Sunday, May 3, 2009

Promises, promises.

I was actually planning to review the Transformers Animated Waspinator, but got distracted by my unopened Animated Shockwave sitting on my desk.

So I opened that for the first time. And took some photos. And forgot to bring the wire I need to upload the photos from my camera. (I'm staying at her place for tonight, see.)

I promise to get to Shockwave and Waspinator first chance I get.

Right now, though, I've been really drooling over the TFCon exclusive Powered Commander. Damn, that thing is gorgeous!

I have to confess, I'm an Ultra Magnus fan. Right from the colours, to the design, to his existence after Optimus Prime was killed in G1.

But the thing that makes Prime my favourite is that he rocks. Magnus is kinda, well, whiney. And he couldn't open The Matrix. And he was blown to bits by a single shot from Galvatron. (Why Galvie just didn't do it every single time he saw Magnus after that I'll never know.)

Anyhoo, a while back, came up with City Commander, which is actually a transformable trailer for Universe Classics Ultra Magnus. It works the same way as G1 Magnus in that the trailer combines with Magnus to form Ultra Magnus. ;P

Yup, this Magnus has to be the dream toy of every G1 Magnus fan. (His legs can separate! Yay!)

Then came Shadow Commander, which is the same thing except he's the power armour version of Nemesis Prime (who's a sleek black Decepticon version of Prime, as far a looks go).

So now, they've come up with City Commander for Universe Classics/Henkei Optimus Prime:

I know, I know, the colour is the weirdest of the 3 Commanders, as gaudy as a Pepsi bottle (As Melissa told me when she first saw it.) But he does come with shoulder missiles and a case of energon that the other 2 don't have! And you can store these in his trailer! Sweet!

What's not so sweet is that only 500 of him were made and his price is like S$400+ after shipping and handling. Bleargh.

Now I'm just gonna have to look for a cheaper source somewhere (unlikely), pay through the nose (not gonna happen), or time travel to the future when/if the price drops (impossible, so I'll do it manually and wait till I get to "the future")

Gotta get 'em all...'cos that's just the thrill of the chase, isn't it? ;)

(Thanks to,, and for the images, cos until at get my hands on any of the Commanders, all I have are the pics! :P)

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