost as big as Prime, I think. DOn;t think he fit in any of the trailers they made from Prime, though, except maybe the Masterpiece one...

  3. You're correct, Sir Dragonbane: Battle Rollar only fits inside Masterpiece Optimus Prime's trailer. But I have to admit that he and Prime make a good tandem together.

  4. Yes, he actually does! In vehicle mode he fits nicely with Masterpiece Prime. In robot I like how he looks next to Henkei/Universe OP! :)

  5. Even the DARK OF THE MOON Roller looks good too.

    I hope Battle Rollar is released in a scale that suits the current Optimus Primes.

  6. Gosh, I hate how underpainted the movie TFs are. So much great detail, so little of it brought out! ;)

  7. That is their main drawback, isn't it? It's almost as if Hasbro decided to skimp on the paint for the movie TF's and used the better part of the paint budget for the Classics/Universe/Generations/TF 2010 toys.

    By the way, is it just coincidence or did the makers of Battle Rollar really make sure that his colors and Rollout Drone's were a perfect match?

  8. I'm not sure but I guess there's a standard dark blue for Rollars so maybe they both just based it off of that. So coincidence, I guess?

  9. If I remember Optimus' Marvel TF Universe bio correctly, the tower inside his trailer is supposed to be able to use its claw to reload itself (apparently it's called the Autolauncher because it...well...launches missiles autonomously) and even use other Autobots' weapons. Now when are we going to get a trailer with an Autolauncher that can do that?

  10. Lol, my first thought is that there are better ways to reload a missile launcher! And to answer your question...Ok, I don't think I will attempt to...haha.


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