Wednesday, August 19, 2009

DCUC Killer Moth: Fancy Pants

Aka DC Universe Classics Killer Moth!

Before you say it, lemme say it for you: who the hell is Killer Moth?!?

And why the hell is he dressed like that?

Well, the card back gives a little background but doesn't go into detail but this is what Wikipedia had to offer:

"The original Killer Moth is a prisoner identified only by his prison number, 234026. While in prison, he reads a newspaper article about Batman and decides to set himself up as the "anti-Batman," hiring himself out to Gotham's criminals to help them elude capture by police. Upon his release, he uses the hidden proceeds of his crimes to build a "Mothcave", modeled on the photos of the Batcave in the newspaper article he read."

Seems to make more sense, no? Maybe.

So as the "anti-Batman," what powers did he have? Well, none. Not superhuman powers, anyway. Here's what he did have, though, according to Wiki:

"Killer Moth’s range of gimmicks includes a moth mobile, a moth signal, and a steel-line, which allows him to swing through the skies. He carries a cocoon gun that fires a stream of sticky threads that can totally envelop a victim. The gun can also fire a grenade."

A gun that fires goo and grenades. Lovely.

And that's what this version of classic Killer Moth comes with, along with a nifty holster to put it in!


Finding this guy was tough.

But I needed to get him for the head and torso of the collect n connect Kalibak to go with DC Superheroes Darkseid. Also there would be one more big ass bad guy for DCSH Superman to fight.

So when I stumbled upon him at the Singapore Toy and Comic Convention I was almost all over him. Almost, because the price of S$30 buckaroos was just too steep for a garishly dressed man-insect.

And it didn't help that the guy helping at this store's booth wasn't open to lowering the price. Now here's where I have to thank Vincent, who owns Xeno Hobbiy Workz for pointing out the owner of the store. I also have to thank the owner himself for recognizing a toy collector (ok, not in the strictest sense cos I rip 'em open and play play play) and giving me not one, but two fingers. Meaning $20 bucks. Now I was all over the Killer Moth.

This guy is fun piece to look at no doubt. Moths are supposed to be dull coloured. But not Fancy Pants, oh no.

And I'll just give him an 8.5 straight up.

Why? Cos he's a standard DCUC figure (21 points of articulation) fitted with hard plastic wings and a different head mold.

I wouldn't have gotten him but for the Collect N Connect piece.

At least he's a Batman villian. Oh well, one more nut job for the looney bin. :P

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