Wednesday, May 13, 2009

It's worse than I wait, it's better!

So I'm cleaning out space on my shelf and rearranging the toys to create more space for my recent acquisitions like Henkei Grimlock and Skyfire.

3 3/4" Hulk, Wolverine, and Captain America get re-posed to face off 2 to 1, with hulk grinding a fist into his open palm, while the other two get posed side by side on one of my spare G.I. Joe stands (Duke's, actually. He's currently driving Indy's Jeep. But that's another story. Heh.)

I used to be a toy hog, I must confess. I would keep my toys unopened, telling mself how great they look in their packaging. But after Transformers Animated and now Henkei/Universe made me want to play with my toys again, I've been playing/posing my action figures, boxes be damned.

So lo and behold I find Justice League Power Escape Superman in the corner of my shelf taking up space. His box was tattered and I remember getting him in a toy sale for a mere S$10. (that's like slightly less than US$7).

The rubber bands holding his collapseable wall had long dried up and snapped, leaving Supes looking like his house had crumbled around him while he was chained up. (Like, I know. What chains could hold the Man of Steel?)

So I bust him out.

First thing I notice is that his arms are loose. Like swinging from the hinges loose. No wonder I saw him going for S$5 after had gotten him some years ago. (Yup, he was stuck in his paper and plastic prison for 5 years. At least.)

But upon figuring out how to make him yank out his chains and cause the wall behind him to crumble, or rather, explode, I actually had a ton of fun busting him from his chains again and again.

You see, this is how he works:

The base of his chains are spring loaded, so you load the ends into the sockets as if they were projectiles from any sort of action figure gun. The base piece of the breakable wall behind him has a long stem which is also loaded likewise in the floor behind him.

Then you hit the two buttons at his feet:

First the one on his right, which shoots out the chain, and with his loose arm, makes him look like he yanked the hell outta the puny steel restraints.

Then the left button,

which produces the same effect, but also ejects the base wall piece and causes the bricks behind him to shatter and fall like a ton of...well, bricks.

Neato. Way more fun than I thought he ever would be.

And being in a black suit with a silver "S" doesn't hurt. :)

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