Wednesday, May 20, 2009

A Prime Nemesis

Or as he is better known, Nemesis Prime!

Yup, he is who he looks like--Optimus Prime. But evil. Of course.

And what else is better than a character than his equal and opposite evil self? I mean, we all know Megatron is Optimus Prime's mortal enemy, but he's still a different character. A corrupt version of a hero, on the other hand, is always be interesting becuase he has the potential to usurp the hero should he fulfil said potential. Which is his. But at the same time the hero's. (Get it? Lol.) And nothing could be worse than a potential hero gone bad.

Now I love the colour scheme of this figure. The metallic turqoise goes well with the black and silver. And there's even attempt to give him a more sinister look in his eyes, which are painted red, but light up purple. Neato.

The disappointing part of this figure is perhaps his grey plastic crotch and upper leg area--this just means I'll have to whip out my brush sometime and highlight some detail. Heh.

I think Nemesis may even look cooler than Optimus. Yup, he does, except that he isn't our favourite Autobot Leader. And as we all know, it's the beauty on the inside that counts. ;)

Here's how I rate Nemesis:

Show Accuracy: 9/10 - He's black. He looks like Optimus Prime. I dig.

Aesthetic: 9/10 - Yes, despite the plactic looking grey of his thighs and groin area, he still looks great. He'll be perfect once I'm done painting him up. If I don't do a screwball job. :}

Poseability: 9.5/10 - Same as Henkei Prime, same mold diffrent paint job. Nemesis is super flexible. Kneel him, seat him, stand him on one leg, dynamic and static, there isn't a pose that he is unlikely to be able to do.

Overall: 9.2/10 - Awesome figure. I'm glad they made this San Dego Comic Con figure available in retail. He's a must buy for any Prime fan. And the best part is, fans love him so much they've also made a BTS and Fansproject trailer for him, as well as Shadow Commander Armour! That's one toy I'm coveting. :P

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