Monday, August 17, 2009

Singapore Toy and Comic Convention 2009

The name says it all!

It's our one and only convention of this sort on our sunny island, and what a blast it was in only its second year.

So the whole shebang lasted for a weekend from Friday and lucky me got o go down to Suntec City on the opening day for a bit since some plans got cancelled that night--so that turned out to be scouting day for me. It was rather quiet for a convention on Friday, but the place got packed over the weekend! But it was fun on Sunday mixing and jostling with the crowds. Nice to see people turning out for something like this even in these tough times.

Ok enough ok my chatter. Let's get to the action!

First up, the Hasbro booth with a Optimus Prime and Megatron through the times display:

The best part about that was they borrowed all the toys from Stephenus Prime (of fame) and paid him with more toys. Good one, Stephen! :)

More toys/statues!
Princess Leia, Hellboy, King Leonidas, some stuffed toy come-to-life thingy (motion-sendor stuff, which was really popular with kids), they had almost every toy in Singapore on sale there. ;)

And check out the G.I. Joe movie action figure display! :D

The stuff toy thingy display--the tiger at the bottom of the pic would move when anyone came near it.

Also, the T-Rex looks like he's having his way with the lion. :P

The cosplayers were in full cry:

Ya, the purple dude was kinda scary, with his white contact lenses and all.

But what cool costumes!

Ultraman was also on hand

He was being hounded by paparazzi.

Ok this girl (extreme right pic) didn't even know she was about to be set upon by that Imperial Guardsman.

And guess who was sneaking around, trying to undermine the STCC authorities and filch some comics on the way? Yep, Rorschach. Just look at him try to get away!

And check out the wonderful G.I. Joe display!

Look who Mel and I mananged to sneak up on! ;)

Then we stumbled into the World of Warcraft:

Spot the difference! :P

And then we almost got arrested by a Stormtrooper of the 501st Legion:

We thought the 'trooper was intersted in the bags of swag we had. But then the he only wanted a contribution towards some sort of "Make a Wish" Foundation, which is surely some front to further the cause of the Empire. But wanting to stay out of trouble keep our loot, we made a "donation." Narrow escape, that. ;)

One guy who was not so lucky was artist Brian Bolland (of The Killing Joke fame). He was mobbed by fans, who all queued up quite nicely for him. He was by far the most popular celebrity we had this year.

Can you spot him?

Too easy! ;)

What a fun time Mel and I had. And to top it all off, we escaped with our lives intact as well as some fabulous loot:

President Superman and Wonder wWman from Red Son, as well as DCUC Hal Jordan, and a convention special Captain America!

Oh, and I also nabbed a DCUC Killer Moth on Friday for the final piece of my first ever Collect n Connect figure: Kalibak!

Stay tuned for reviews of him and all the other wonderful stuff I got over the weekend! :)

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