Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Evil Doppelgangers Abound!

Ok before I get to today's Biz(arro)niz, I wanted to share with everyone the sheer joy I had when I found Mongul and the figure we'll be looking at today, Bizarro.

So here I am at the end of that DC Superheroes rainbow:

Yes, folks. If you're looking for DCSH Mongul or Bizarro , you can find them at Suntec City Toys 'R' Us for the low, low price of S$9.80. But they've only got 3 Bizarros and 2 Monguls left by my count, so hurry if wanna get 'em.

Ok, now on to--Bizarro!

To describe Bizarro simply, he's the imperfect opposite of everything Superman is. He originally came from Bizarro World, which is a square planet called Htrae (Earth spelled backwards).

Imperfection there is viewed as beauty, hence his ugly (Bizarro translation: handsome) mug. So in Bizarro theory, he's better looking than Superman. Heh.

And while the figure of him reflects this "beauty," and may only have a face that a mother could love, it's nothing short of awesome!

Usual 21 points of articulation for this series, no belts or accesorries in the way of his joints, and even a semi-open hand to hold whatever it is you might want him to hold. ;)

Check out the paint and detail on Bizarro overall:

His skin is a nice Frankenstein's Monster grey, and his suit is actually a dark matte shade of purple grey--much less shiney than it actually turned out in the pictures. His molded cape is also a deeper shade of red compared to Superman and I just love the ratty-tatty holes he has in them.
Oh and he comes with his wonderful "Bizarro #1" bling chain as well which is competely removeable. Such a small accessory but a very, very nice touch.

And check out the detailing on the face, yellow eyes, shading and all:

The backwards "S" on his chest is also perfect! I mean imperfect! (Don't want to insult Bizarro.)

So this is how I rate him!:

Poseability: 0.5/10 - He poses just as badly as Supes, his cape gets in the way of his shoulder rotation-that's great! And his waist turns 360 degrees, way worse than Mongul. The ab crunch joint allows Bizarro to stand up straight, or hunch as he is wont to. And the thigh cut joints allow him to stand as if he were really knocked-kneed. And of course, he poses well with Superman, Supergirl, and a large chunk o' Kryptonite!

Aesthetic: 0.5/10 - Yeah how ugly and imperfect can one get? Not much more with DCSH Bizarro. From the face, to the eys and to the skin, every thing is just painted so exquisitely (bad). Look at how well he measures up to the other 3 DCSH figs below. I'd say he's just the (im) perfect height in this line.

Overall: In Bizarro fashion, I give him a 0.5 out of 0 (Which translates to 9.5 out of 10 on Earth). :) I just love a good mirror bad guy who's everything a hero is not. Optimus Prime has Nemesis Prime, Hulk has the Red Hulk, and Superman has Bizarro.

And I think all of us can agree with DCSH Bizarro on this one thing:

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